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God's Love

God's Love

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by Calvert Tynes

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Welcome to God’s Love. As a Christian writer, I felt destined to write

in a sequence that would manifest through the soul of its reader.

Within my heritage, I discovered the inspiration I needed to stand

for the influence of peace. Yet, due to the diversity of society and

the uniformity of God’s word, I did not narrow my perspective to


Welcome to God’s Love. As a Christian writer, I felt destined to write

in a sequence that would manifest through the soul of its reader.

Within my heritage, I discovered the inspiration I needed to stand

for the influence of peace. Yet, due to the diversity of society and

the uniformity of God’s word, I did not narrow my perspective to an

audience, knowing the Holy Spirit would revolutionize my words to

revitalize hope.

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God's Love

Spiritual Liberation through the Emancipation of Virtue
By Calvert Tynes


Copyright © 2011 Calvert Tynes
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-1801-0

Chapter One

     The Answer

    This is the beginning,
    never finished nor diminished,
    just replenished back to Genesis.
    For human palms shall bleed Psalms
    by showing verses of Proverbs.

    Creating a new nation, understanding
    the power of giving homage
    by forming a sun that shall vaporize
    this world out of the cleaves of bondage.

    Because lost we may now be,
    yet soon God shall blanket
    His world with light so bright,
    even shadows will be surprised to see.

    God's word forms books of revelation,
    and in His image He created man
    with the gift of speech,
    to disciple His message from the north
    to the south, west, and east.

    Humans raised in the days
    of savages studied magic.
    Yet no magician can surpass his reality
    of being no better than average,
    because not only can he not deliver you,
    but even he needs deliverance.

    For as God is the answer,
    your faith is the question.
    As said God,
    "If you provide the faith,
    which is the question,
    you shall receive Me,
    whom the answer Is!"


    What is the next step I should take?
    Not knowing the next decision to make,
    I don't think a man in love could relate
    because as he sweats love, I inhale hate.

    My blood is cold; my soul
    was formed and carved in evil.
    My mind repels kindness
    because my thoughts fight love.
    Anger surrounds me
    in every direction like a glove.

    Do I own the ability to love,
    or the talent to hate?
    You betrayed my mind so deeply;
    it felt like my soul was raped.

    My emotions ran dry.
    I know the only way I can
    help the world is to die.
    I see no evil,
    but I was created in it.
    I hear no evil,
    yet I was named by it.

    My heart beats at a slow pace.
    Am I a man, or just a
    disgrace to my race?
    Because after spending
    all my life chasing love,
    I was caught by hate.

     The Wind

    By emerging from confusion,
    my mind freed itself
    from the tomb of illusions.
    Divine intellect saved me.
    Knowing to save safety,
    we must spread peace globally.
    Utilizing creativity made success nosy.

    By visualizing inspiration, my words
    collapsed the chest of intimidation.
    While focused on the core of self,
    I saw my vision with precision.

    Speaking to the thoughts
    of the modern mind,
    only God knows our fate.

    So do not be contained
    thinking that you cannot do
    better than your beginning,
    and do not be constrained feeling
    condemned by your end.

    For my end was my beginning,
    and my beginning shall only end
    when my soul rises and my flesh
    turns into dust that God
    blows away in the wind.

     Crucified to Resurrect

    Unleashing the foresight of a poetic visionary
    is the answer to the question why, some try to vilify.
    But by continually reciting written inspiration,
    I further solidify my reason not to reply.

    For God's love man should
    never doubt or second-guess.
    Yet Thomas chose to search
    for the body of Christ even after
    being told He shall resurrect.

    People laughed at Noah, not sure
    if building an ark was more of a joke
    or just a wasteful hobby.
    Yet by exploiting the power of faith,
    through it all Noah heard God logically.

    Likewise, as an anointed poetic clairvoyant,
    I knew my obligation to God's love was to
    write each line in a way that would command
    readers to dissect.

    Because as long as ink flows from my pen,
    I shall never enable anyone to forget
    that for the lone purpose of saving the soul
    of mankind, Christ willingly allowed Himself
    to be crucified just to resurrect.

