God's Living Postcards

God's Living Postcards

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by David Parks

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'God's Living Postcards' is the first feature length book by David Parks.

It is a story that closely parallels the author's life from 1991 to 2000 and beyond. The multilevel tale has a number of supporting themes including spiritual discovery, the awakening realization of happiness through creativity and grace in the face of aging and death. It is essentially a

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'God's Living Postcards' is the first feature length book by David Parks.

It is a story that closely parallels the author's life from 1991 to 2000 and beyond. The multilevel tale has a number of supporting themes including spiritual discovery, the awakening realization of happiness through creativity and grace in the face of aging and death. It is essentially a series of closely interwoven short stories that is intended to educate, entertain and inspire.

David is a visual artist and as such paints with words and brings to lucid reality the diverse environments of major cities such as Paris or Hong Kong and the exquisite natural radiance of less densely populated destinations like Moorea. He does this by inserting himself as the book's central character. From this perspective he is well able to recreate the spaces in which he finds himself and to most effectively present the affiliated lessons and experiences.

'God's Living Postcards' depicts a decade long spiritual progression that is subtle early on and later blossoms into an evident love affair between a man and his God. Although that relationship takes place within the framework of the Christian faith, it is respecting and understanding toward all true spiritual seekers. It is not so much about establishing particulars in worship practice as it is about embracing the family of man in the ideal of faith, hope and love.

David eloquently works through some of the great challenges of life including the demise of romantic love, the frustration of empty employment and the finality and heartache of death. He avails himself to a lush tapestry of insights and they come from various sources within the wide-ranging backdrops. It is apparent that in his world there exists a great open walled class that is ever ongoing. There is merely a single requirement for admission; a mind hungry for wisdom and ultimate truth.

This is the story of one man's search for transcendence in the face of barrenness and despair. It is a near literal account of personal victory against the long odds of doubt and cynicism. It is an articulate affirmation that there is an abiding light in any darkness and that with our minds so attuned we will always be able to find it. 'God's Living Postcards' is an exultant celebration of the grand escapade that can be known at any time and in any place on this strange and marvelous place called Earth.

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God's Living Postcards 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
God's Living Postcards is a superb little book by a first time author. It has a unique flavor and presents a rich smorgasbord of realism and inspiration reminiscent of Hemingway's Paris musings and Twain's tales of America in a more simple time. There's a pinch of Schuller or perhaps C.S. Lewis and it brings substance to the fare. I adored the vignettes told across the globe and appreciated the memorable lessons in each. As one who has lived in the San Francisco area all of my life I found the book's ninth chapter particularly compelling. My city is rendered beautifully and provides an appropriate background for some magnificent storytelling. God's Living Postcards is simply wonderful. It is one of the most inspiring books I have yet read and it literally changed the way I view my life. I cannot recall another book that touched me the way that this one did.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have always wanted to see the world but have not had much of an opportunity to do so. Up to now I have been pretty much only an armchair traveler and what I have seen of the world has mainly been done through books that can take me to the places of which I dream. God's Living Postcards is to date one of the very best travel tales that I have come across although it is definately not a travel book in concept. God's Living Postcards is a story and an inspiring one at that and it is tenderly worded and wonderfully written. But for me the book's real strength is shown when it describes distant cities such as Rome and Tokyo. I love the way the author describes his first night in Tokyo and even the train ride into the city from Narita Airport. He makes a lot of references to color and those colors bring the scenes to vivid life. Thrilling! I would suggest this book to anyone with even the most vague interest in world travel. It would be difficult if not impossible to be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My book club and I have been huge fans of this title from the beginning. Where should I begin? This is a uniquely told and a uniquely phrased tale which unfolds in exotic locales spanning the globe. It's a book about life that just about everyone will be able to relate to. It's inspirational but not in the typical fashion wherein the author monopolizes the pulpit/high ground and tells you what you need to do to become as happy/successful/smart as him. David takes the reader on little journeys and shows them interesting lessons and interesting things and allows that reader to draw his own conclusions. I much prefer that approach to inspirational writing over the oh so tired carrot and stick nonsense. The book is positively organic. It just feels so honest. While it is clear that the author enjoys stringing words together for poetic/musical impact, he manages to keep things grounded and true and the intriguing stories never come off as stilted or heavy handed or trying to sound like anyone other than David. A unique voice to be sure. He does an incredible job for example in describing the western district of downtown Hong Kong. At the same time he is battling the pain caused by the recent loss of his beloved father. It is both simple and profound the way he works through that challenge and rediscovers the music in his life. David effectively uses the analogy to music throughout the story and all of us who love a broad range of song are treated to a rich ride down a musical memory lane with tunes by The Doors, The Eagles, Earth, Wind & Fire and many others skillfully worked into the text. I often hummed or even sang as I read and it's very rare that a book can persuade me to do that. For me the sad thing is that this title probably won't sell much because it hasn't found backing from a media conglomerate who could pump it to the stars. But I suppose that's the world we live in. From his writing, I sense that David is somehow too pure for all of that nonsense. But buy the book. You'll be glad you did and you'll enjoy the unique ride through a wonderful world that has been long lost beneath layers of anger, noise, hyperbole and crass commercialism. This is a title for everyman and I give it my highest recommendation.