GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Introductory / Edition 1

GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Introductory / Edition 1

by Shelley Gaskin, Robert Ferrett, Alicia Vargas, Suzanne Marks

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ISBN-10: 0131679996

ISBN-13: 9780131679993

Pub. Date: 02/08/2007

Publisher: Prentice Hall

The primary goal of GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Introductory, 1/e, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package.

Thorough coverage of Office 2007 applications, from getting started to project-based skills application. MARKET&


The primary goal of GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Introductory, 1/e, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package.

Thorough coverage of Office 2007 applications, from getting started to project-based skills application. MARKET: Ideal for students and professionals seeking a conclusive introduction to Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

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Prentice Hall
Publication date:
Go! Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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9.74(w) x 10.46(h) x 2.30(d)

Table of Contents

Windows XP

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Windows XP

PROJECT 1A Start Windows XP and Work with Windows, Folders, and Files

Objective 1 Get Started with Windows XP

Activity 1.1 Getting Started with Windows XP

Objective 2 Resize, Move, and Scroll Windows

Activity 1.2 Resizing, Moving, and Scrolling Windows

Objective 3 Maximize, Restore, Minimize, and Close Windows

Activity 1.3 Maximizing, Restoring, Minimizing, and Closing a Window

Objective 4 Create a New Folder

Activity 1.4 Creating a New Folder

Objective 5 Copy, Move, Rename, and Delete Files

Activity 1.5 Copying Files and Folders

Activity 1.6 Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files

Activity 1.7 Capturing an Image of a Screen

Objective 6 Find Files and Folders

Activity 1.8 Finding Files and Folders

Objective 7 Compress Files

Activity 1.9 Compressing Files

Outlook 2007

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Outlook 2007

PROJECT 2A Read and Respond to E-mail Using Outlook 2007

Objective 1 Start and Navigate Outlook

Activity 2.1 Starting Outlook

Activity 2.2 Exploring Outlook Using the Navigation Pane and Folder List

Activity 2.3 Using Menus, Toolbars, and ScreenTips

Objective 2 Read and Respond to E-mail

Activity 2.4 Importing Messages into the Inbox

Activity 2.5 Opening, Navigating, and Closing an E-mail Message

Activity 2.6 Configuring Outlook and Replying to a Message

Activity 2.7 Printing the Inbox and a Message

Objective 3 Delete Outlook Information and Close Outlook

Activity 2.8 Deleting Outlook Messages

Activity 2.9 Resetting Outlook Defaults and Closing Outlook

PROJECT 2B Manage Personal Information Using Outlook 2007

Objective 4 Store Contact Information

Activity 2.10 Creating Contacts

Activity 2.11 Editing Contacts and Printing the Contacts List

Objective 5 Manage Tasks

Activity 2.12 Creating and Printing a To-Do List

Objective 6 Work with the Calendar

Activity 2.13 Exploring the Calendar

Activity 2.14 Scheduling Appointments and Tasks

Activity 2.15 Printing a Calendar

Internet Explorer

Chapter 3 Getting Started with Internet Explorer 7.0

PROJECT 3A Use Internet Explorer 7.0 to Navigate and Search the Internet, Create and Manage Your Favorite Internet Sites, and Save and Print Web Pages

