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Globalization and Development

Globalization and Development

by Eugene D. Jaffe, James Bacchus (Foreword by), Ilan Alon (Introduction)

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Children's Literature
"The New Global Society" series, according to the foreword, is intended for high school students. Disney's dancing-doll lyrics "it's a small world, after all" are becoming more apt over time, so these books are meant to help youth understand, discuss, and find answers to questions raised by globalization. Yet the introduction to the series claims the books are for lay people. Young adults might find the material somewhat advanced: Key concepts of globalization and development are presented in this text. Bottom line is the world is developing into groupings of borderless nations, with developed and developing countries as witting or unwitting participants. The movement of goods, capital, and people among nations is spurred on by liberalized trade agreements, declining transportation costs, and other economic incentives. The movement of information is enhanced by speedier and cheaper communications. Chief players in the global process are global corporations, international government organizations, and non-governmental organizations, while many individuals reap the rewards of globalization. For example, people around the world can watch the Olympics on TV (if they have TVs). But benefits of globalization have not spread equally among people and countries, and some claim that increasing poverty is caused by globalization. Graphs, charts, photos, and other inserts help explain the facts and concepts. A glossary, notes, a bibliography, reading list, and an index complete the text. This book requires focused attention and contains copyediting errors. The subject matter is not simple. It could certainly spark discussion on hot topics, such as borderlessness and terrorism. 2006, Chelsea HousePublishers, Ages 15 up.
—Carol Raker Collins, Ph.D.

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New Global Society Series
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