Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese

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by Maggie Foard

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Goat Cheese combines the recipes for foods you love with the natural goodness of goat cheese and goat's milk.
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Goat Cheese combines the recipes for foods you love with the natural goodness of goat cheese and goat's milk.

Editorial Reviews

Kansas City Star
"Goat Cheese focuses on the many culinary uses for goat cheese, with 60 recipes that go from breakfast to lunch and dinner. If you're new to goat cheese, Foard has included a chapter titled "A Beginner's Guide to Goat Cheese," an explanation of the various kinds of goat cheeses, including Soft Fresh, Soft-Ripened, Washed-Rind and Goat Blues."
Omaha World-Herald
"Author Maggie Foard is onto folks like me. She presents goat cheese in such a variety of ways -- through attractive color photos and 60 everyday recipes -- that it may become a staple in my cooking, certainly a staple for entertaining."
Chicago Post-Tribune
"The slim new cookbook is full of interesting information about goat cheese, its main topic."
Tampa Tribune
"Maggie Foard, who has her own goats, has written a charming cookbook full of delicious-looking recipes that include goat cheese. The Caprese Salad With Goat Mozzarella looks tempting enough to make Mario Batali cry tears of joy."
Library Journal

Chef Foard's cookbook incorporates goat cheese into everything from morning meals to desserts. It offers inventive recipes that will pique the interest of experienced cooks who may be more familiar with the cheese's use as a condiment for baguette or crackers. Since heating and baking with goat cheese is less common, it is refreshing to see that Foard has addressed this issue with a plethora of baked desserts and great pizza ideas. There is a beginner's section to explain eight types of goat cheese, which is helpful to everyone, not just the novice. Although it may seem extravagant to devote an entire cookbook to this food, it is Foard's gastronomic passion, and she executes the book perfectly. It offers a fabulous array of recipes for those who are intolerant of cow's milk cheese or just want to introduce more goat cheese into their everyday meals. Well organized and aesthetically pleasing, this book is a perfect addition to any public library cookbook collection.
—Claire Schaper

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Many of the small goat dairies in the United States got started with just a couple of goats. The stories are all different, but the one thing that most of them have in common is that the goat owners hadn't actually planned on becoming cheese makers. What started as a hobby, a 4-H project or just a couple of dairy goats for a child allergic to milk turned into a small cheese-making operation and then a career. This recent phenomenon in the United States has produced a whole new age of talented and adventurous cheese makers. We suddenly have a huge and wonderful variety of artisan goat cheeses available all across the country.

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Maggie Foard studied horticulture at the City College of San Francisco (CCSF), but she wasn't introduced to fresh goat cheese until she went on a school field trip ten years ago with her son to the local goat farm. She simply fell in love with not only goat cheese but the whole goat farm! Incorporating goat cheese and other goat dairy into cooking was just a natural consequence, since she was already an avid chef. Maggie lives on twelve acres in rural San Mateo County of California, with her husband, Jim, and their teenage son, Eric. She raises her own chickens for eggs and has dogs, cats, goats, ducks, peacocks, and a rooster.

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