Global Underground Afterhours, Vol. 5

Global Underground Afterhours, Vol. 5


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Global Underground


Disc 1

  1. I Robot  -  Alan Parsons Project
  2. Schwingin'  -  Bionik World
  3. Very Nice  - Rainer Weichhold
  4. On My Mind  - Roland Klinkenberg
  5. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby  - Dinah Washington
  6. 11h30  -  Danger
  7. Sexual Sportswear  - Sébastien Tellier
  8. Cut Your Teeth  -  Trafik
  9. Fun Punch  -  Bag Raiders
  10. I.O.U.  -  Freeez
  11. Favourite People  -  T-Rek
  12. Last Days (Of Cou Cou D)  - Jay Shepheard
  13. Stratus Energy  -  Faze Action
  14. Afterglow  -  Couture
  15. Galaxy Race  -  Bermuda
  16. The Dove  -  Ikon
  17. Beginning of the Middle  - Tom Middleton
  18. Cold  -  Pines
  19. The Effect on Me  -  Mint Royale

Disc 2

  1. Defining the Pattern  - Eelke Kleijn
  2. In Love
  3. Rib Cage  -  Pako & Frederik
  4. 3000AD  - Will Saul
  5. Jaguar Shoes  - Kevin Griffiths
  6. Trial  -  Geddes
  7. Painkiller  - Gregor Tresher
  8. Ushuaia  - Alex Dolby
  9. Phantasy  -  Motorcitysoul
  10. Formbar  -  Modunique
  11. It's On  -  AutoKratz
  12. Beat the Bush  -  Alter Ego
  13. Baby Wants to Ride  - Kevin Swain
  14. Bipolar  -  Silas
  15. All I Ever Wanted  -  Droyds
  16. Pacific 202  - Peter Katafalk
  17. Flamingo  -  Tomboy
  18. Horsepower  - CJ Bolland
  19. Til We Meet Again  - Kevin Saunderson
  20. Bonafied Lovin'  -  Chromeo
  21. Strings (Outro)  -  Culprit One

Disc 3

  1. Mere Mortal  -  Stux
  2. Crystal Pipeline  -  Thomas Sagstad
  3. Stretch These Legs  - Derek Howell
  4. Indestructible  -  Trafik
  5. Intimate Output  -  M>O>S
  6. Lonely Places I've Never Been  -  Spieltape
  7. Past Lifes  - Mauricio Davidson
  8. 77th Street  -  Feroy
  9. Is Time  -  Federico Epis
  10. Game Face  -  Rogue Audio

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Duncan Mackay   Keyboards
Andrew Powell   Choir Director
David Paton   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Background Vocals
Ian Bairnson   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Stuart Calver   Background Vocals
B.J. Cole   Steel Guitar
Bob Howes   Choir Master
John Leach   Cimbalom,Kantele
Smokey Parsons   Background Vocals
Stuart Tosh   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Eric Woolfson   Keyboards,Background Vocals
B.L. Young   Keyboards
Alan Parsons   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Vocoder
John Elliott   Vocals
Hilary Western   Background Vocals
Rachelle   Vocals
Tony Rivers & the Castaways   Background Vocals
John Frederick Perry   Background Vocals
New Philharmonic Chorus   Background Vocals
Rainer Weichhold   Vocals,Voices,screams
Michele Balduzzi   Keyboards
Nero   Synthesizer

Technical Credits

Arthur Baker   Composer
Andrew Powell   Orchestral Arrangements,Choir Arrangement,Orchestra Director
David Cox   Composer,Producer
Kevin Griffiths   Composer,Producer
Kira Roessler   Producer,Remixing
Richard Norris   Composer
John Robie   Composer
Kevin Saunderson   Composer,Producer
James Warren   Producer,Remixing
Carl Craig   Producer,Remixing
Roman Flügel   Producer
Jörn Elling Wuttke   Producer
CJ Bolland   Composer
Alan Parsons   Producer,Engineer,Projection
Jori Hulkkonen   Producer,Remixing
John Elliott   Composer,Producer
Roland Klinkenberg   Composer,Producer
Rae & Christian   Producer
Kevin Swain   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Bill Austin   Composer
Tom Middleton   Composer,Producer
Steve Christian   Engineer
Mint Royale   Producer
Simon Lee   Composer,Producer
Santos   Arranger,Producer
Cass Cutbush   Composer,Producer
Ewan Pearson   Producer,Remixing
Sébastien Tellier   Composer,Producer
Tam Cooper   Composer,Producer
Andrew Archer   Composer,Producer
Pako & Frederik   Composer
Alex Dolby   Arranger,Producer
Richard Kayvan   Composer,Producer
Derek Howell   Composer,Producer
Will Saul   Composer,Producer
Hugo Heimann   Composer
Nick Thayer   Producer,Remixing
Pete Martin & the Versatile Keys   Producer
Bionik World   Producer
John Wort Hannam   Composer
Gregor Tresher   Composer,Producer
Matthias Vogt   Composer,Producer
Robin Lee and the Lavenders   Producer,Instrumentation
Thomas Sagstad   Composer,Producer
Jay Lumen   Producer
Andy Chatterley   Composer
Frank Mastice   Mastering
Rainer Weichhold   Composer,Producer
Modunique   Producer
Mauricio Duarte   Composer
Edwin Mulder   Producer
Federico Epis   Producer
Phonat   Producer,Remixing
Chris Stracey   Composer,Producer
Manuel Octavio Sofia   Composer,Producer
Ferdy Duderkerken   Producer
Stuart Geddes   Composer,Producer
Jack Glass   Composer,Producer
Sebastiaan Hagewoud   Producer
John J. Shepheard   Producer
Franck Rivoire   Composer,Producer
Raphael Ripperton   Producer,Remixing
Fernando Miranda "Michoacan" Rios   Producer
Kimmo Oksanen   Composer,Producer
Alexander Malyutin   Composer,Producer
C-Rock   Composer,Producer
Steve Anderson   Producer

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