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God, the Love of My Life

God, the Love of My Life

by Kollin L. Taylor

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The world is full of people who are looking for love. It is also full of horror stories about what happened to people when they found love in the wrong people, places, or things. God, the Love of My Life describes a man's journey through heartbreak, depicting his scars and his fear while on an emotional roller coaster. Read to learn how God pulled this man closer and


The world is full of people who are looking for love. It is also full of horror stories about what happened to people when they found love in the wrong people, places, or things. God, the Love of My Life describes a man's journey through heartbreak, depicting his scars and his fear while on an emotional roller coaster. Read to learn how God pulled this man closer and showed him a love he had never before known, which now gives him the opportunity to love like never before. God, the Love of My Life is a man's public declaration of his love for God.

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God, The Love of My Life


AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Kollin L. Taylor
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-7410-3


    The Roots

    The way in which things start can be a predictor of if
      those things will fail.
    A ship must weigh anchor before setting sail.
    A bamboo tree has shoots.
    But, before they grow, God strengthens the roots.


    My eyes are beet red,
    And my soul feels dead.
    My hopes and dreams were disseminated;
    I had to wait much longer than anticipated.

    I know that I should give it a rest,
    Especially since everything happens for the best.
    But it left a hole in my core
    When the Lord closed the door.

    This is not my love's admission;
    It's my tearful submission.

    Huge Favor

    You gave him years of her life,
    But now you withhold her as my wife.
    I understand her need to be free,
    But not her need to be free of me.

    Is she filled with regret?
    Or did you let her forget?
    Your ways are filled with mystery.
    I wonder if I'm the only one living in misery.

    Some things indicate that I should let her go,
    But my heart keeps saying no.
    I don't want just a placeholder;
    I want my heart's beholder.

    Dear Lord, do You remember me?
    Do You hear my daily plea?
    My Lord and Savior,
    Will You please grant me this huge favor?

    One Sheep

    History is once again repeated:
    I'm broken, alone, and thoroughly defeated.
    So much time to access my life's stock:
    I'm the shepherd missing that one sheep from his flock.

    My blessings are so many,
    But without that sheep, I don't feel that I have any.


    My cup overflows, but not with wine or water.
    My cup overflows with love for my daughter.

    Work of Art

    I drafted my life plan and gave it to the Lord.
    It was the upslope of a sky-high mountain I had crafted
      with a cord.
    I thought that He would like the artfulness of my craft,
    But He only smiled and then thunderously laughed.

    Then He said, "Twists and turns are a must,
    And valleys and peaks will build your faith and trust."
    He gave me a peek at His plans—although it was less than
    And then He filed it away after marking it with His

    As my life unfolds, I see the theme of His plan.
    It's labeled, "Trust in me and not in man."

    God Is Awesome!

    I used to think about the way you made me feel.
    Then I realized that the Lord gave me a better deal.
    I used to want to get lost in your eyes;
    Then I realized that walking with the Lord was a better
    I used to look forward to your warm embrace,
    But now I look forward to basking in His grace.

    Yes, you're the one He selected as my wife,
    But He wants me to focus on His gift of eternal life.
    There's so much that He wants me to do.
    So, my life has to revolve around Him, not you.

    All those months of tears and strife
    Were so I would make Him number one in my life.
    Your return is only a part of the story
    That showcases God's awesome glory.

    Thank You, Lord, for bringing her back.
    But most of all, thanks for putting me on the right


    To my earthly teachers along the way,
    I owe a debt I can't repay.
    It was by God's grace
    That you entered my space.
    I had lived through so many down days,
    But you helped to change my ways.

    Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and latitude
    When I had a filthy attitude.
    But most of all, I really thank You
    For everything You brought me through.

    Fiction or Fact

    At times, life hits you with something that makes you
      wonder if it's a fact.
    You say, "Was that true, or was it an act?"
    Once you look at what you've received,
    The label says, "You were deceived!"

    Key Factor

    This equation has one factor.
    I speak from the heart; I'm not an actor.
    The words from my heart are not just lines.
    They have meaning; they're not just useless rhymes.

    Always Near

    Thank You, Lord, for the occasional latitude
    When fear and frustration make me develop a bad
    Time and time again, You save the day
    By showing me that You are the way.
    For those times when no one was there,
    Thank You, Lord, for staying near.


    I remember when I aspired,
    Not gauging my success by how much I perspired.
    There were times when my hopes were mired
    In despair, especially after I was fired.

