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God's Gifts: Spiritual Writings

God's Gifts: Spiritual Writings

by Frederick Douglas Harper

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GOD'S GIFTS: SPIRITUAL WRITINGS A Book of Inspirational Poems, Prose, and Quotations

By Frederick Douglas Harper AuthorHouse Copyright © 2003 Frederick Douglas Harper
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4107-7076-9



To be spiritual is simply to be aware of one's purpose and meaning; not necessarily to be better or pious or aloof from common living, but to be natural, constructive, giving, loving, sharing, warm, peaceful, purposeful, growing, appreciative, and totally aware of Earth's sacred life and natural beauty.

To be spiritual is to have a healthy respect for the sacredness of life and the sacredness of the cycles, balances, and perpetuity of life so destined by God's guiding Great Spirit. To be spiritual is to have a respect for the sacredness of God's universal energy; energy that is so destined by God's creations within and of Himself.

To be spiritual certainly is to be appreciative of a God-given talent, to use that talent for good, and to hone that talent to the highest. To be spiritual, certainly, is to be humbled by one's fortunes as well as one's pain and misfortunes, to be humbled by one's human frailty as well as oneself as an ephemeral being or as God's earthly flower in bloom.

To be spiritual is to give unselfishly of oneself for the welfare, growth, and happiness of others, especially for the nourishment of the young and the well being of the old.

To be spiritual, surely, is to be totally and constantly aware of and thankful for God's existence and presence around and within us from day to day and in every way.


God is one and only, whole, all existence, and everything. We can never know God in this human life, but we can feel God's presence through spiritual energy. God is neither anthropomorphic nor finite, but exists, I believe, as a whole, as one whole that is expanding with time. God speaks to us through the energy of earthly guardian angels of the present and divine spirits of earthly lives of the past. Earthly angels are human beings, I believe, who have both power to "watch over" and to communicate divine messages as conduits of God's divine spirits. Divine spirits of God, I believe, can receive messages from and send messages to human beings who are anointed with special gifts of divine destiny-whether persons use those special gifts of divine destiny depends on whether they adhere to and follow divine messages intended for their reception.

Those anointed to receive God's grace of message are conduits of his spirits; conduits who are simply persons with a divine destiny to help and positively influence humanity. Earthly angels can be destined to meet persons for whom they are to protect, assist, or magnify; and, in doing so, are enhanced themselves in these same ways.

God is divine in working through the energies of other entities. God can work in us and through us with or without our awareness of our choices and actions.


I believe that God has blessed me, through His earthly guardian angels and His celestial divine spirits, to be a conduit of word and verse, to be a messenger gifted to inspire and guide, to be a shepherd of good and truth of it. I believe because I have been so fortunately blessed to do so, that is, with little effort of my mind's thought and with much great fulfillment of a gift realized and shared. For the gift of being a giver, I thank God for His guardian angels and divine spirits and for their messages to me and messages through me. As I thank my God, I also thank my earthly guardian angels who have guided my life and path, as well as the divine spirits that watch over me and inspire my thoughts from day to day. I have borne my appreciation for good fortune through my constant prayerful thoughts and words as well as through my good deeds.

I thank God for the joy and peace of my journey in life as a gift of His continual divine grace upon me, and I pray in daily thought that others will see their paths as clearly as the day has been laid before them and as clearly as the light in which they have been gifted and blessed to walk, if they so choose.

I believe that if we walk life's path of developing our gift and sharing its fruits, we will be blessed to receive the blessings that divine destiny can bestow upon our hearts and souls; we will be instilled, I believe, with a spirit that will make good of us and our gifts to the world.

