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Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

by Andrew C. Revkin

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The author of The Burning Season , an account of rain-forest activist Chico Mendes's death, here offers authoritative information on a timely ecological subject. Revkin discusses critical issues and explores current scientific thinking about climate in the next century, explaining the computer simulations on which predictions are based. While opinion is divided and some uncertainties exist--primarily about the roles played by clouds and oceans--many scientists believe that global temperatures will increase by three to eight degrees Fahrenheit unless steps are taken now to reduce atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, the author notes. He warns that we can expect increased frequency of temperature extremes rather than a gradual rise. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs and diagrams, this volume accompanies an exhibition on climactic change that is to travel to science museums nationwide. ( May )
Library Journal - Library Journal
Designed to complement a new traveling exhibit that recently opened in New York City, this politically impeccable book was written by the award-winning author of The Burning Season: The Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest ( LJ 6/1/90). Illustrated with images by renowned nature photographers and introduced by the heads of the Environmental Defense Fund and the American Museum of Natural History, coproducers/publishers of the exhibit and book, it is even printed on recycled paper. Yet, though the reporting, writing style, editing, and photo editing are all good, the overall effect, which is not inexpensive, falls a bit flat. Revkin's clear and pleasant writing only hints at the passion and lyricism that could bring this critical and somewhat complicated issue to life. Furthermore, the recycled paper does not fulfill the images' potential, and the typeface is downright drab. Since books on this issue are not in short supply, this one is recommended specifically for middle and high school collections, where its clarity gives it an edge, and to those who want to review or preview the exhibit.--Linn Prentis, Milford, Pa.

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