Objective 1 Start Internet Explorer 7.0 and Identify Screen Elements

Activity 3.1 Starting Internet Explorer

Objective 2 Navigate the Internet

Activity 3.2 Performing Commands Using the Toolbar

Activity 3.3 Accessing Web Sites from the Address Bar

Activity 3.4 Opening a Second Web Site

Activity 3.5 Displaying Web Pages with Hyperlinks

Activity 3.6 Using Internet Explorer History

Objective 3 Create and Manage Favorites

Activity 3.7 Adding an Address to the Favorites List

Activity 3.8 Displaying a Favorite Web Site

Activity 3.9 Deleting a Web Address from Favorites

Objective 4 Search the Internet

Activity 3.10 Adding a Search Engine and Searching the Internet

Objective 5 Save and Print Web Pages

Activity 3.11 Downloading and Saving a Web Page

Activity 3.12 Downloading and Saving Graphics from a Web Page

Activity 3.13 Printing Web Pages

Activity 3.14 Printing Web Graphics

Activity 3.15 Printing Selected Text from Web Pages

Chapter 4 Basic Computer Concepts

Objective 1 Define Computer and Identify the Four Basic Computing Functions

Objective 2 Identify the Different Types of Computers



Mainframe Computers


Embedded Computers

Objective 3 Describe Hardware Devices and Their Uses

System Unit

Storage Devices

Evaluating Your System


Input Devices

Output Devices

Objective 4 Identify Types of Software and Their Uses

System Software

Application Software

Objective 5 Describe Networks and Define Network Terms

Objective 6 Identify Safe Computing Practices

Computer Maintenance



Protecting Yourself and Your Computer

Word 2007

Chapter 5 Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2007

PROJECT 5A Create, Edit, Save, and Print a Document

Objective 1 Create and Save a New Document

Activity 5.1 Starting Word and Identifying Parts of the Word Window

Activity 5.2 Beginning a New Document and Displaying Formatting Marks

Activity 5.3 Entering Text and Inserting Blank Lines

Activity 5.4 Creating Folders for Document Storage and Saving a Document

Objective 2 Edit Text

Activity 5.5 Editing Text with the Delete and Backspace Keys

Activity 5.6 Inserting New Text

Objective 3 Select, Delete, and Format Text

Activity 5.7 Selecting and Deleting Text

Activity 5.8 Changing Font and Font Size

Activity 5.9 Adding Emphasis to Text

Objective 4 Print a Document

Activity 5.10 Accessing Headers and Footers

Activity 5.11 Printing a Document

PROJECT 5B Navigate the Word Window and Check Your Work

Objective 5 Navigate the Word Window

Activity 5.12 Opening and Closing an Existing Document

Activity 5.13 Inserting Existing Text into a New Document

Activity 5.14 Navigating a Document

Activity 5.15 Changing Document Views

Activity 5.16 Using the Zoom Slider

Activity 5.17 Splitting Windows and Arranging Panes

Objective 6 Add a Graphic to a Document

Activity 5.18 Inserting Clip Art

Objective 7 Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker

Activity 5.19 Checking Individual Spelling and Grammar Errors

Activity 5.20 Checking Spelling and Grammar in an Entire Document

Objective 8 Preview and Print Documents, Close a Document, and Close Word

Activity 5.21 Previewing and Printing a Document

Activity 5.22 Closing a Document and Closing Word

Objective 9 Use the Microsoft Help System

Activity 5.23 Getting Help

Chapter 6 Formatting and Organizing Text

PROJECT 6A Format Text and Use Lists

Objective 1 Change Document and Paragraph Layout

Activity 6.1 Setting Margins

Activity 6.2 Aligning Text

Activity 6.3 Changing Line Spacing

Activity 6.4 Adding Space After Paragraphs

Activity 6.5 Using the Format Painter

Objective 2 Change and Reorganize Text

Activity 6.6 Finding and Replacing Text

Activity 6.7 Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text

Activity 6.8 Moving Text to a New Location

Activity 6.9 Undoing and Redoing Changes

Activity 6.10 Inserting a Nonbreaking Spaces and Hyphens

Activity 6.11 Entering a Line Break

Objective 3 Create and Modify Lists

Activity 6.12 Creating a Bulleted List