    Businessmen are known for being shrewd.
    Even with success, it continued to elude
    Me. My cubicle felt like a pod
    Until I was elevated by the almighty God.

    It didn't require an expensive college degree.
    It only required that He chose me.
    One of the things that makes success great
    Is choosing others to elevate.


    I remember how the tears rained
    As I experienced the pain of being trained.
    I learned lessons that I'll never forget,
    Including some about the things I still regret.

    Still, it was revealed to me
    Why this was how things had to be.
    Now, I celebrate my tears
    Because they washed away my fears.

    In order to rise higher,
    I had to make God my number one desire.


    My soul is feigning.
    Words with deep meaning,
    Words that are empty,
    Are oh-so-plenty.
    But phrases like I love you
    Are very few.
    Still, even those words can lose their appeal
    If the feeling isn't real.
    I'll keep the light burning
    Until the Lord fulfills my yearning.

    Precise Incision

    Actions and words speak
    As life's challenges take us to a higher peak.
    My soul leaked through an incision
    Made by Your hand's precision.
    It's a wound that I hope will never heal,
    So the world will know how I feel.

    Family Ties

    My strong family ties
    Are here because my family cries.
    But my family is tied by the blood
    Of Christ, which causes an emotional flood.

    Hard to Do

    Breaking up is supposed to be hard to do.
    So, why is it so easy for you?
    I thought that you were interested,
    But I'm the only one who was invested.
    You were worth taking the risk for the big win,
    But I'm the loser for having gone all in.

    The Grudge

    I can't afford to hold a grudge.
    I'm neither the jury nor the judge.
    Imprisonment may be the sentence for me.
    But He may wash me clean and set me free.
    To some, it may seem that evil always wins.
    Only the Lord forgives our sins.

    New Page

    I remember how I hoped and prayed.
    I tearfully wish that you had stayed.
    I wondered what it was that tore us apart
    And left a void in my heart.
    Our life was filled with glory
    Until you changed the story.
    You didn't give me a thought or a look
    Because someone else was filling your book.
    Now, I don't feel any rage
    For holding onto your page.
    But now, when I pray,
    I thank the Lord for taking you away.


    Our strengths and weaknesses formed a mesh
    When God joined us as one flesh.
    My love for you permeates my heart.
    What God joined, no one will pull apart.

    Serious Business

    I won't even say this politely:
    Stop taking love lightly!
    Let this serve as your indictment
    To stop chasing the excitement!
    When you've had your taste,
    You treat others like toxic waste.
    If you want to create a bum,
    Just love a person and then spit him out like flavorless
    If love is only a game to you,
    Then karma is on the way to provide you with a clue.

    Treat each other like bride and groom.
    Before you tie the knot, break the glass, or jump the
    Let the truth be told:
    Love is a precious gift, so cherish the one you have to

    Now that I've ranted,
    I ask, please, stop taking God's precious gift of love for
    And here's one thing more:
    Don't approach sharing your love as if it's a chore.


    "A wife of noble character who can find?"
    A Proverbs 31 woman comes to mind:
    A woman who always respects me
    And carries herself with dignity.

    Her beauty is deeper than what can be seen.
    I celebrate her as my queen.
    She'll set me straight if I start to go wrong,
    Because she's a woman who is strong.

    I love her with everything inside,
    And I try to keep up with her, stride for stride.
    With her, there's no fear that I'll fall
    Because she helps me stand tall.

    I have no fear of breaking down and weeping.
    She's a woman whom this man invests everything in
    With her, there's nothing that I lack.
    She's the woman the Lord sent to have my back.

    She's certainly the earthly love of my life.
    I'm a blessed man to have a Proverbs 31 woman as my


    There's a thin line between love and hate.
    How many of you can relate?
    Sometimes, things happen that you had never
    Like falling for someone you had once hated.

    But it seems a crime
    To suddenly hate someone you loved, once upon a time.


    I said, "My dear Lord, please relent."
    He answered, "For your sins, you need to repent."
    While I suffered painfully,
    He was actually disciplining me.

    Miles Away

    I hid behind the column made from rock,
    And then I emerged to find a look of shock.
    My little angel had thought that I was miles away.
    I had surprised her for her birthday.

    The surprise was definitely worthwhile,
    As I was greeted with a hug and a smile.
    It seemed as if things got even greater
    When along came more surprises a bit later.

