Global Aspects of the Environment

Global Aspects of the Environment

by Robert U. Ayres

ISBN-10: 1858987415

ISBN-13: 9781858987415

Pub. Date: 01/28/1999

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Series Prefacexiii
Part IEcological/Biological Perspective: Human Impacts on Biosphere, Gaia, Etc.
1.'The Biosphere and the Noosphere', American Scientist, 33 (1), January, 1-12 (1945)3
2.'On Living in the Biosphere', Scientific Monthly, LXVII (6), December, 393-7 (1948)15
3.'Some Notes on the Linkage of the Ecologic and Economic Systems', Papers of the Regional Science Association, XXII, 85-96 (1968)20
4.'The Role of the Oceans and Biosphere in the Carbon Dioxide Cycle', in David Dyrssen and Daniel Jagner (eds), The Changing Chemistry of the Oceans: Proceedings of the Twentieth Nobel Symposium held 16-20 August, 1971 at Aspenasgarden, Lerum and Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden, New York: John Wiley, 121-45 (1972)32
5.'Atmospheric Homeostasis by and for the Biosphere: The Gaia Hypothesis', Tellus, XXVI (1-2), 2-9 (1974)57
6.'The Cycling of Materials in Disturbed Environments', in M.J. Chadwick and G.T. Goodman (eds), The Ecology of Resource Degradation and Renewal, Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 3-16 (1975)65
7.'Impact of Metals on the Biosphere', in Werner Stumm (ed.), Global Chemical Cycles and their Alterations by Man, Berlin: Dahlem Konferenzen, 137-53 (1977)79
8'Sulfur and Nitrogen over North America', in Ecological Effects of Acid Deposition, National Swedish Environment Protection Board, Report PM 1636, 95-115 (1983)96
9.'The Human Ecology of Global Change', International Social Science Journal, 121, August, 315, 317-21, 323-45 (1989)117
10.'Historical Roots for Ecological Economics--Biophysical versus Allocative Approaches', Ecological Economics, 1, 17-36 (1989)146
11.'Human Impacts on the Nitrogen Cycle', Physics Today, November, 24-31 (1994)166
12.'The Value of the World's Ecosystem Services and Natural Capital', Nature, 387, 15 May, 253-60 (1997)174
Part IIPhysical Economics Perspective: Materials Energy, Entropy, Mass Balance
13.'The Allocation of Energy Resources', Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 3, 529-76 (1973)185
14.'Energy Impact of Consumption Decisions', Proceedings of the IEEE, 63 (3), March, 276-85 (1975)233
15.'Energy Conservation and the Consumer', Science, 189, 11 July, 95-102 (1975)243
16.'An Assessment of Methodologies for Estimating National Energy Efficiency', ASME Winter Meeting, 1-20 (1976)251
17.'Process Analysis and the Neoclassical Theory of Production' (Chapter 2) and 'The Economics of Production' (Chapter 4), in Energy and Economics Myths. Institutional and Analytic Economic Essays, New York: Pergamon Press, 37-52, 61-69 (1976)271
18.'On a Relation Between Economic and Thermodynamic Optima', Resources and Energy, 1 (2), October, 125-37 (1978)296
19.'Energy Analysis and Economic Valuation', Southern Economic Journal, 45 (3), January, 1023-58 (1979)309
20.'Energy and the U.S. Economy: A Biophysical Perspective', Science, 225, 31 August, 890-97 (1984)345
21.'Industrial Metabolism', in Jesse Ausubel and Hedy E. Sladovich (eds), Techology and Environment, Washington DC: National Academy Press, 23-49 (1989)353
22.'Externalities: Economics & Thermodynamics', in F. Archibugi and P. Nijkamp (eds), Economy and Ecology: Towards Sustainable Development, Chapter 6, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 89-118 (1989)380
23.'Getting Started: No-Regrets Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions', Energy Policy, 19, July/August, 526-42 (1991)408
24.'Is the Entropy Law Relevant to the Economics of Natural Resource Scarcity?--Yes, of course it is!', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 23 (1), July, 91-5 (1992)425
25.'On the Relationship between the Economic Process, the Carnot Cycle and the Entropy Law', Ecological Economics, 8, 7-10 (1993)430
26.'Life Cycle Assessment and Linear Programming--Environmental Optimisation of Product System', Computers and Chemical Engineering, 19, Supplement, S229-34 (1995)434
27.'Structural Change, Growth, and Dematerialization: An Empirical Analysis', in Jeroen van den Bergh and Jan van der Straaten (eds), Economy and Ecosystems in Change: Analytical and Historical Approaches, Chapter 10, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 201-28 (1997)440