Activity 6.13 Using AutoFormat to Create a Numbered List

Activity 6.14 Formatting Lists

Activity 6.15 Customizing Bullets

PROJECT 6B Create a Research Paper

Objective 4 Insert and Format Headers and Footers

Activity 6.16 Inserting and Formatting Page Numbers

Activity 6.17 Inserting the Current Date and Time

Objective 5 Insert Frequently Used Text

Activity 6.18 Recording AutoCorrect Entries

Activity 6.19 Inserting Symbols

Objective 6 Insert and Format References

Activity 6.20 Inserting Footnotes

Activity 6.21 Modifying a Footnote Style

Activity 6.22 Adding Citations

Activity 6.23 Creating a Reference Page

Activity 6.24 Managing Document Properties

Chapter 7 Using Graphics and Tables

PROJECT 7A Insert and Modify Graphics and Set Tab Stops

Objective 1 Insert and Format Graphics

Activity 7.1 Formatting Text Using WordArt

Activity 7.2 Inserting Pictures from Files

Activity 7.3 Resizing a Graphic

Activity 7.4 Wrapping Text Around a Graphic

Activity 7.5 Moving a Graphic

Activity 7.6 Applying Picture Styles

Activity 7.7 Adding a Page Border

Objective 2 Set Tab Stops

Activity 7.8 Setting Tab Stops and Using Click and Type

Activity 7.9 Formatting and Removing Tab Stops

Activity 7.10 Using Tab Stops to Enter Text

Activity 7.11 Moving Tab Stops

Objective 3 Insert and Modify Text Boxes and Shapes

Activity 7.12 Inserting a Text Box

Activity 7.13 Moving, Resizing, and Formatting a Text Box

Activity 7.14 Inserting a Predefined Shape

PROJECT 7B Create and Format a Table

Objective 4 Create a Table

Activity 7.15 Creating and Entering Text into a Table

Activity 7.16 Adding a Row to a Table

Activity 7.17 Changing the Width of a Table Column

Activity 7.18 Adding a Column to a Table

Activity 7.19 Converting Text to Tables

Objective 5 Format a Table

Activity 7.20 Formatting Text in Cells and Shading Cells

Activity 7.21 Changing the Table Border

Activity 7.22 Centering a Table

Activity 7.23 Merging Cells

Activity 7.24 Applying a Predefined Format to a Table

Chapter 8 Special Document Formats, Columns, and Mail Merge

PROJECT 8A Create a Multicolumn Newsletter and Print Mailing Labels

Objective 1 Collect and Paste Text and Graphics

Activity 8.1 Using Collect and Paste to Gather Images and Text

Activity 8.2 Pasting Information from the Clipboard Task Pane

Objective 2 Create and Format Columns

Activity 8.3 Changing One Column Text to Two Columns

Activity 8.4 Formatting Multiple Columns

Activity 8.5 Inserting a Column Break

Activity 8.6 Adding Graphics to Columns

Objective 3 Use Special Character and Paragraph Formatting

Activity 8.7 Using Small Caps and Changing Font Color

Activity 8.8 Adding a Border and Shading to a Paragraph

Objective 4 Create Mailing Labels Using Mail Merge

Activity 8.9 Opening the Mail Merge Wizard Template

Activity 8.10 Completing the Mail Merge Wizard

Activity 8.11 Previewing and Printing the Mail Merge Document

PROJECT 8B Create and Preview a Web Page

Objective 5 Insert Hyperlinks

Activity 8.12 Inserting Text Hyperlinks

Activity 8.13 Adding a Hyperlink to a Graphic

Activity 8.14 Testing and Modifying Hyperlinks

Objective 6 Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 8.15 Inserting a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 8.16 Adding Text to a SmartArt Graphic

Objective 7 Preview and Save a Document as a Web Page

Activity 8.17 Previewing a Document as a Web Page

Activity 8.18 Saving a Document as a Web Page

Excel 2007

Chapter 9 Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

PROJECT 9A Create a Worksheet and Chart Data

Objective 1 Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook

Activity 9.1 Starting Excel and Naming and Saving a Workbook

Activity 9.2 Navigating a Worksheet and a Workbook

Activity 9.3 Selecting Parts of a Worksheet

Objective 2 Enter and Edit Data in a Worksheet

Activity 9.4 Entering Text, Using AutoComplete, Filling a Series with Auto Fill, and Using Spelling Checker and Undo to Correct Typing Errors

