Go! with PowerPoint 2007 / Edition 1

Go! with PowerPoint 2007 / Edition 1

by Shelley Gaskin, Diane Roselli

Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package.

Creating presentations, formatting a presentation, graphic elements of PowerPoint,

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Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly defined projects for students and a one-of-a-kind supplements package.

Creating presentations, formatting a presentation, graphic elements of PowerPoint, applying advanced graphic techniques and inserting sound, delivering a presentation, charts and graphs, and publishing presentations.

For professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

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Go! Series
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Meet the Author

Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Project 1A Advertising Presentation

Objective 1: Open, View, and Save a Presentation with Footers

Activity 1.1 Starting PowerPoint and Opening a Presentation

Activity 1.2 Accessing the Various Presentation Views

Activity 1.3 Displaying ScreenTips

Activity 1.4 Adding Footers to Slides

Activity 1.5 Creating a Folder and Saving a File

Objective 2: Edit a Presentation in Normal View Using the Outline Tab

Activity 1.6 Promoting and Demoting Slide Text Using Outline View

Activity 1.7 Moving and Deleting Slides in Outline View

Activity 1.8 Spell Checking a Presentation

Activity 1.9 Editing Text Using the Thesaurus

Objective 3: Edit a Presentation in Normal View Using the Slides Tab

Activity 1.10 Editing Slide Text Using Slides View

Activity 1.11 Moving Slides Using Slides View

Objective 4: Use Slide Sorter View

Activity 1.12 Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View

Objective 5: View a Slide Show

Activity 1.13 Viewing a Slide Show

Activity 1.14 Closing a Slide Show and Exiting PowerPoint

Project 1B Packages

Objective 6: Add Speaker Notes to a Presentation

Activity 1.15 Adding Speaker Notes to a Presentation

Objective 7: Add Headers and Footers to Notes Pages

Activity 1.16 Adding Headers and Footers to Notes Pages

Activity 1.17 Previewing Headers and Footers on Notes Pages

Objective 8: Preview and Print Slides and Notes Pages

Activity 1.18 Previewing and Printing Slides

Activity 1.19 Printing Notes Pages

Objective 9: Use Microsoft PowerPoint Help

Activity 1.20 Accessing PowerPoint Help

Chapter 2: Creating a Presentation with PowerPoint 2007

Project 2A Organization

Objective 1: Create a New Presentation

Activity 2.1 Creating a New Presentation

Activity 2.2 Inserting Text in the Title Slide

Activity 2.3 Inserting New Slides

Objective 2: Modify Slide Text and Format Fonts

Activity 2.4 Editing Slide Text

Activity 2.5 Editing Fonts Using the Ribbon

Activity 2.6 Editing Fonts Using the Font Dialog Box

Activity 2.7 Editing Fonts Using the Mini Toolbar

Activity 2.8 Applying a Custom Font Color

Activity 2.9 Applying Other Formatting Styles to Text

Activity 2.10 Applying Formatting Techniques Using Format Painter

Activity 2.11 Applying Formatting Techniques to Multiple Instances of Text

Objective 3: Move and Copy Text

Activity 2.12 Moving Text Using Drag and Drop

Activity 2.13 Copying Text Using Drag and Drop

Activity 2.14 Copying and Pasting Text Using the Clipboard

Activity 2.15 Moving Text Using the Clipboard

Project 2B Marketing

Objective 4: Create a Presentation Using a Design Theme

Activity 2.16 Creating a Presentation Using a Design Theme

Objective 5: Modify a Design Theme

Activity 2.17 Modifying Theme Colors

Activity 2.18 Modifying Theme Fonts

Objective 6: Modify Slide Backgrounds

Activity 2.19 Modifying the Background Style using the Background Styles

Activity 2.20 Modifying the Background Using the Format Background Dialog Box

Activity 2.21 Modifying the Background of a Single Slide Using the Format Background Dialog Box