Name Index469
Volume 2
Series Prefacexiii
Part IResource/Environmental Perspective: Materials, Energy, Exergy, Entropy, Mass Balance
1.'A Regional Interindustry Model for Analysis of Development Objectives', Papers of the Regional Science Association, 17, 65-94 (1966)3
2.'The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth', in Henry Jarrett (ed.), Environmental Quality in a Growing Economy, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press for Resources for the Future, 3-14 (1966)33
3.'On Economics as a Life Science', Journal of Political Economy, 76 (3), May/June, 392-406 (1968)45
4.'Production, Consumption, and Externalities', American Economic Review, LIX, June, 282-97 (1969)60
5.'Environmental Quality and International Trade', International Organization, 26 (2), Spring, 419-65 (1972)76
6.'Ecosystems, Externalities, and Economies', Environmental and Resource Economics, 2 (6), 551-67 (1992)123
7.'Economic and Technological Models for Evaluation of Energy Policy', Bell Journal of Economics, 8 (2), Autumn, 444-66 (1977)140
8.'Secondary Materials and International Trade', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 5 (2), June, 172-86 (1978)163
9.'Environmental Economics, Industrial Process Models, and Regional-Residuals Management Models', in Allen V. Kneese and James L. Sweeney (eds), Handbook of Natural Resource and Energy Economics, Volume 1, Chapter 7, Amsterdam & New York: North-Holland, 271-324 (1985)178
10.'The Production Process: Inputs and Wastes', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 14 (1), March, 1-12 (1987)232
11.'Ecological Aspects of Structural Change', Intereconomics, 28 (4), July/August, 159-69 (1993)244
12.'Ecological Modernization of Industrial Society: Three Strategic Elements', International Social Science Journal, 121, August, 347-61 (1989)255
13.'Sources of Change in Energy Use in the U.S. Economy, 1972-1982: A Structural Decomposition Analysis', Resources and Energy, 13 (1), April, 1-21 (1991)270
14.'Wastes as Raw Materials', in Braden R. Allenby and Deanna J. Richards (eds), The Greening of Industrial Ecosystems, Washington DC: National Academy Press, 69-89 (1994)291
15.'Garbage, Recycling, and Illicit Burning or Dumping', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 29 (1), July, 78-91 (1995)312
16.'Developments in the Throughput-Income Relationship: Theoretical and Empirical Observations', Ecological Economics, 20 (3), March, 255-68 (1997)326
Part IISustainability and Growth Perspective: Limits, Factors...
17.'On the Concept of Optimum Population', Review of Economic Studies, XXXVI (3), July, 295-318 (1969)343
18.'Essay on Economic Growth and Environmental Quality', Swedish Journal of Economics, March, 25-41 (1971)367
19.'Economic Growth and the Environment', Review of Economic Studies, XL (1), January, 61-77 (1973)384
20.'The Economics of the Steady State', American Economic Review, 64 (2), May, 15-21 (1974)401
21.'The Optimal Depletion of Exhaustible Resources', in Symposium on the Economics of Exhaustible Resources, Review of Economic Studies, 3-28 (1974)408
22.'U.S. Energy Policy and Economic Growth, 1975-2000', Bell Journal of Economics, 5 (2), Autumn, 461-514 (1974)434
23.'The Economics of Resources or the Resources of Economics', American Economic Review, 64 (2), May, 1-14 (1974)488
24.'Intergenerational Equity and the Investing of Rents from Exhaustible Resources', American Economic Review, 67 (5), December, 972-4 (1977)502
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26.'Energy and Technical Progress', Energy, 6, 187-95 (1981)536
27.'The Environment and Emerging Development Issues', Proceedings of the World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics 1990, Washington DC: World Bank, 101-31 (1991)545
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29.'Endogenous Technological Change', Journal of Political Economy, 98 (5, Part 2), October, S71-102 (1990)593
30.'Dynamic Macro Modelling and Materials Balance: Economic-Environmental Integration for Sustainable Development', Economic Modelling, 11 (3), July, 283-307 (1994)625
31.'Measuring Sustainable Development: Progress on Indicators', Environment and Development Economics, 1 (1), February, 85-101 (1996)650
Name Index667

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