Gnosticism And The New Testament

Gnosticism And The New Testament

by Pheme Perkins

ISBN-10: 0800628012

ISBN-13: 9780800628017

Pub. Date: 12/01/1993

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers

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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Gnostic Origins
1The Search for Pre-Christian Gnosticism9
Simon Magus9
Jewish Syncretism10
Gnostic Mythemes and Alienation12
A Demonized World15
2Gnosticism and the Jewish Connection20
A Samaritan Origin?20
Linguistic Evidence for Palestinian Traditions22
Enoch Traditions in Gnostic Mythology24
Anti-Jewish Midrash25
Christianizing Early Gnostic Traditions26
3Gnostic Influence and the New Testament29
Variations on the Redeemer Figure29
Gnostic Elements in the New Testament31
Cultic Innovation and Mythology34
4Reconstructing Gnostic History39
On the Margins of Judaism40
Gnostic Teachers of the Second Century42
Sethian Tradition History45
Pt. 2Gnostic and New Testament Traditions
5Jesus as Teacher of Wisdom: Sayings and Revelation53
Gospel of Thomas and the Sayings Tradition53
Dialogue of the Savior54
Sayings in Gospel of Truth56
Kingdom Parables and Gnosis59
Recovering the Divine Image66
Praxis in Gospel of Thomas69
6Gnosis and the Pauline Tradition74
Pauline Opponents (Schmithals)74
Gnostic Mythemes and Pauline Anthropology80
Eschatology and Anthropology83
The Divine Image85
7Redeemer Myths and New Testament Hymns93
The Revealer Appears in the World93
The Powers React96
Christianizing the Gnostic Redeemer101
The Revealer in Zostrianos102
The Revealer in Gospel of the Egyptians104
8Jesus as Word109
Wisdom and Myth in John's Prologue109
A Gnostic Reading of John's Prologue112
John's Prologue and Trimorphic Protennoia114
The Word as Revealer117
9Discourses of the Revealer122
Jesus Reveals God122
Postresurrection Revelations124
The Style of the Revelation Discourse127
Johannine Discourse and the Sayings Tradition (Koester)130
"I Am" Predications as Text and Riddle132
Discourse and the Elect Community134
Pt. 3Gnostic Christianity
10Gnostic Identity: Conversion and Asceticism145
Interpretation and Antinomianism145
The Danger of the Demonic149
A Call to Conversion152
Salvation and Metaphor in Gospel of Truth154
Conflict over Ascetic Practice156
The Rhetoric of 1 John and Gospel of Truth159
11Women Disciples and Worshipers164
Women in the Marcosian Sect164
Women in Pauline Traditions165
The Ambiguity of the Feminine167
The Suffering of Wisdom169
Repentance Displaces Wisdom170
12Christians: Gnostic and Orthodox177
Gnostic Christian Writings177
Irenaeus Against the Gnostics179
Jesus' Disciples in Gnostic Sources181
Christian Gnostics and Religious Pluralism185
Christian Gnostics and the Gospel Canon190
Index of Ancient Sources249
Index of Modern Authors259

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