ON PEACE Prose 4

Personal peace is a state of mind, a state of body, and a state of attitude. It comes with how one sees the world and reacts to it. Personal peace, unlike agitation, comes with experience as well as a state of balance of one's own organism, one's self. A person who is at peace with self is one who has often overcome much of the worldly fears, as well as personal guilt. Peace can be found not just in one's thought of peace but in one's experience of complete tranquility of being. It is often achieved and maintained by:

* Not permitting others to disturb one's state of balance,

* Finding solitude and quiet as a time for peace within oneself,

* Slowing down and being aware of oneself and one's surroundings,

* Rehearsing peaceful meditative states in one's daily life,

* Listening to one's mind and body for agitation or imbalance, and positively addressing one's needs,

* Negotiating with one's loved ones for harmony and peace,

* Allowing peace to come spiritually into one's heart through positive thoughts and feelings,

* Ignoring, as much as possible, the malicious and destructive thoughts and actions of others, and

* Allowing the spirit of God's energy to permeate the core of one's life and to move one toward good for self and others.

MY WISH Prose 5

My wish in life as a poet is for my work to live in appreciation with the life of the human race, and that my spirit will live, beyond my life on Earth, in the central meaning and heart of my work as God's work and as God's gift.

My humble wish of life this day is to arrange words and sculpt verse that say much to help the human race to make Earth a better place.


I feel that I have been anointed as a conduit of God's spirit, and thus I have accepted this in thought and action as much as I could. I have sought not to seek a title as such, but rather simply to share my blessings and gift, and to strive for the simple things in life: to "grow" and "give back" and to procreate life in love while helping to raise and nourish the young.


I believe that our religion should be a spiritual way that is exemplified by our way of living, our attitudes, and our actions toward ourselves, others, and the world we know. I believe that one who is truly religious is one who has little to no guilt, anxiety, anger, or hatred-one who is truly at peace with self and God. I believe that our true church or temple should reside within our hearts, our good thoughts, and our positive way of life.

I believe that death is a stage in the development of spiritual energy of a person. The quality of our life on Earth will determine the quality of our spiritual energy and thus our "life" beyond Earth.

I believe that spiritual energy beyond can communicate with life's energy on Earth, but the opposite is very limited unless we cannot realize or receive confirmation for the Godly thoughts or spiritual messages we send. Certainly, it seems that we can know things without knowing that we know, and such knowledge can influence our earthly energy and actions.


Poetry is the sculpting of words into messages for the purpose of evoking thought, emotion, and action. It serves as the inspirational torch that burns deep in hearts and minds. Divine poetry is destined; it does not come from the mind of the ambitious, but from a divine source of energy as communicated through one who is chosen with the simple talent of being a spiritual conduit of ideas, images, thoughts, feelings, and meaningful spiritual messages. Inspirational, consoling, and healing poetry comes from God's spirits as assigned to the chosen pen that chooses to write.


If I can say anything to make a positive difference in the life of the young, I will when I can. What I will likely say and what I can say with some wisdom of experience and insight are:

1. Develop a talent given you as God's gift to the world,

2. Work hard at that worthy God-given talent,

3. Take risks to achieve and contribute in an arena worthy of making God's Earth a better place,

4. Control excesses and impulses or surely they will distract you, if not destroy you,

5. Waste little time in combating the anger and foolishness of others, except, on rare occasions, to protect a reputation built and deserved or to safeguard the innocent self and others from harm,

6. Find a good reason or more for which to live or surely death may find a liking to you,

7. Eat to live and not live to eat, because the latter will serve as your reason for being,

8. Exercise regularly, drink enough healthy liquids, and enjoy peaceful relaxation between periods of meaningful, hard work,

9. Find quality time to spend with family or loved ones in your life, while learning to give love and receive love,

10. Accept kindness and gratitude with appreciation, and give with joy in the absence of expectation or anticipation,

11. Above all, try to do what is naturally and spiritually right for yourself and the welfare of deserving others.


1. Love those who deserve and accept your love, and avoid those who can do harm to you and your loved ones.

2. Do not destroy sacred life or beauty any more than necessary for survival and the perpetuity of your life. A single life is sacred, but more important is the life of a single species or group, and, even more important is the life of Earth itself.