Activity 9.5 Aligning Text and Adjusting the Size of Columns and Rows

Activity 9.6 Entering Numbers

Activity 9.7 Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns, and Using the Insert Options Button

Objective 3 Construct and Copy Formulas, Use the Sum Function, and Edit Cells

Activity 9.8 Constructing a Formula, Using the Sum Function, and Editing Numbers in Cells

Activity 9.9 Copying a Formula by Using the Fill Handle

Objective 4 Format Data, Cells, and Worksheets

Activity 9.10 Formatting Financial Numbers, Using Column AutoFit, and Using Format Painter

Activity 9.11 Formatting Text and Using Merge and Center

Objective 5 Close and Reopen a Workbook

Activity 9.12 Closing and Reopening an Existing Workbook

Objective 6 Chart Data

Activity 9.13 Charting Data

Objective 7 Use Page Layout View, Prepare a Worksheet for Printing, and Close Excel

Activity 9.14 Changing Views, Creating a Footer, and Using Print Preview

Activity 9.15 Deleting Unused Sheets in a Workbook

Activity 9.16 Printing a Worksheet

Activity 9.17 Displaying, Printing, and Hiding Formulas

PROJECT 9B Perform Calculations and Make Comparisons by Using a Pie Chart

Objective 8 Design a Worksheet

Activity 9.18 Setting Column Widths and Creating Row and Column Titles

Activity 9.19 Entering Data by Range

Objective 9 Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations

Activity 9.20 Using Arithmetic Operators

Activity 9.21 Copying Formulas Containing Absolute Cell References

Objective 10 Format Percentages and Move Formulas

Activity 9.22 Formatting Cells with the Percent Style Button

Activity 9.23 Inserting Rows in a Worksheet Containing Formulas and Wrapping Text in a Cell Objective 11 Create a Pie Chart and a Chart Sheet

Activity 9.24 Creating a Pie Chart and a Chart Sheet

Objective 12 Use the Excel Help System

Activity 9.25 Using the Excel Help System

Chapter 10 Managing Workbooks and Analyzing Data

PROJECT 10A Create a Summary Sheet from Multiple Worksheets

Objective 1 Create and Save a Workbook from an Existing Workbook

Activity 10.1 Creating and Saving a Workbook from an Existing Workbook

Objective 2 Navigate a Workbook and Rename Worksheets

Activity 10.2 Navigating Among Worksheets, Renaming Worksheets, and Changing the Tab Color of a Worksheet

Objective 3 Enter Dates, Clear Contents, and Clear Formats

Activity 10.3 Entering and Formatting Dates

Activity 10.4 Clearing Cell Contents and Formats

Objective 4 Move, Copy, and Paste Cell Contents

Activity 10.5 Copying, Pasting, and Moving Cell Contents

Objective 5 Edit and Format Multiple Worksheets at the Same Time

Activity 10.6 Wrapping Text in a Cell in Several Worksheets at the Same Time

Activity 10.7 Entering Data and Constructing Formulas on Multiple Worksheets

Objective 6 Create a Summary Sheet

Activity 10.8 Constructing Formulas that Refer to Cells in Another Worksheet

Objective 7 Format and Print Multiple Worksheets in a Workbook

Activity 10.9 Moving and Formatting Worksheets in a Workbook

Activity 10.10 Printing All the Worksheets in a Workbook

PROJECT 10B Make Projections Using What-If Analysis

Objective 8 Design a Worksheet for What-If Analysis

Activity 10.11 Using Parentheses in a Formula

Activity 10.12 Formatting as You Type

Activity 10.13 Calculating a Value After an Increase

Objective 9 Perform What-If Analysis

Activity 10.14 Performing What-If Analysis and Using Paste Special

Objective 10 Compare Data with a Line Chart

Activity 10.15 Creating a Line Chart

Chapter 11 Using Functions and Tables

PROJECT 11A Track Inventory by Using Math, Logical, and Statistical Functions and by Creating an Excel Table