     Lonely Thoughts Interacting with Unpromising Hope

    Lonely thoughts interacting with unpromising hope;
    in my mind the sea is the sky and the clouds my boat.
    I stress my soul, thinking of ways to stay afloat.

    Earth frightens me; I drown in its confusion.
    Comforting thoughts are so close and clear.
    I would reach for them,
    though they are just an illusion I fear.
    I never met total completeness, but when I do,
    I shall put it on a pedestal and hold it dear.
    Like a deaf man finding love in music
    within a society whose ignorance states
    he cannot hear.
    Yet they do not own music,
    and that man does not live his life by their standards,
    because musical vibrations have unleashed
    poetic lullabies hidden within his soul.

    So when my mind is being devoured by lonely thoughts,
    and my heart is eaten away by unpromising hope,
    I shall close my eyes, and allow the sea to be my sky
    and the clouds my boat.

     Regaining Control

    Like David slaying Goliath,
    I am a mortal man
    with the heart of a giant.
    To the world I proclaim
    that God's love shall disband riots
    by victoriously welcoming all to Zion.

    Leaving nothing to second-guess,
    while resting at the foot of God,
    I saw angels flying,
    and then power began to manifest.

    My destiny declared victory
    over all that was meant for me.
    My savior's blessings submerged
    me in the ecstasy of knowing
    I now obtain the strength
    to conquer adversity.

    Not only did God allow me
    to regain control of all
    I was once facing,
    he also provided me
    with the foresight to know
    that for my soul the devil
    will never stop chasing.

    By using the virtue of Christ
    to stare down degradation,
    my capability consistently
    surpassed all worldly expectations.

     I Rose

    From mediocrity, I rose.
    To fight the hypocrisy that is
    terrorizing our democracy, I rose.
    As a shadow facing the sun,
    like a tree emerging from the sea, I rose.

    Yearning to inspire others to reach
    higher than the sky, above clouds
    of complacency; God taught me to fly.

    By utilizing intellect I grew wings
    capable of soaring over bondage,
    because gathering my thoughts
    is like being submerged in knowledge.

    In the form of a collection
    of blessings, within the core
    of my mind I found learned lessons.
    So while facing the world
    staring at my reflection, I rose.

     The Weight of Water Is Equal to the Beauty of Sand

    Heavy and clear, it is the
    greatest mass in our atmosphere.
    Wet to the touch, opposite of land,
    it is the nourishment of life and still
    has yet to fully be explored by man.

    But even in the form of a wave,
    its beauty cannot be holistically
    understood without the presence of sand.
    Paradise on earth must have been God's plan.

    Individual grains found together
    multiplied by a number unknown,
    it is the peace of mind you provide
    that made my soul feel at home.

    Through my left eye I saw water,
    and through my right I saw sand.
    At that moment I knew that nothing
    could compare to the divine artistry
    created by the gift of God's hand.

     Slave Life

    Having to work, wanting to sleep.
    Dreaming of a cool breeze, but all I feel is heat.
    Working in the field while the skin on my hands
    get ripped away; I have done this all my life,
    so today is just another day.

    God lead, and I will follow even though my heart is hollow,
    and the last of my hope has long ago been swallowed.
    I don't know what's worse:
    a white man's hate or a black man's fear.
    Inside I have the urge to run, but where?
    Because any place I go the man is there.
    Slave life I cannot bear; I lust for equality.
    Whereas white is the color of their skin,
    we still are no different from within.

    Knowing the problem, the solution rejected me.
    While praying God blesses me,
    I wonder what his blessings would be:
    freedom or just a warm place to sleep.
    For even though I would be satisfied with
    a master that thought of me as a man
    and not merely as a possession,
    I would prefer to live life with my eyes closed,
    because when I open them, all I see are dead-end roads.

    Yet by renouncing every unjust classification,
    I found the strength to conquer desolation.
    So while living within a world of wrong,
    by remaining focused on what I feel is right,
    God knew my soul would only answer to life.