3. The destiny of life's passage on Earth, as we know it, is eventual death of species as new ones evolve and the eventual transformation and death of Earth as a living celestial body. Our overall purpose, therefore, should be to preserve and enhance God's Earth and life on Earth.

4. Greed is a universal crime that should be abhorred in every form and contested in every way. Selfishness is the driving force of greed, and, therefore, should be discouraged.

5. Giving is more important than receiving, for through giving are we renewed to give again and to receive more abundantly.

6. To lose a life or love is not necessarily to grieve for such but rather to realize that we have been blessed to have had, to have known, and to have experienced something precious and of great value.

7. We cannot own anyone or anything; we can only share or temporarily appreciate precious things, because all things created and acquired on Earth are eventually lost, transferred, or transformed.

I am just one thing; Great Sacred One of all, accept my daily Thoughts of appreciation for Your blessings Bestowed and a rededication to Your spirits' call;

Prevent me from hiding my talents in Cowardice or basking too much in the Light of success; Give me the strength to stay my pace And journey Your race unknown but shown By Your light and love from day to day. AMEN.


Oh God, As we sit here as one, Bless this our family and its members- To relieve the burden from our hearts, To relieve the hurt That pains and separates us;

Lift our tension, To be replaced by calm and peace; Come so serenely Into each and all of our hearts, And breathe forgiveness Of another and each other;

Teach us to speak of kindness, and To disdain evil thoughts forever; Be with us and around us- Blessing us as one, Blessing us as a family From day to day.



Gracious spirits divine of past, Beseech our dear God That we as a species will last, And make of good our precious Gifts of mind and hand; That Earth will become a better place, And we as a human race Will not lose face;

Great spirits of God, We pray through you, that our Dear God will bless us too; Grand spirits of God and yore, We pray through you that our Dear God will bless us more;

And if we die as a species can do, We pray that our spirits will shape Earth's life anew.



God as Whole, God of us all; God of our angelic spirits known; Accept our appreciation on This occasion as celebration of life; The most precious gift from You. Teach us to realize our purpose as we live; To create and nourish life itself, and To grow and give of ourselves. Accept so humbly our gratitude of Daily gifts from You: The air we breathe, the water we drink, And the food that nourishes us. Bless our love as Your union, And accept our thanks for Your gift Of ourselves to each other; Bless the life we have created in Our baby, and guide this life As Your unique gift. Bless all our loved ones who are here today- Each as Your unique creation, all as Special people whom we value in life; Bless the children here and those who Care for them. In Your very precious name we offer this prayer, AMEN.


Great God of all, humble us as men before Your omnipresent Spirit, and accept us as The seeds of Your precious human life; Lower our heads to honor You in praise- For Your divine creations of us and all that Stems sacred from You.

As grandfathers, fathers, and keepers of life, We beg of You dear God to accept our Prayerful thanks for the good You allow us to Do and attempt to do for and with our sons, In trying to help them to become worthy men in Your sight and worthy travelers of Your path.

We pray that You will open our hearts to the Way of humility, and temper the arrogance and Anger that arise in us from time to time; Dear God, bless our hands to create for Good, and condemn the hands of destruction That can drive us to ways of ill will.

Teach us, we implore, to honor Your name By honoring our women as the very sacred Temples of Your life reproduced; teach us To raise our young in the ways of right, And in the way of a deference for their elders Who care for them and care about them;

Teach us the way of honesty and hard work, And guide us in Your light of responsibility, Love, self-pride, and decency; teach us to love, Respect, and care for our families; teach us to Respect worthy others as we should respect Ourselves, to love worthy others as we should Love ourselves, and to abhor greed and selfishness.


Excerpted from GOD'S GIFTS: SPIRITUAL WRITINGS by Frederick Douglas Harper Copyright © 2003 by Frederick Douglas Harper. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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