Objective 1 Use SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN, and MAX Functions

Activity 11.1 Using the SUM, AVERAGE, and MEDIAN Functions

Activity 11.2 Using the MIN and MAX Functions

Activity 11.3 Moving Data, Adding Borders, and Rotating Text

Objective 2 Use COUNTIF and IF Functions, and Apply Conditional Formatting

Activity 11.4 Using the COUNTIF Function

Activity 11.5 Using the IF Function and Applying Conditional Formatting

Activity 11.6 Applying Conditional Formatting Using Custom Formats and Data Bars

Activity 11.7 Using Find and Replace

Objective 3 Use a Date Function

Activity 11.8 Using the NOW Function

Objective 4 Freeze Panes and Create an Excel Table

Activity 11.9 Freezing and Unfreezing Panes

Activity 11.10 Sorting and Filtering in an Excel Table

Activity 11.11 Inserting a Second Table in a Worksheet

Activity 11.12 Converting a Table to a Range of Data

Objective 5 Format and Print a Large Worksheet

Activity 11.13 Printing Large Worksheets

PROJECT 11B Make Financial Decisions by Using Financial Functions and What-If Analysis

Objective 6 Use Financial Functions

Activity 11.14 Designing a Loan Worksheet

Activity 11.15 Inserting the PMT Financial Function

Objective 7 Use Goal Seek

Activity 11.16 Using Goal Seek to Produce the Desired Result

Activity 11.17 Using Goal Seek to Find an Increased Period

Objective 8 Create a Data Table

Activity 11.18 Designing a Two-Variable Data Table

Activity 11.19 Using a Data Table to Calculate Options

Access 2007

Chapter 12 Getting Started with Access Databases and Tables

PROJECT 12A Create a New Blank Database

Objective 1 Start Access and Create a New Blank Database

Activity 12.1 Starting Access, Creating and Naming a Folder, and Creating a Database from a New Blank Database

Objective 2 Add Records to a Table

Activity 12.2 Adding Records to a Table

Objective 3 Rename Table Fields in Datasheet View

Activity 12.3 Renaming the Fields In a Table in Datasheet View

Activity 12.4 Changing the Data Type of a Field in Datasheet View

Objective 4 Modify the Design of a Table

Activity 12.5 Deleting a Field in Design View

Activity 12.6 Modifying a Field Size and Description in Design View

Activity 12.7 Setting a Primary Key and Saving a Table

Objective 5 Add a Second Table to a Database

Activity 12.8 Adding a Second Table to a Database

Activity 12.9 Adding Records to a Second Table

Objective 6 Print a Table

Activity 12.10 Adjusting Column Widths and Printing a Table

Objective 7 Create and Use a Query

Activity 12.11 Using the Simple Query Wizard to Create a Query

Objective 8 Create and Use a Form

Activity 12.12 Creating a Form

Objective 9 Create and Print a Report

Activity 12.13 Creating and Printing a Report

Objective 10 Close and Save a Database

Activity 12.14 Closing and Saving a Database

PROJECT 12B Create a Database from a Template

Objective 11 Create a Database Using a Template

Activity 12.15 Creating a New Database Using a Template

Activity 12.16 Building a Table by Entering Records in a Multiple Items Form

Objective 12 Organize Database Objects in the Navigation Pane

Activity 12.17 Organizing Database Objects in the Navigation Pane

Objective 13 Create a New Table in a Database Created with a Template

Activity 12.18 Creating a New Table and Changing Its Design

Objective 14 View a Report and Print a Table in a Database Created with a Template

