God Does Have A Sense Of Humor

God Does Have A Sense Of Humor

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by Rob Ballister

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Inspired by faith, the military, dating, and growing up in New Jersey, God Does Have a Sense of Humor is a unique, humorous outlook on one man's life.  See more details below


Inspired by faith, the military, dating, and growing up in New Jersey, God Does Have a Sense of Humor is a unique, humorous outlook on one man's life.

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God Does Have A Sense Of Humor 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rob Ballister finds the true humor in everyday situations. His outlook on life is inspiring and makes the reader think twice about their own life and the pressures we as people place on ourselves. As a Mid at the Academy I found tons of extra humor and reccommend the book to all, not just Academy grads.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rob Ballister is a talented humorist in the tradition of Dave Barry. 'God Does Have a Sense of Humor' is reminiscent of Barry¿s 'Complete Guide to Guys.' First, Ballister effectively disarms the reader, coaxing laughter out of his battle with testicular cancer. Then he covers a myriad important subjects such as coaching little league, nickel beer night, and lingerie shopping. Each anecdotal tale, whether trying to understand the fairer sex or deconstructing family politics, is comprised of one part insight and two parts comedy. This is a must read for bachelors and cancer survivors.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The author, Rob Ballister, presents a light-hearted and fun look at his own life as told through a collection of short stories that span 20 years of his life. What I like most about the book is that I could pick it up and within fifteen minutes, I could read four or five humorous stories - each story was typically 2-4 pages long. The challenge for me in reading the book was in putting it down once I had picked it up - it was too easy to convince myself that I should read just one more story rather than turn my light off and go to bed. As a fellow cancer survivor and Naval Academy graduate, I could place myself in many of the same situations that the author experienced. I marvel at his ability to make such witty humor out of situations like cancer, going to church, dating and family functions as he cleverly folds in current events and pop culture (like the leg with stockings lamp from 'A Christmas Story'). All in all, a very good and funny read that I would recommend to anyone - it will really touch home to anyone who has had cancer, served in the military, or been a bachelor.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If this book doesn't make you laugh, you may be in a coma. From quiet little chuckles to full-fledged howls of laughter, 'God Does Have a Sense of Humor' had me going from page-one. Rob Ballister has a talent for finding the humor in every situation, and - sooner or later - he manages to get himself into just about every situation you can imagine, so that really comes in handy. Don't pass this one up!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Excellent first book with a nice mix of passion, compassion and humor. Ballister is a New Jersey Dave Barry. The stories ring true because we all know or know of similar real people. The style is like listening to a friend within a comfortable setting with group of friends. I hope he's at work on a second book.
LarryCarello More than 1 year ago
From his insightful views on surviving cancer to hilarious anecdotes like "Attack of the Avocado Woman," Rob Ballister's book GOD DOES HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR is a joy to read. The author provides us with a collection of short essays, which are at most times funny, sometimes poignant, but always entertaining and original. Rob's unique take on life is reminiscent of the legendary Art Buchwald, with a hint of comedian Jeff Foxworthy. This is a wonderful book, whether you read it cover to cover or savor it in snippets. I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.
DonnaMcAleer More than 1 year ago
We could all use more humor and laughter in our daily lives. Heartfelt and hilarious, Rob Ballister, US Naval Academy graduate, Naval officer and cancer-survivor, delivers a healthy dose in this cleverly written collection of veritable essays on dating, family, love, life and surviving cancer. Deftly blending humor and insight, Ballister's descriptive writing made it easy to place oneself in each experience, reminisce, and laugh out load. The emotions and experiences are vivid and entertaining. A glance through the table of contents had me chuckling with titles such as "Sex Education Taught by Nuns", "Dating Dogs and their Owners" and "I Knew Just Enough Spanish to be Dangerous". This is a book that one can enjoy reading alone or with a significant other, reading and re-reading it from cover-to-cover or just digging in at any place. Eagerly anticipating what mundane scenario Ballister was going to describe to make me laugh about next, I read it in one sitting on a west coast bound flight, giggling every few minutes and sharing it with seatmates I did not know. Rob Ballister conveys the healing power of laughter and wit in "God Does Have a Sense of Humor" Just thinking about all of the essays again makes me want to look up my favorite lines and share them in person and on face book. I think that is exactly Rob's goal in "God Really Does Have a Sense of Humor" -- to make you smile, laugh and share it with others.