Global Marketing Management / Edition 5

Global Marketing Management / Edition 5

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by Warren J. Keegan

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ISBN-10: 0133591344

ISBN-13: 9780133591347

Pub. Date: 02/28/1995

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

This leading book in international marketing features comprehensive cases that cover consumer, industrial, low tech and high tech, product and services marketing. Specific chapter topics examine the global economic environment; the social and cultural environment; the political, legal, and regulatory environments; global customers; global marketing information


This leading book in international marketing features comprehensive cases that cover consumer, industrial, low tech and high tech, product and services marketing. Specific chapter topics examine the global economic environment; the social and cultural environment; the political, legal, and regulatory environments; global customers; global marketing information systems and research; global targeting, segmenting and positioning; entry and expansion strategies: marketing and sourcing; cooperation and global strategic partnerships; competitive analysis and strategy; product decisions; pricing decisions; channels and physical distribution; global advertising; promotion: personal selling, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, trade shows, sponsorship; global e-marketing; planning, leading, organizing, and monitoring the global marketing effort; and the future of global marketing. For individuals interested in a career in marketing.

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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Part IIntroduction And Overview1
Chapter 1Introduction to Global Marketing1
Marketing: A Universal Discipline2
The Three Principles of Marketing4
Global Marketing: What It Is and What It Is Not5
The Importance of Global Marketing8
Management Orientations12
Driving and Restraining Forces Affecting Global Integration and Global Marketing15
Outline of This Book20
AppendixThe 18 Guiding Principles of the Marketing Company22
Part I Case
Which Company Is Transnational?29
Part IIThe Global Marketing Environment31
Chapter 2The Global Economic Environment31
The World Economy--An Overview32
Economic Systems33
Stages of Market Development36
Stages of Economic Development38
Income and Purchasing Power Parity Around the Globe39
The Location of Population42
Marketing and Economic Development44
Balance of Payments45
Trade Patterns46
International Trade Alliances50
The World Trade Organization and GATT51
Regional Economic Organizations53
Chapter 3Social and Cultural Environment67
Basic Aspects of Society and Culture68
Analytical Approaches to Cultural Factors76
Social and Cultural Environments: Impact on Marketing Industrial Products81
Social and Cultural Environments: Impact on Marketing Consumer Products84
Cross-Cultural Complications and Suggested Solutions86
Chapter 4The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments of Global Marketing91
The Political Environment92
International Law96
Sidestepping Legal Problems: Important Business Issues98
Conflict Resolution, Dispute Settlement, and Litigation107
The Regulatory Environment109
Ethical Issues112
Part II Cases
Euro Disney (A)115
Euro Disney (B)119
Coca-Cola: Universal Appeal?124
The Education of an Expat132
Part IIIAnalyzing And Targeting Global Market Opportunities143
Chapter 5Global Customers143
Regional Market Characteristics144
Marketing in Transitional Economies and Less Developed Countries158
Global Buyers159
The Global Marketing Plan163
Chapter 6Global Marketing Information Systems and Research165
Overview of Global Marketing Information Systems166
Sources of Market Information170
Formal Marketing Research173
Current Issues in Global Marketing Research184
An Integrated Approach to Information Collection188
Chapter 7Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning191
Global Market Segmentation192
Global Targeting199
Global Product Positioning202
High-Tech Positioning203
High-Touch Positioning204
Part III Cases
Swatch Watch U.S.A.: Creative Marketing Strategy219
Smart Car227
Part IVGlobal Marketing Strategy229
Chapter 8Entry and Expansion Strategies: Marketing and Sourcing229
Decision Criteria for International Business231
Entry and Expansion Decision Model237
Additional International Alternatives244
Marketing Strategy Alternatives253
Chapter 9Cooperative Strategies and Global Strategic Partnerships262
The Nature of Global Strategic Partnerships264
Success Factors267
Alliances Between Manufacturers and Marketers268
International Partnerships in Developing Countries270
Cooperative Strategies in Japan: Keiretsu271
Beyond Strategic Alliances274
Chapter 10Competitive Analysis and Strategy277
Industry Analysis Forces Influencing Competition278
Global Competition and National Competitive Advantage282
Competitive Advantage and Strategic Models291
Strategic Positions296
Competitive Innovation and Strategic Intent298
Part IV Cases
Odysseus, Inc. (The Decision to Go "International")305
Metro Corporation: Technology Licensing Negotiation314
A.S. Norlight318
Ascom Hasler Mailing Systems Inc.: Competing in the Shadow of a Giant323
Part VCreating Global Marketing Programs329
Chapter 11Product Decisions329
Basic Concepts330
Product Positioning339
Product Saturation Levels in Global Markets341
Product Design Considerations342
Attitudes Toward Country of Origin344
Geographic Expansion--Strategic Alternatives346
New Products in Global Marketing351
Chapter 12Pricing Decisions356
Basic Pricing Concepts358
Environmental Influences on Pricing Decisions359
Global Pricing Objectives and Strategies363
Gray Market Goods369
Transfer Pricing373
Global Pricing--Three Policy Alternatives377
Appendix 1Trade Terms383
Appendix 2Section 482, U.S. Internal Revenue Code384
Chapter 13Global Marketing Channels and Physical Distribution385
Channel Objectives and Constraints387
Distribution Channels: Terminology and Structure393
International Channel Innovation399
Channel Strategy for New Market Entry400
Physical Distribution and Logistics401
Case Example: Japan403
Chapter 14Global Advertising407
Global Advertising and Branding408
Global Advertising Content: The Extension Versus Adaptation Debate412
Selecting an Advertising Agency415
Advertising Appeals and Product Characteristics416
Creating Advertising418
Chapter 15Global Promotion: Public Relations, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Trade Shows, and Sponsorship428
Public Relations and Publicity428
Personal Selling432
Sales Promotion433
Direct Marketing435
Trade Shows and Exhibitions436
Sponsorship Promotion437
Chapter 16Global e.marketing440
The Death of Distance441
Targeting the Individual Customer: Beyond Segmentation442
Relationship Marketing443
Speed to Market443
Living in an Age of Technological Discontinuities444
New Technologies Change the Rules of Competition449
Components of the Electronic Value Chain454
Part V Cases
Nokia and the Cellular Phone Industry479
The Launch of GSM Cellular Telephones in South Africa488
Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc.: Defending a Piece of the Domestic Pie494
Benneton Group SpA: Raising Consciousness and Controversy with Global Advertising505
Part VIManaging The Global Marketing Program509
Chapter 17Leading, Organizing, and Monitoring the Global Marketing Effort509
Global Marketing Management Audit524
Chapter 18The Future of Global Marketing533
Six Major Changes533
Careers in Global Marketing539
Part VI Cases
Kodak Versus Fuji: The Battle for Global Market Share541
Parker Pen Co. (A): International Marketing Strategy Review549
Parker Pen Co. (B): Parker Goes Global551
Parker Pen Co. (C): Global Marketing Strategy: An Interview with Dr. Dennis Thomas of the Berol Corporation554
AppendixGlobal Income and Population 2000 and Projections to 2010 and 2020559
Name Index597
Subject Index605

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