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Glorious Ruins

Glorious Ruins

by Hillsong

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Disc 1

  1. Always Will (Intro)
  2. Always Will
  3. You Never Fail
  4. Christ is Enough
  5. Where the Spirit of the Lord is
  6. Glorious Ruins
  7. Closer
  8. God Who Saves
  9. To Be Like You
  10. Man of Sorrows
  11. We Glorify Your Name
  12. You Crown the Year (Psalm 65:11)
  13. Anchor
  14. Lift You Higher
  15. Only You

Disc 2

  1. God Who Saves
  2. Always Will
  3. You Never Fail
  4. Christ is Enough
  5. Glorious Ruins
  6. Where the Spirit of the Lord is
  7. Closer
  8. To Be Like You
  9. Man of Sorrows
  10. We Glorify Your Name
  11. You Crown the Year (Psalm 65:11)
  12. Anchor
  13. Missio Dei
  14. Glorious Ruins (Brian Houston Message)
  15. King of Heaven
  16. A Million Suns

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Hillsong   Primary Artist
Dave George   Piano,Keyboards
Peter James   Piano,Keyboards
Reuben Morgan   Acoustic Guitar,Worship Leader
David Kennedy   Electric Guitar
Nigel Hendroff   Electric Guitar
Jay Cook   Vocals,Worship Leader
Jonathan Douglass   Worship Leader
Jad Gillies   Acoustic Guitar,Worship Leader
Joel Houston   Acoustic Guitar,Worship Leader
Matt Crocker   Acoustic Guitar,Worship Leader
Gio Galanti   Piano,Keyboards
David Andrew   Piano,Keyboards
Autumn Hardman   Piano,Keyboards
Timon Klein   Electric Guitar
Marc Warry   Trombone
Annie Garratt   Worship Leader
Elizabeth Gorringe   French Horn
Simon Kobler   Drums
Dean Ussher   Vocals
Ntando Mpofu   Bass
Dylan Thomas   Electric Guitar
David Ware   Worship Leader
Ben Fielding   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Worship Leader
Ben Tennikoff   Piano,Keyboards
Joel Hingston   Electric Guitar
Adam Dodson   Piano,Keyboards
Bede Benjamin-Korporaal   Percussion
Eric Liljero   Vocals,Worship Leader
Dan Barrett   Vocals
Juliet Adekambi   Vocals
Jorim Kelly   Vocals
Jihea Oh   Bass
Isaac Soon   Electric Guitar
Jenny Deacon   Vocals
Esther Volstad   Vocals
Daniel McMurray   Drums
Sheila Mpofu   Vocals
Ryan Taubert   Piano,Keyboards
J.P. Starra   Percussion
Harrison Wood   Drums
Ike Graham   Bass
Chris Davenport   Electric Guitar
Hannah Hobbs   Vocals
Brad Kohring   Vocals
Katie Dodson   Vocals
Alexander Pappas   Vocals
Laura Toggs   Worship Leader
Michaeli Witney   Cello
Evie Gallardo   Violin
Ashley Jean-Baptiste   Vocals
Collena Masuku   Vocals
Ana Loback   Vocals
Nait Masuku   Vocals
Matt Hann   Bass
Jill Marie Cooper   Vocals
Ingrid Kennedy   Vocals
Hristo Dushev   Percussion
Moses Byun   Piano,Keyboards
Glenn Setchfield   Leader
Dave Marinelli   Electric Guitar
Ty Braland   Acoustic Guitar,Worship Leader
Thiago Pereira   Piano,Keyboards
Sarah Woodall   Narrator
Adam Joly   Drums

