God You've Been Searching For

God You've Been Searching For

by Brunson

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The key to abundant living is truly getting to know the God of the universe. Illuminate your life with the power of God as you discover Jesus Christ afresh.See more details below


The key to abundant living is truly getting to know the God of the universe. Illuminate your life with the power of God as you discover Jesus Christ afresh.

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I believe that the vast majority of Christians do things to "seek God," but we have no real idea why we are doing them. Many of us go to church on Sundays because that's what we do in our culture, because it's the Baptist, Presbyterian, Evangelical, or Church of Christ thing to do. We spend our time reading the Bible and praying because that is what "good Christians" do. We do these things because we were raised to do them, because we want to be better people, because we want to improve our marriages, because we want our children to have a good foundation for life. Well, is this so wrong? Not at all. Desiring these things is healthy and right. But, and you knew a but was coming, they should never be our primary purpose for going to church, reading our Bibles, or praying. When we approach God with these things as our primary motivation, we actually walk away from our so-called spiritual experiences unchanged and without a revelation of the sacred. Our desire and prayer, instead, should be to get a vision of God so overwhelming that we can do nothing but get on our faces before Him. When that happens, everything else will dissolve and the glory of the living God will come into view.

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A drink of cool water for thirsty souls.
-Howard G. Hendricks, Dallas Theological Seminary

Simple.  Direct.  Relevant.  Biblical.  Mac Brunson's book is like his preaching and his person.  Anyone who reads this will enjoy a return to the simple, great, and lofty presentation of the old-time religion of the person of Jehovah.  Mac will bless you.
-Tommy Nelson, Senior Pastor, Denton Bible Church, Denton, Texas

My friend Mac Brunson understands the God-shaped vacuum in our culture.  The God You've Been Searching For introduces us to the true God, and inspires us to get to know this God in a personal way.
-David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church, and President, Turning Point Ministries, El Cajon, California

My friend Mac Brunson offers a powerfully clear and compelling case for knowing, experiencing, and loving God.  For a culture confused in the fog of religious tolerance and political correctness, Mac shows the way through using the penetrating rays of biblical truth.
-Joseph M. Stowell, author of The Trouble with Jesus, and Teaching Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

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