God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine and Yours

God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine and Yours

God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine and Yours

God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine and Yours


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Award winning entrepreneur and author Connie Rankin challenges the concept that God is Dead in her stunning tell-all stories of God Gave Us Wings.

Her focus in writing this book is to demonstrate by example–anything is possible if you believe in the power of I AM. While focusing on her core mission to empower others through faith, Connie shares ten true stories from Oprah’s amazing journey to a Wounded Warrior’s heroic battle. Each woman in this book has defined her own word for success, and you can too.

In her new book, Connie provides you with inspirational stories of success from different life experiences to help you see that at any moment, GOD can ultimately change your life, if you believe HE can. All readers, not just women or entrepreneurs, will benefit from Connie’s ability to share the wisdom from various life’s journeys to help you finish strong. As these stories testify, you can fly higher than you ever imagined…if you believe.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781683501343
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/10/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 216
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Connie Rankin, Author, and CEO of an award-winning commercial real estate company in Houston, Texas. Connie’s passion is mentoring women, entrepreneurs, leaders and people just starting out on how to achieve success. She has transcended her childhood of life-threatening injury, sudden poverty, and even being homeless to now one of success. She has received numerous awards that include the Women of Influence by the National Real Estate Forum, Business Star, Women Business Enterprise Advocate by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and the Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Businesses by the Houston Business Journal. She has appeared on Fox 26 News, on the cover of Business Today magazine, and a contributing writer for Huffington Post.

Table of Contents

Foreword xvii

Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 The Past Forward 1

A Queen's Ancestral Passage 1

A Queen Is Born 4

Nurturing of a Queen 5

Road to Resiliency 6

Who Will Save the Queen? 9

A Queen on Fire 10

Now Soaring 11

Oprah's Thoughts… 14

Oprah's Success Tips 15

Pay It Forward 17

Blessing Prayer 18

Next Chapter 18

Chapter 2 An Immigrant's Journey 19

Journey of Hope 19

Call upon Me, and I Will Listen 21

The Promised Land 22

Seek Me and Find Me 24

Life Challenge 25

Life's Vocation 27

Keo's Thoughts on Success 28

Pay It Forward 29

Volunteering and Awards 30

Blessing Prayer 30

Next Chapter 31

Chapter 3 Life, Full Circle 32

A Winding Road 32

First Impressions 33

Spiraling Downhill 35

The Greatest Is Love 37

Take Action Now 40

Take a Pause 45

Life Is Time…Make It Count! 47

Sue's Thoughts on Success 48

Pay It Forward 49

Blessing Prayer 49

Next Chapter 50

Chapter 4 The Generational Change 51

Front Row Seat 51

Fear Abound 52

Flash from the Past 53

Answered Prayers 54

Where's My Father? 56

Why Me? 57

Choose to Live 59

Change the Message 60

Lilly's Thoughts on Success 62

Pay It Forward 63

Depression Hurts, and Domestic Violence Wounds (or Worse) 63

Blessing Prayer 65

Next Chapter 65

Chapter 5 Hope for the Future 66

A Warrior's Early Days 66

The Missing Link 68

The Development of Lady Rambo 70

Infinite Wisdom 74

Civilian Transition 83

Success 84

Kendra's Thoughts on Success 84

Pay It Forward 85

Blessing Prayer 86

Next Chapter 86

Chapter 6 Who Am I? 87

Finding Her Way 87

A Sense of Purpose 90

A Leap of Faith 91

Donna's Thoughts on Success 92

Pay It Forward 93

Blessing Prayer 95

Next Chapter 96

Chapter 7 Revelation Awaits 97

Cause and Effect 97

Earth Angels 99

Believe 101

Life-Changing 103

Who Are You? 107

Business 108

Latasha's Thoughts on Success 109

Pay It Forward 110

Did You Know? 111

Blessing Prayer 111

Next Chapter 112

Chapter 8 The Art of Love 113

Whose Wings? 113

The Capacity of Love 115

Finding Truth 116

Dream to Fly! 118

A Change in Direction 120

Finding Faith 123

A Moment's Notice 125

Endings Become Beginnings 127

Life Transformations 129

Deborah's Thoughts on Success 130

Pay It Forward 131

Blessing Prayer 132

Next Chapter 132

Chapter 9 Blessings Abound 133

Changing Lives 133

Seeing Stars 135

Life Memories 136

The Gift of Life 139

Improving the Odds 142

On My Way! 143

Major Success in…Dining! 144

Donna's Thoughts on Success 144

Pay It Forward 145

Important Information about Breast Cancer Risk Factors 147

Blessing Prayer 148

Next Chapter 148

Chapter 10 Turning Cant into Can 150

Life's Trials 150

A Ripple Effect 153

Twists and Turns 155

Fear into Faith 156

Business 157

Awards and Recognitions 157

Connie's Thoughts on Success 158

Pay It Forward 159

Blessing Prayer 160

Conclusion 161

Frequently Asked Questions 162

Afterword 167

Acknowledgments 169

References 171

About the Author 184

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