Activity 12.19 Viewing a Report

Activity 12.20 Printing a Table

Objective 15 Use the Access Help System

Activity 12.21 Using the Access Help System

Chapter 13 Sort and Query a Database

PROJECT 13A Sort and Query a Database

Objective 1 Open an Existing Database

Activity 13.1 Renaming and Opening an Existing Database

Activity 13.2 Opening an Existing Database and Resolving Security Alerts

Objective 2 Create Table Relationships

Activity 13.3 Creating Table Relationships and Enforcing Referential Integrity

Activity 13.4 Printing a Relationship Report

Objective 3 Sort Records in a Table

Activity 13.5 Sorting Records in a Table in Ascending or Descending Order

Activity 13.6 Sorting Records in a Table on Multiple Fields

Objective 4 Create a Query in Design View

Activity 13.7 Creating a New Select Query in Design View

Activity 13.8 Running, Saving, Printing, and Closing a Query

Objective 5 Create a New Query from an Existing Query

Activity 13.9 Creating a New Query From an Existing Query

Objective 6 Sort Query Results

Activity 13.10 Sorting Query Results

Objective 7 Specify Criteria in a Query

Activity 13.11 Specifying Text Criteria in a Query

Activity 13.12 Specifying Criteria Using a Field Not Displayed in the Query Result

Activity 13.13 Using Is Null Criteria to Find Empty Fields

PROJECT 13B Create a Database Table from an Excel Spreadsheet and Create Complex Queries

Objective 8 Create a New Table by Importing an Excel Spreadsheet

Activity 13.14 Opening an Existing Database and Preparing to Import an Excel Spreadsheet

Activity 13.15 Creating a New Table by Importing an Excel Spreadsheet

Objective 9 Specify Numeric Criteria in a Query

Activity 13.16 Specifying Numeric Criteria in a Query

Activity 13.17 Using Comparison Operators

Activity 13.18 Using the Between. . . And Comparison Operator

Objective 10 Use Compound Criteria

Activity 13.19 Using AND Criteria in a Query

Activity 13.20 Using OR Criteria in a Query

Objective 11 Create a Query Based on More Than One Table

Activity 13.21 Creating a Query Based on More Than One Table

Objective 12 Use Wildcards in a Query

Activity 13.22 Using a Wildcard in a Query

Objective 13 Use Calculated Fields in a Query

Activity 13.23 Using Calculated Fields in a Query

Objective 14 Group Data and Calculate Statistics in a Query

Activity 13.24 Using the MIN, MAX, AVG and SUM Functions in a Query

Activity 13.25 Grouping Data in a Query

Chapter 14 Forms, Filters, and Reports

PROJECT 14A Create Forms to Enter and Display Data in a Database

Objective 1 Create a Form

Activity 14.1 Creating a Form

Objective 2 Use a Form to Add and Delete Records

Activity 14.2 Adding Records to a Table by Using a Form

Activity 14.3 Deleting Records from a Table by Using a Form

Activity 14.4 Printing a Form

Objective 3 Create a Form by Using the Form Wizard

Activity 14.5 Creating a Form Using the Form Wizard

Objective 4 Modify a Form in Design View and in Layout View

Activity 14.6 Modifying a Form in Design View

Activity 14.7 Adding, Resizing, and Moving Controls in Layout View

Activity 14.8 Formatting and Aligning Controls in Layout View

Objective 5 Filter Records

Activity 14.9 Filtering Data by Selection on One Field

Activity 14.10 Using Filter by Form

PROJECT 14B Create Reports to Display Database Information

Objective 6 Create a Report by Using the Report Tool

Activity 14.11 Creating and Modifying a Report by Using the Report Tool and Layout View

