Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy

Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy

by Victor V. Ramraj

This international work provides information on and analysis of anti-terrorism law and policy by top experts in the field.See more details below


This international work provides information on and analysis of anti-terrorism law and policy by top experts in the field.

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1. Introduction Kent Roach, Michael Hor, Victor V. Ramraj and George Williams; Part I. Transnational Perspectives: 2. The United Nations Security Council, terrorism and the rule of law C. H. Powell; 3. The impossibility of global anti-terrorism law? Victor V. Ramraj; 4. Transplantation Laura K. Donohue; Part II. Cross-Cutting Themes: 5. The criminal law and its less restrained alternatives Kent Roach; 6. Anti-terrorism laws: balancing national security and a fair hearing Nicola McGarrity and Edward Santow; 7. Legislating anti-terrorism: observations on form and process Andrew Lynch; 8. The financial war on terrorism Kevin E. Davis; 9. Our responsibility to respect the rights of others: legality and humanity Colin Harvey; 10. 'Prevent' responses to jihadi extremism Clive Walker and Javaid Rehman; Part III. Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy in Asia: 11. Singapore's anti-terrorism laws: reality and rhetoric Michael Hor; 12. Anti-terrorism efforts in Indonesia Hikmahanto Juwana; 13. The Human Security Act and the IHL law of the Philippines: of security and insecurity H. Harry L. Roque, Jr; 14. Responses to terrorism in China Fu Hualing; 15. Security laws for Hong Kong Simon N. M. Young; 16. Japan's response to terrorism post 9/11 Mark Fenwick; 17. Mapping anti-terror legal regimes in India Ujjwal Kumar Singh; Part IV. Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy in the West: 18. The United States a decade after September 11 William C. Banks; 19. UK counter-terror law post 9/11: initial acceptance of extraordinary measures and the partial return to human rights norms Helen Fenwick and Gavin Phillipson; 20. Canada's response to terrorism Kent Roach; 21. Anti-terror legislation in Australia and New Zealand George Williams; Part V. Anti-Terrorism Measures in the Middle East and Africa: 22. Terrorism and governance in South Africa and eastern Africa Chris Oxtoby and C. H. Powell; 23. Israel's anti-terrorism law: past, present and future Daphne Barak-Erez; 24. Rocks, hard places and human rights: anti-terrorism law and policy in Arab states Lynn Welchman.

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