     The Struggle

    Neither killing a few nor throwing
    the rest in the back of a bus will ever
    change the fact that not even a bomb
    can destroy your similarities with us.

    You beat our men while
    lusting for our women.
    I am called everything
    except my name;
    yet still my hope remains.
    Whereas this is my struggle,
    I do not mind as long as
    my son's life is not the same.

    You say that I am dumb, dark,
    and therefore don't deserve respect.
    My confidence you test;
    my soul you stress.
    But when I look at you I smile,
    because I know my seed is blessed.

    While struggling to find reasons to live,
    I follow your rules,
    and I pick from your fields.
    My nightmare is real,
    yet, still slowly my hope builds.

    Preferring to stand alone
    than to follow a lost crowd,
    I dream of leading a nation
    and making my son proud.

    Equality may not yet
    be within my reach,
    but I know God will continue
    to guide me through the struggle.

     Mass Decapitation

    No heads, thoughts, or minds;
    millions acting before thinking.
    Is poverty really that contagious?
    Not speaking of monthly wages
    but daily growth.

    By directly inspiring the next generation
    to reach greatness through the prayers
    of our predecessors, the alertness behind
    the realization that we will not be the last
    generation to reap harvest from the earth
    shall launch the rebirth of communities.

    Because to create change,
    we must step away from those still waiting for it,
    by compacting opportunity until it explodes,
    instantly affecting anyone willing to engulf its gleam.

    As it is the head that beholds the mouth
    which is used to speak the spoken word,
    so those frightened of change
    shall suddenly become prejudice of thoughts,
    knowing there lies the power to reinvent society,
    for the mind is an open floodgate releasing the sea.

    Yet not even mass decapitation
    of God's chosen generation
    can keep this world from becoming
    what Dr. King dreamed it will be.

     I See You, Love

    Far away star I'm still surprised to see.
    Is it more that I am staring at you,
    or is it that your focus is completely on me?
    Amazingly love has no distance.
    So if either is true, how far apart
    can we really ever be?

    If your love was land, then I am its sea,
    because your love exemplifies
    the completion of me.

    As your love is the air my lungs yearn to breathe;
    love is the relationship between a tree and its leaves.

    Yet love may be everything I am not,
    and all the things I wish to someday be.
    Because love is you, love shall always be
    so much greater than me.

    For as my star, I am your moon,
    yet even as brightly as together
    we shine, the true beauty of love
    is knowing you will always be mine.

     Mysterious Sounds

    The sound your grandmother made
    as she took her last breath.
    The sound of the phone from which
    you were told your sibling has died,
    knowing now you are the last one left.

    Echoes of a child lost before their time.
    Listening to a doctor explain why
    your firstborn is legally blind.

    The silence heard by loved ones
    after being told your tumor
    is no longer benign.

    The deafening screams
    of a wife becoming a widow
    due to a senseless crime.

    Hearing a voice whisper,
    "I love you," then quickly forced
    to face the reality of it only being a dream.

    In life, though it is the simple things
    that will always be missed,
    mysterious sounds are what
    from the depths of your soul
    you shall never forget.


    My child cannot see.
    I saw my child,
    but she did not see me.

    Why does love
    hurt more than pain?
    My present and her future
    are not one and the same.
    Not recognizing my own
    confusion allowed me
    to be caught by shame.
    Life, I cannot change!

    My child saw me,
    for it was I that could not see.
    While wasting time
    not focused on my child,
    she was staring directly at me.


    It is only possible to successfully
    complete a journey by having a vision.
    See what you want and then become
    what is needed to achieve it.

    Memorize your vision,
    because through the storm of life,
    you will not always be able to see it.

    Do not wait to receive greatness.
    Be humble, and when it is in your grasp, take it.
    Yet only look back when advising peers.

    Visions are the birthplace of possibility.
    So even though my vision may only reach
    as far as my eyes can see, at the end
    where I am blinded I know my daughters will be,
    and by brilliantly creating an entirely new vision,
    the world will then be theirs for only them to see.

     True Love

    The way you call me Daddy
    will always be more meaningful
    than the word love is, was,
    or shall ever be.