Objective 7 Create a Report by Using the Blank Report Tool

Activity 14.12 Creating a Report by Using the Blank Report Tool

Objective 8 Create a Report by Using the Report Wizard

Activity 14.13 Creating a Report by Using the Report Wizard

Objective 9 Modify the Design of a Report

Activity 14.14 Modifying a Report in Layout View

Activity 14.15 Modifying a Report in Design View

Objective 10 Print a Report and Keep Data Together

Activity 14.16 Keeping Data Together and Printing a Report

PowerPoint 2007

Chapter 15 Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

PROJECT 15A Open, Edit, Save, and Print a Presentation

Objective 1 Open, View, and Save a Presentation

Activity 15.1 Starting PowerPoint and Identifying Parts of the PowerPoint Window

Activity 15.2 Opening a Presentation

Activity 15.3 Viewing a Slide Show

Activity 15.4 Creating Folders and Saving a Presentation

Objective 2 Edit a Presentation

Activity 15.5 Editing Slide Text

Activity 15.6 Inserting a New Slide

Activity 15.7 Increasing and Decreasing List Levels

Activity 15.8 Checking Spelling

Activity 15.9 Editing Text by Using the Thesaurus

Activity 15.10 Adding Speaker’s Notes to a Presentation

Objective 3 Format a Presentation

Activity 15.11 Changing Font and Font Size

Activity 15.12 Applying Font Styles

Activity 15.13 Aligning Text and Changing Line Spacing

Activity 15.14 Modifying Slide Layout

Activity 15.15 Changing the Presentation Theme

Objective 4 Create Headers and Footers and Print a Presentation

Activity 15.16 Creating Headers and Footers

Activity 15.17 Previewing and Printing a Presentation and Closing PowerPoint

PROJECT 15B Create and Format a Presentation

Objective 5 Create a New Presentation

Activity 15.18 Starting a New Presentation

Activity 15.19 Inserting Slides from an Existing Presentation

Objective 6 Use Slide Sorter View

Activity 15.20 Selecting and Deleting Slides

Activity 15.21 Moving Slides

Objective 7 Add Pictures to a Presentation

Activity 15.22 Inserting Clip Art

Activity 15.23 Moving and Sizing Images

Activity 15.24 Applying a Style to a Picture

Objective 8 Use the Microsoft Help System

Activity 15.25 Accessing PowerPoint Help

Chapter 16 Designing a PowerPoint Presentation

PROJECT 16A Format a Presentation

Objective 1 Format Slide Elements

Activity 16.1 Selecting Placeholder Text and Using the Repeat Key

Activity 16.2 Changing a Bulleted List to a Numbered List

Activity 16.3 Modifying the Bulleted List Style

Activity 16.4 Applying WordArt Styles to Text

Activity 16.5 Using Format Painter

Objective 2 Insert and Format Pictures and Shapes

Activity 16.6 Inserting a Picture Using a Content Layout

Activity 16.7 Changing the Size and Shape of a Picture

Activity 16.8 Inserting and Positioning a Text Box

Activity 16.9 Inserting, Sizing, and Positioning Shapes

Activity 16.10 Adding Text to Shapes

Activity 16.11 Applying Shape and Picture Styles

Activity 16.12 Duplicating and Aligning Objects

Objective 3 Apply Slide Transitions

Activity 16.13 Applying Slide Transitions to a Presentation

PROJECT 16B Enhance a Presentation with SmartArt Graphics

Objective 4 Reorganize Presentation Text and Clear Formats

Activity 16.14 Moving and Copying Text

Activity 16.15 Copying Multiple Selections by Using the Office Clipboard

Activity 16.16 Undoing and Redoing Changes

Activity 16.17 Clearing Formatting from a Selection

Objective 5 Create and Format a SmartArt Graphic

Activity 16.18 Creating a SmartArt Diagram by Using a Content Layout

Activity 16.19 Adding and Removing Shapes in a Diagram

Activity 16.20 Changing the Diagram Type and Size

Activity 16.21 Creating a SmartArt Diagram from Bullet Points

Activity 16.22 Changing the Color and Style of a Diagram

Chapter 17 Enhancing a Presentation with Animation, Tables, and Charts

