Globalization and Race : Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness

Globalization and Race : Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness

by Clarke

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Duke University Press
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Introduction : globalization and the transformations of race1
Missionary positions37
History at the crossroads : Vodu and the modernization of the Dominican borderlands55
Diaspora and desire : gendering "black America" in black Liverpool73
Diaspora space, ethnographic space : writing history between the lines93
"Mama, I'm walking to Canada" : black geopolitics and invisible empires112
Mapping transnationality : roots tourism and the institutionalization of ethnic heritage133
Emigration and the spatial production of difference from Cape Verde154
Folkloric "others" : Blanqueamiento and the celebration of blackness as an exception in Peurto Rico171
Gentrification, globalization, and georaciality188
Recasting "black Venus" in the "new" African diaspora206
"Shooting the white girl first" : race in post-apartheid South Africa226
Havana's Timba : a macho sound for black sex249
Reading Buffy and "looking proper" : race, gender, and consumption among West Indian girls in Brooklyn279
The homegrown : rape, race, and class in London299
Racialization, gender, and the negotiation of power in Stockholm's African dance courses316
Modern blackness : progress, "America," and the politics of popular culture in Jamaica335

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