    You are the part of me God
    yearned for His world to see.
    Now, always and forever
    shall I cheer for you.
    In every way, baby, I hear you.

    By feeding you love, I pray
    through God's grace you'll grow,
    and by quenching your thirst,
    my prayer is that you will always know
    Daddy loves you.

     The Blood

    Lord, when shall my fear
    of the unknown blow past?
    For though I found truth in confusion,
    please do not allow its intrusion to last.

    However despite all of my strife,
    the birth of my children brought
    meaning to my life.

    In their eyes shines the clearest light,
    and through their clarity I am reminded
    of God's power to morph wrong into right.

    The soul of man may be tainted,
    but after having my daughters,
    I knew my seed had been washed
    by the blood of the lamb,
    and their smiles cleansed
    by the dripping blood of God.

     Simple Stone

    If I hated poetry, I would
    despise the essence of me.
    If I hated water, I would
    use my anger to evaporate the sea.

    If I did not understand my purpose,
    I would have overachieved through hate,
    knowing many have fallen only to stand
    after it was too late.

    Yet while besieged by thoughts of mental solitude,
    I found myself alone watching the news.
    Overwhelmed by footage of war,
    storms, and murder, I discovered anguish
    in the heart and mind of a society whose
    pain I knew must go on no further.

    So I began to write, instantly
    unleashing the inner essence of me
    while simultaneously in awe of the
    transformation that I was beginning to see,
    which was God looking within a stone,
    by transforming a simple rock into a living stone.

     Yesterday Became My Tomorrow

    Tomorrow was yesterday,
    yet do not be confused,
    because by not acting now,
    society will program you to lose.

    Yesterday became tomorrow
    when I refused to capitalize
    on opportunity by taking success.

    Tomorrow was yesterday,
    because I allowed sorrow
    to implode my chest
    by inhaling stress.

    Yesterday became my tomorrow
    when tomorrow refused to wait,
    knowing as long as
    I depend on yesterday,
    I will always be a day late.


    I saw myself in dreams,
    but I am all that I am through my actions.
    Though one chance became plural, I endured
    by refusing to make the same mistake twice.

    Knowing not only is time not on my side,
    but if it were possible to stand on time's side,
    my clock would not rotate wise;
    it would go in reverse and still leave me behind.

    So respect life through your actions,
    and while your purpose is unknown, endure.


Excerpted from God's Love by Calvert Tynes Copyright © 2011 by Calvert Tynes. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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God's Love: Spiritual Liberation through the Emancipation of Virtue 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ZairaDuvessa More than 1 year ago
"God's Love" by Calvert Tynes is a lovely book of poetry of the Christian persuasion. Its broken into sections of like poems that deal with certain subject matters/stages of life. Some of the poems have actually applied to various situations I've found myself in and reassured me. Others resonated with me but not in the same way. There's a little something for everyone here and its a wonderful book!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite “God’s Love” by Calvert Tynes is a book of one man’s poetry, written over a period of 10 years. The tenor of the poetry clearly reflects Calvert’s mood and mental/spiritual attitude at the time when he wrote each particular poem. Some of his poetry will resonate with readers, while others may be difficult for some to comprehend. However, I believe each reader will find that different poems resonate with him/her individually, when compared with other readers, and that is how it should be. Some of the poetry in this book is clearly written in praise of God, while other poems seem to be written to his wife or children. Many, however, could well serve either classification. It is obvious from his poetry that Calvert Tynes has faced rough times during his life. Yet even during those times he turned to God for comfort and healing. In that respect he is no different from anybody else, and his faith serves as an example we should all follow. We should NOT all write books of poetry, but we should all turn to our faith in God when our lives face unexpected turmoil and strife. I believe many people will find “God’s Love” to be an uplifting and beneficial book to have on hand, and to use regularly whenever they feel a need to draw closer to God during a time of spiritual poverty. For poetry-loving Christians and non-Christians alike, this is a history of one man putting his faith on the line and on the page, to bless and lift up all who need spiritual sustenance.