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Global Resources

Global Resources

by Helen Cothran (Editor), Cozic

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Children's Literature
Do we live in a world so selfish that global resources and their preservation are of no long-term concern? In a world where food production is increasing how can so many people starve? Is current energy usage literally draining the proverbial "battery" of the planet in a destructive manner? How can global resources be protected? These four broad areas of questioning are addressed in a balanced way in this volume of the "Opposing Viewpoints" series. As in other volumes in this well crafted series, readers are presented with articles, essays, and other writings by people knowledgeable in the field. Each selection taps into a vital perspective on a topic of lasting value. In a world where the erosion of farmland, overuse of fossil fuels, and climate change linked to resource use have unknown but tangible effects it is important that young people come to understand issues that will affect their very lives. This publication tackles a sweeping subject in a precise and fair way. This is a book that will be of use in classrooms and will allow readers to think and draw their own conclusions on an important topic. 2004, Greenhaven Press, Ages 14 up.
—Greg M. Romaneck

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Greenhaven Publishing
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