PROJECT 17A Customize a Presentation

Objective 1 Customize Slide Backgrounds and Themes

Activity 17.1 Applying a Background Style

Activity 17.2 Hiding Background Graphics

Activity 17.3 Formatting a Slide Background with a Picture

Activity 17.4 Applying a Background Fill Color and Resetting a Slide Background

Activity 17.5 Modifying Font Themes

Objective 2 Animate a Slide Show

Activity 17.6 Applying Entrance Effects

Activity 17.7 Setting Effect and Timing Options

Activity 17.8 Applying Animation to a SmartArt Graphic

PROJECT 17B Present Data with Tables and Charts

Objective 3 Create and Modify Tables

Activity 17.9 Creating a Table

Activity 17.10 Modifying the Layout of a Table

Activity 17.11 Modifying a Table Design

Objective 4 Create and Modify Charts

Activity 17.12 Creating a Column Chart and Applying a Chart Style

Activity 17.13 Deleting Chart Data and Changing the Chart Type

Activity 17.14 Animating a Chart

Integrated Projects

Chapter 18 Using Access Data with Other Office Programs

PROJECT 18A Use Access Data with Other Office Programs

Objective 1 Export Access Data to Excel

Activity 18.1 Exporting Access Data to Excel

Objective 2 Create a Formula in Excel

Activity 18.2 Creating a Formula for Calculation in Excel

Objective 3 Create a Chart in Excel

Activity 18.3 Creating a Chart in Excel

Objective 4 Copy Access Data into a Word Document

Activity 18.4 Copying Access Data to a Word Document

Objective 5 Copy Excel Data into a Word Document

Activity 18.5 Copying Excel Data to a Word Document

Objective 6 Insert an Excel Chart into a PowerPoint Presentation

Activity 18.6 Adding an Excel Chart to a PowerPoint Presentation

Chapter 19 Using Tables in Word and Excel

PROJECT 19A Use Tables in Word and Excel

Objective 1 Plan a Table in Word

Activity 19.1 Starting Word and Planning the Table

Objective 2 Enter Data and Format a Table in Word

Activity 19.2 Entering Data

Activity 19.3 Formatting a Table

Objective 3 Create a Table in Word from Excel Data

Activity 19.4 Creating a Table in Word from Excel Data

Objective 4 Create an Excel Worksheet from a Word Table

Activity 19.5 Creating an Excel Worksheet from a Word Table

Chapter 20 Using Excel as a Data Source in a Mail Merge

PROJECT 20A Use Excel as a Data Source in a Mail Merge

Objective 1 Prepare a Mail Merge Document for Mailing Labels

Activity 20.1 Setting up Mailing Labels Using the Mailings Tab

Objective 2 Choose an Excel Worksheet as a Data Source

Activity 20.2 Selecting the Data Source for the Mailing Labels

Objective 3 Produce and Save Merged Mailing Labels

Activity 20.3 Adding Merge Fields to the Mailing Labels

Activity 20.4 Producing the Mailing Labels

Objective 4 Open a Saved Main Document for Mail Merge

Activity 20.5 Opening a Main Document for Mail Merge

Chapter 21 Linking Data in Office Documents

PROJECT 21A Link Data in Office Documents

Objective 1 Insert and Link an Excel Object in Word

Activity 21.1 Inserting and Linking an Excel Object

Objective 2 Revise a Linked Excel Worksheet and Update Links in Word

Activity 21.2 Revising a Linked Worksheet and Updating Links in a Document

Objective 3 Open a Word Document that Includes a Linked Object and Update Links

Activity 21.3 Opening a Word Document That Includes a Linked Object

Activity 21.4 Updating a Linked Object

Chapter 22 Creating Presentation Content from Office Documents

PROJECT 22A Create Presentation Content from Office Documents

Objective 1 Insert a Word Outline into PowerPoint

Activity 22.1 Inserting a Word Outline into PowerPoint

Objective 2 Import Excel Data into a PowerPoint Chart

Activity 22.2 Importing Excel Data into a Chart in PowerPoint

Objective 3 Insert a Hyperlink into a PowerPoint Slide

Activity 22.3 Inserting a Hyperlink into a PowerPoint Slide

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