Global Warming

Global Warming

by Amy Farrar

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Children's Literature - Mary and Thad Ashcliffe
We were able to review only this one volume of an eight-volume series titled "Essential Viewpoints." This series is, in turn, part of a 24-volume series also titled "Essential Viewpoints." Because we have only seen this one volume, we can only speak specifically to it. At the very least, it is not, given the price point, cost effective to purchase this content limited volume/series. We liked that the orientation of the book was to look at global warming as a problem and how it could/should be solved. That said, given the age the book was targeted at, we were amazed by the lack of many things in this supposedly basic volume; for example, there was no discussion of theory and there was no time and temperature graph to support the book's title. There were no graphs to show relationships/trends when it is well accepted that people do not get correlations with words as well as they do with graphic representations. Where topics were covered, e.g., the impact of glacial melting on rivers, the text meandered. The layout of the book lacks elements of user friendliness. The information contained in the sidebar titled "Unprecedented Warming" would be better served if it were integrated into to the body of the text. None of the pictures have a practical purpose even when thematically related. We were frankly puzzled by the inclusion of some of the pictures; the picture of a Florida beach after Tropical Storm Ernesto simply looked like a windy day at the beach. With so many more illustrative pictures in the public domain, the point and the caption could have, and should have, been more text specific. The Time Line in the back of the book seems to be unrelated to the rest of the book. What kind ofreference section lists only the publisher of this volume in the section on Web Links? It is certainly not a comprehensive listing. It also seems like the text is not written for the publisher's target audience of Young Adult, rather upper elementary into middle school. The author of this book was afraid to be as harsh as he should have been regarding the nature and causes of the problem. This was probably to avoid sounding political, but every subject that matters is political in some fashion. The contents of this volume do not merit publication in the hardback format. If the other volumes in this series are equal to the overpriced volume we saw, this is a series to avoid. Reviewer: Mary and Thad Ashcliffe

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ABDO Publishing Company
Publication date:
Essential Viewpoints Series: Set 1
Product dimensions:
6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
12 - 17 Years

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