Technical Credits

Billy Simpson   translation
Bill Marino   Engineer
Matt Maher   Composer
Andrew Crawford   Producer,Engineer
Ed Cash   Composer
Paul Moss   Camera Operator
Chris Tomlin   Composer
Reuben Morgan   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Jason Ingram   Composer
Nigel Hendroff   Music Direction
Bentleigh Tadman   Engineer
Laura Kelly   Stage Manager
Jay Cook   Composer
Douglas Bailey   Camera Operator
Muchiri Gateri   Monitor Engineer
Ian Hendrick   Lighting Director
Joel Houston   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Luke Irvine   Camera Operator
Sam Knock   Composer
Scott Ligertwood   Composer
Nathan Taylor   Production Design,Set Decoration
Sharon Kim   translation
Matt Crocker   Composer
Gio Galanti   Director,Producer,Engineer
Sayaka Eguchi   translation
Paul Nevison   Composer,Producer,Cinematography
Andrew Starke   Engineer
Autumn Hardman   Music Direction
Ben Whincop   Engineer
Jonas Myrin   Composer
Rich Harris   Monitor Engineer
Brandon Carter   Composer
Jay Argaet   Art Direction
Brooke Ligertwood   Composer
Dean Ussher   Composer
Jim Monk   Engineer
Braden Lang   Composer
Dylan Thomas   Composer
Joel Davies   Composer
Michael Phelps   Camera Operator
Ben Fielding   Composer,Producer
Marty Sampson   Producer
Toni Romero   translation
James Hurley   Engineer
Arun Philip   Engineer
Jamie Snell   Composer,Engineer
Carl Lentz   Composer
Nathan Finochio   Composer
Brooke Galbreath   Engineer
Nathan Steele   Engineer
Ryan Taubert   Composer,Producer
Nathan Cahyadi   Art Direction
Chris Davenport   Composer,Music Direction
Ben Field   Director,Producer
Andreas Kranzler   Camera Operator
Ida Möller   translation
Emile Freeman   Video Editor
Davide Palamara   translation
Dave Rubie   Camera Operator
Sara Palamara   translation
Salomon Ligthelm   Composer,Producer,Colorist,Camera Operator,Coloring,Cinematography
Richard Cause   Camera Operator,Cinematography
Nathaniel Redekop   Camera Operator
Melina Stamati   translation
Jonathan Mercier   translation
David Hunkeler   Director
Alex Cvitanovic   Producer,Camera Operator
Kylie Beach   Composer
Jordan Ironside   Music Data
Jared Micallef   Engineer
Rachel Thornton   Music Data
Menno De Geest   Camera Operator
Danilo Minutella   translation
Luke Field   Video Editor,Camera Operator
Jarrad Rogers   Composer,Engineer
Chris Trapp   Visual Direction
Zon Shih   translation
Nicola Hawkins   Stage Manager
Nait Masuku   Composer
Judith Nigciri   Stage Manager
Dave Tymo   Engineer
Abraham Praise   Music Data
Aaron Cheater   Camera Operator
Peter McGill   Pyrotechnics
Patrick Matheson   Camera Operator
Neal Johnson   Music Data
Neil Blackbourn   Camera Operator
Michael Fabian   Producer
Micah Doyle   Camera Operator
Meg Irvine   Camera Operator
Martin Bruch   translation
Marika Shatova   Camera Operator
Maria Ana D. Dias   Camera Operator
Magdalene Phillips   Camera Operator
Luke Taylor   Camera Operator
Luke Fairbain   Monitor Engineer
Kim Tran   Camera Operator
Julie McGill   Pyrotechnics
Jonathan Zerger   Camera Operator
Johnny Rays   Presentation
Jacob Rudd   Engineer
Headley Williams   Camera Operator
Hayley Gateri   Producer
Hannah Oh   translation
Florence Agboma   Camera Operator
Diana Kasevich   translation
Deborah Caleb   Camera Operator
Caroline Banford   Producer
Caleb Helkenn   Camera Operator
Tekiva Ledwidge   Composer
Steven Gomez   Camera Operator
Stephanie Sesay   Camera Operator
Sola Osinowo   Monitor Engineer
Sebastian Strand   Presentation
Samuel Macias   Camera Operator
Alistair Doyle   Camera Operator
Alex Jenson   Music Data
Paul Miller   Camera Operator
Paul Martin   Camera Operator
Paul Cox   Backline Technician
Samuel Allen   Director
Rebecca Tan   Camera Operator

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