Global Underground 2009 Mixed

Global Underground 2009 Mixed


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Global Underground


Disc 1

  1. Ring Road  -  Underworld
  2. Hi Friend  -  Deadmau5
  3. Fancy Footwork
  4. Ready for This
  5. Blackout  -  Whip
  6. Gornal  -  PTFA
  7. Pyramid  - John Dahlbäck
  8. Take Me Away
  9. Souvenir
  10. That Piano Track  -  Holmtik
  11. Love Chemical  - Pole Folder
  12. Crazy World  -  Wickaman
  13. Close My Eyes
  14. Smoke Machine  -  X-Press 2
  15. Gobbledygook
  16. Starstrings
  17. Open Your Heart  -  Rudy

Disc 2

  1. The Beauty & The Beast  - Sven Väth
  2. Charlotte
  3. 21st Century Ketchup
  4. From the Speaker  -  Soha
  5. Crash Jack
  6. Minimalize
  7. Arcade
  8. I Can't Live Without Chocolate
  9. Hard Drive  -  Montero
  10. Panoramix
  11. Diablo
  12. They Live!
  13. Rise of Ulysses
  14. Glitter  - Sonic Union
  15. Only One  - Chris Lake
  16. Artificial
  17. Spaceman  -  Way Out West

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rudy Sandapa   Vocals

Technical Credits

Dale Anderson   Composer,Producer
Sven Väth   Composer,Producer
Bruce Carter   Composer
Darren Emerson   Composer,Producer
Ralf Hildenbeutel   Composer,Producer
Mark Holmes   Composer,Producer
Karl Hyde   Composer
Mark Knight   Composer,Producer
Dave Parkinson   Producer,Remixing
Dave Seaman   Composer,Producer
Dave Whelan   Composer,Producer
Laurent Garnier   Composer,Producer
Glenn Morrison   Producer,Remixing
Shinichi Osawa   Producer,Remixing
Ashley Beedle   Composer
J Majik   Composer,Producer
Ricky Stone   Executive Producer
Michael Gray   Composer
Jim Abbiss   Producer
Nick Warren   Composer,Producer
Paul S. Thomas   Producer
Chad Jackson   Composer,Producer
Kevin Swain   Composer,Producer
Felix Stallings   Composer,Producer
Alex Tepper   Composer,Producer
Arno Kammermeier   Composer,Producer
Ali Shirazinia   Composer,Producer
Axwell   Composer
Jody Wisternoff   Composer,Producer
Seamus Haji   Producer
Steve Lawler   Composer,Producer
Bruce Aisher   Producer,Remixing
Simon Davey   Mastering
Fred Falke   Composer,Producer
John Dahlbäck   Composer,Producer
Tom Beaufoy   Composer,Producer
Mike DiScala   Composer,Producer
Graeme Laverty   Composer,Producer
Chris Lake   Composer,Producer
Oliver Huntemann   Composer,Producer
A. Parsons   Composer,Producer
Pole Folder   Composer
Adam K.   Composer
Adam Walder   Composer,Producer
Nathan Sudders   Composer
Pat Pardy   Composer,Producer
Lee Cook   Producer,Remixing
Enrico Mercaldi   Mastering
Soha   Composer
Anil Chawla   Composer,Producer
Last Atlant   Composer
James Talk   Producer,Remixing
Johan Ilves   Producer,Remixing
Stel   Composer
Wickaman   Composer
Craig Whittaker   Composer,Producer
Nanchang Nancy   Composer
Aaron McClelland   Producer,Remixing
Paul Emanuel   Producer
Vadim Constentin   Composer
Danny Reid Carter   Composer
Christophe Hoeffel   Composer,Producer
Walter Merziger   Composer,Producer
Joel Zimmerman   Composer,Producer
Gareth "Galo" Donoghue   Composer,Producer
Andreas Meid   Programming,Engineer
Mark Trophy   Producer,Remixing
Shelley Harland   Composer
Bruce Carter   Composer
Rudy Sandapa   Composer
Dee McAuley   Composer
Pat Pardy   Composer
Eric Johannes Pettersson   Composer
Daniel Sandberg   Composer
D. Rock   Composer
D. House   Composer
Dragan Roganovic   Composer
Fee Daniel   Composer
Paul Thomas   Composer
P. Gemayel   Composer
D. Macklowitch   Composer
T. Srock   Composer
B. Grace   Composer
Danny Carter   Composer
J. Mills   Composer
Rick Smith   Composer,Producer

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