Go from My Window: Music for the Virginal

Go from My Window: Music for the Virginal

by Colin Tilney

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Dorian Recordings


  1. Go from my window, variations for keyboard
  2. Almande Chapelle, for keyboard
  3. The Italian Ground, for keyboard, MB27
  4. Ground on the 3rd tone, for keyboard, MB26
  5. Paduana Lachrymae, for keyboard
  6. Irish Toy for keyboard
  7. Coranto on the 3rd tone, for keyboard, MB40
  8. Prelude in G major for keyboard
  9. Pavan
  10. Galliard
  11. My Grief, for keyboard, MB 139
  12. Alman in D
  13. Alman in D
  14. Why Ask You?, for keyboard, MB 62 (first setting)
  15. An Irish Idyll in Six Miniatures for voice & piano, No 2, Op. 77/2 ("The F
  16. Paduana Lachrymae, for keyboard
  17. Mein junges Leben hat ein End, variations for keyboard
  18. Fifth Pavan
  19. Fifth Galliard
  20. The Barley Break, for keyboard, MB 92

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