    At dinner, I suddenly disappeared.
    A few minutes later, the staff came out and cheered.
    There was no need for any dinero.
    You certainly rocked the sombrero.
    Then there was that other gift
    That gave your spirit another lift.
    You had a tearfully precious look
    When you saw that a favorite author had signed your
    The only thing greater than our love
    Is that from our Father up above.
    We'll always remember the incredible scene
    When our young lady turned sweet sixteen.
    You are never really miles away.
    You're in our hearts every day.

    Proverbs 32

    Many of you have a clue
    That there's no Proverbs 32.
    But, if I were to write my own,
    It would be about how men can set the tone.

    A Proverbs 31 woman is incredibly strong,
    But to make her do it all alone is wrong.
    So, Proverbs 32 to is dedicated to men
    Who are blessed with a gift from heaven.
    Whether it's a girlfriend or a wife,
    I'm talking about the earthly love of your life.

    As a man, you may feel compelled to provide,
    But don't forget to provide what you hold inside.
    Before the feeling of inadequacy urges you to depart,
    Remember this: the best gift is the love in your heart.

    A Proverbs 31 woman can help you through,
    However, she still needs support from you.
    She can raise all the children on her own,
    But an absent parent has no clone.

    Abandoning a child does something to its soul:
    It leaves a gaping hole.
    Children sometimes turn to sex, money, and drugs
    If an absent parent had treated them like scrubs.
    You may stay away from your children because your
      woman is irate.
    But what do you expect from a jilted mate?

    You may wonder when the rebound will start.
    It will happen when you break down and expose your
      broken heart.
    Because, regardless of everything your children have been
    It's important for them to see that it wasn't easy for you.
    It can make a child's day
    To know that it wasn't easy for the parent to walk or stay
    You don't have to be near
    To find ways to still be there.
    You don't have to be the father of the year
    To send a card that says, "I miss you and I care."

    Don't let a falling-out with your girlfriend or wife
    Lead you to exclude your children from your life.
    One of the best things ever invented
    Is the ability for a disaster to be prevented.

    So, don't let presents become Christmas's essence.
    Your wife and your children need your presence.
    A Proverbs 31 woman will do her part
    If only you let her into your heart.

    Murmur, Rumble, Roar

    So many times, I wanted death.
    I know that my next could be my last breath.
    At least twice, I was severely broken apart.
    Now I know that I truly have a broken heart.

    Now that I have the initial diagnosis,
    I await more tests and the ultimate prognosis.
    As I stare death in the face,
    I welcome it with a warm embrace.

    Death may be something we desire
    Until we see our wick about to lose its fire.
    I'm not a pessimist who thinks that death is really near,
    But I feel that I died when my baby was no longer here.

    The Lord saw all the tears I had cried
    When I was stripped of my love, joy, and pride.
    All of my tears and my words, both written and spoken,
    Came from a heart that was, and is, truly broken.

    Every day, it's a battle between life and death.
    I welcome the sound of my last gurgling breath.
    I still love the Lord, even if the prophecies go
    I write from the land of the dead because I am already

    The Lord knows my most pressing earthly desire.
    He knows that I've been drowning in the fire.
    Unlike King Hezekiah, I won't pray and ask for another
    I lost her and gained Him, so I welcome God's choice to
      take me away.

    I don't know when, and my diagnosis may not be the how,
    But I welcome the Lord's taking me away now.
    Until He does, I will continue to serve
    The God who blessed me with more than I'll ever

    A murmur turns into a rumble and then into a loud roar.
    When it stops, I will be no more ...

    It's You

    You don't need our permission; You're You!
    You're God, so You don't have to ask; You just do!


    In a world filled with stupidity,
    What we want is serendipity.
    We want to open our eyes
    And see a pleasant surprise.
    Until then, God, please grant me the serenity
    To stay afloat in this sea of stupidity.

    Free to Be Me

    From the time we are young to the time we are old,
    We spend our lives doing what we're told.
    These things include what we should do.
    We lose ourselves by living for you.
    But we give ourselves permission to be free
    When we say, "I can't be them; I must be me!"

    Sure, it's nice
    When others provide sage advice
    Or—when we're surrounded by doubt—
    Support the move we're thinking about.
    Still, the very first thing we should do to start
    Is look deeply within our own heart.

    We don't have to run wild to be free.
    Freedom manifests when we can say, "I'm simply being
    A person can be a busy single parent of three
    But still feel at liberty and say, "I am free, free to be me."


Excerpted from God, The Love of My Life by KOLLIN L. TAYLOR. Copyright © 2014 Kollin L. Taylor. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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