Glory of Flight: The Art of William S. Phillips

Glory of Flight: The Art of William S. Phillips

by Edwards Park, William S. Phillips

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Gilbert Taylor
The common adornment of flight museums and air force bases is the framed print of a classic plane in dramatic action, and Phillips has been supplying such representations for years. Most commonly, he settles on World War II vintage war birds engaging in dogfights or limping home damaged. P-38s, B-17s, Spitfires, and P-51s dominate this album of 80-plus colorplates, followed in number by the supersonic fighters currently in service. Phillips often pictures them at flattering angles as they pass over prominent landmarks, such as Crater Lake, the cliffs of Dover, or the Grand Canyon, highlighted by the low-angle ruddiness of sunsets. Drawing on his imagination, his conversations with pilots, and his Vietnam experience as a base guard watching planes return, Phillips wields his brush with the technical accuracy fighter jocks insist upon. The visual experience overcomes the corny captions, and although the book is pricey, a select number of libraries--those near air bases?--should see aviation aficionados crack open this collection.

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