Objective 7: Modify Slide Format

Activity 2.22 Formatting the Content and Design of Individual Slides

Activity 2.23 Modifying Slide Content Using the Undo and Redo Buttons

Chapter 3: Formatting a Presentation

Project 3A Garden Design Seminar

Objective 1: Format Slide Text

Activity 3.1 Editing Text and Changing Text Case

Activity 3.2 Changing the Direction of the Placeholder

Activity 3.3 Changing Character Spacing

Activity 3.4 Changing Line Spacing and Text Alignment

Activity 3.5 Editing Text Using Select All

Activity 3.6 Editing Text Using Find and Replace

Objective 2: Create a Customized Color Theme

Activity 3.7 Creating New Theme Colors

Activity 3.8 Saving a Custom Theme

Objective 3: Insert an Image Using Clip Art

Activity 3.9 Inserting Clip Art

Objective 4: Size and Move an Image

Activity 3.10 Sizing and Moving a Graphic Object

Project 3B Landscape Plants Presentation

Objective 5: Format Bullets and Numbering

Activity 3.11 Modifying the Style, Size, and Color of Bullets

Activity 3.12 Inserting Picture Bullets

Activity 3.13 Removing Bullets

Activity 3.14 Numbering a List

Objective 6: Insert an Image from a File

Activity 3.15 Inserting an Image as a Background

Activity 3.16 Customizing the Background Using Texture Fill

Objective 7: Insert and Customize an Image from a File

Activity 3.17 Inserting and Customizing an Image from a File

Objective 8: Modify Slide Master Elements

Activity 3.18 Modifying Elements on the Slide Master

Activity 3.19 Inserting Footers into a Customized Layout

Chapter 4 Enhancing a Presentation with Graphic Elements

Project 4A DeLong Grant Law Partners

Objective 1: Insert and Format Shapes

Activity 4.1 Inserting Shapes

Activity 4.2 Formatting Shapes

Activity 4.3 Inserting and Formatting Lines

Activity 4.4 Using the Format Tab to Modify Text

Objective 2: Insert Text into Shapes

Activity 4.5 Adding Text to Shapes

Project 4B Entertainment Law Basics

Objective 3: Insert and Format SmartArt

Activity 4.6 Converting Bulleted Lists to SmartArt Graphics

Activity 4.7 Inserting Text into SmartArt Graphics

Activity 4.8 Formatting SmartArt Graphics

Activity 4.9 Inserting Pictures into SmartArt Graphics

Objective 4: Insert and Format WordArt

Activity 4.10 Inserting WordArt into Slides

Activity 4.11 Applying WordArt to Selected Text and formatting WordArt

Activity 4.12 Applying Text Effects

Activity 4.13 Formatting Notes with WordArt

Chapter 5: Advanced Graphic Techniques and Inserting Sound

Project 5A Cross Oceans Music

Objective 1: Change the Brightness and Contrast of a Picture

Activity 5.1 Changing the Brightness of a Picture

Activity 5.2 Changing the Contrast of a Picture

Objective 2: Add a Border to a Picture

Activity 5.3 Adding a Border to a Picture

Objective 3: Change the Shape of a Picture

Activity 5.4 Changing the Shape of a Picture

Objective 4: Enhance a Presentation with Sound

Activity 5.5 Adding an Embedded Sound to a Presentation

Activity 5.6 Applying Custom Animation to a Presentation

Project 5B Jazz Album

Objective 5: Create a Photo Album

Activity 5.7 Creating a Photo Album

Objective 6: Edit a Photo Album and Add a Caption

Activity 5.8 Editing a Photo Album and Adding a Caption

Objective 7: Crop a Picture

Activity 5.9 Cropping a Picture

Chapter 6: Delivering a Presentation

Project 6A Penn Liberty Motors

Objective 1: Apply and Modify Slide Transitions

Activity 6.1 Applying Slide Transitions

Activity 6.2 Modifying Slide Transitions

Activity 6.3 Advancing Slides Automatically

Objective 2: Apply Custom Animation Effects

Activity 6.4 Adding Entrance Effects

Activity 6.5 Adding Emphasis Effects

Activity 6.6 Adding Exit Effects

Activity 6.7 Adding Motion Paths

Objective 3: Modify Animation Effects

Activity 6.8 Modifying Animation Effects

Activity 6.9 Setting Effect Options

Project 6B Penn Liberty Motors Advertisement

Objective 4: Insert Hyperlinks

Activity 6.10 Inserting a Hyperlink to a Web Page

Activity 6.11 Inserting a Hyperlink to a Slide in Another Presentation

Activity 6.12 Inserting a Hyperlink to an E-Mail Address

Activity 6.13 Inserting a Hyperlink to a New File

Activity 6.14 Creating an Action Button

Objective 5: Create Custom Slide Shows

Activity 6.15 Creating a Basic Custom Slide Show

Activity 6.16 Creating a Hyperlinked Custom Slide Show

Objective 6: Present and View a Slide Presentation

Activity 6.17 Hiding a Slide

Activity 6.18 Using the Onscreen Navigation Tools

Activity 6.19 Using the Annotation Tool

Activity 6.20 Creating a Self-Running Presentation

Chapter 7 Presentations Using Charts and Graphs

Project 7A Project 7A Graduate Statistics

Objective 1 Create and Modify Line Charts

Activity 7.1 Creating Line Charts

Objective 2: Create and Modify Column Charts

Activity 7.2 Modifying Line Charts

Activity 7.3 Creating Column Charts

Activity 7.4 Modifying Column Charts

Project 7B Pennsylvania Demographics

Objective 3: Create and Modify Pie Chart

Activity 7.5 Creating Pie Charts

Activity 7.6 Modifying Pie Charts

Objective 4: Create and Apply a Chart Template

Activity 7.7 Creating a Chart Template

Activity 7.8 Applying a Chart Template

Objective 5: Apply Animation to a Chart

Activity 7.9 Applying Animation to a Chart

Chapter 8: Presentations Using Tables and Publishing Presentations

Project 8A Job Fair Database

Objective 1: Add a Table to a Presentation

Activity 8.1 Creating a Table in PowerPoint

Activity 8.2 Copying a Table from Microsoft Word 2007

Activity 8.3 Copying a Table from Microsoft Excel 2007

Objective 2: Add or Delete Table Rows, Columns, or Cells

Activity 8.4 Adding and Deleting Table Rows

Activity 8.5 Adding and Deleting Table Columns

Activity 8.6 Merging and Splitting Table Cells

Objective 3: Move and Size a Table

Activity 8.7 Moving a Table

Activity 8.8 Sizing a Table

Objective 4: Modify a Table

Activity 8.9 Modifying a Table

Project 8B Job Fair Interviews

Objective 5: Insert Outline Text from Another Program into a PowerPoint Presentation

Activity 8.10 Inserting Outline Text from Another Program into a PowerPoint Presentation

Activity 8.11 Publishing a PowerPoint Presentation as a Web Page

Objective 7: Copy a Presentation CD, a Network, or a Local Drive

Activity 8.12 Copying a Presentation using Package for CD

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