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God the Astrologer:

God the Astrologer:"Soul,Karma,and Reincarnation: How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny"

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by Jeffrey Armstrong
Systematically reveals the lost links between religion, science, destiny, and free will.


Systematically reveals the lost links between religion, science, destiny, and free will.

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God The Astrologer: Soul, Karma And Reincarnation reveals the interconnections between various disciplines and areas of knowledge with respect to the art and science of astrology. Author Jeffrey Armstrong challenges current Western astrological approaches in favor of ancient Vedic astrology, reinforcing the links between religion, science, destiny, and free will. God The Astrologer is a reader friendly, informative, and highly recommended addition to the growing body of astrological literature and inquiry offering students of astrology and metaphysics a superb perspective on modern science and a great cultural tradition of enormous antiquity.

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God the Astrologer:"Soul,Karma,and Reincarnation: How We Continually Create Our Own Destiny" 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Reviewer: bhavanidevi from Vancouver, B.C. Canada Beryle Chambers (aka Bhavani Devi) - Poet - Vancouver Canada says: This is a fascinating book that describes a lovingly interactive cosmology in which the Divine acting through special agents existing at a higher level, influences and assists the spiritual evolution of all living entities. Karma then becomes a learning tool rather than a punishment and new ways of perceiving and responding to our personal 'life blueprint' are taught. I found the section about how one¿s Vedic chart predicts body type and characteristics particularly interesting. The book is extremely accessible. While clearly an expert in his field, the author was never pretentious or boring. In fact, he was able to convey all information in a conversational, kind and humorous tone. Additionally, his metaphysical poetry was amazing. As a poet myself, I appreciated and was inspired by the beauty and power in the poems that opened each chapter. I¿ll be giving this book to my most beloved friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Armstrong has compacted 30 years of profound experiential and scholarly research in this area into a well-constructed, short, easy to read book, confirming God, Astrology, Destiny, and Reincarnation as inviolate truths.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The knowledge in the Vedas is vast and complex and Jeffrey has done a great service by presenting this treasure house concisely and accurately without coloring it with sectarianism or unnecessary personal agenda.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have both studied and taught the major topics of Indian classical thought and have traversed India and East Asia in search for knowledge of the ancients. Yet I have found, as have countless others, that what appears to be forever elusive is a way of organizing the principles and practices of yoga, karma, astrology, medicine, and all the other Vedic arts into one comprehensive and meaningful whole. In Jeffrey Armstrong¿s book, God the Astrologer, it all comes together. All the apparently disparate branches of knowledge are connected to each other with an elegance and clarity I have never before seen. Armstrong has provided the complete -and practical! - map of the territory so many of us were looking for. I highly recommend this book, not only to scholars of religious thought and philosophy, but to all who search for deeper meaning in their lives.