God's Names

God's Names

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by Sally Michael
This is a full-color guide for parents to teach their early elementary children about God’s character, as it is revealed in 24 names in the Bible. Each chapter ends with a personal application and activities.


This is a full-color guide for parents to teach their early elementary children about God’s character, as it is revealed in 24 names in the Bible. Each chapter ends with a personal application and activities.

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Justin Taylor
“What’s in a name? That’s the question behind Sally Michael’s unique interactive guide for families. She creatively helps parents to lead their children through a fun and fascinating exploration of the various ways God’s names reveal the beauty and power of his character and actions. May the Lord use this little book to help our little ones learn to stand in awe of our great and glorious God!”
John Piper
"Sally Michael’s book about the names of God may save someone the trouble in 25 years of writing for a new generation “Your God Is Too Small.” I have worked with Sally for 30 years. I love how Bible saturated she is. Best of all the God she sees, savors, and sets forth here is unabashedly big. Not distant and uncaring. But great enough to make his caring count. Promises without power disillusion children. Goodness without greatness grows thin. Without savage sin, massive justice, and a bloody cross, God-talk leaves the children in a dreamworld. I thank God for Sally’s faithfulness. May a generation know what solid joys are found in knowing the living God."
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
“In our attempts to pass the baton of truth on to the next generation, nothing could be more important than for our children (and their parents!) to be grounded in their understanding of the character and ways of God. God’s Names is a wonderful, Scripture-saturated resource for those who desire to plant seeds of faith in the hearts and minds of the children they love and influence.”
Dorothy Patterson
"Nothing is more important than passing the truths of Scripture to the next generation! Grandparents and parents and all the extended family, as well as those who make up the church of the living God—all have a divine unction to pass along God’s truth to the hearts of our children! Sally Michael has given us an excellent tool in God’s Names to do just that! As a professor, I will use this resource to recommend to my students who are preparing to be wives and mothers and leaders in woman-to-woman ministries and childhood education. As a grandmother, I have an addition for church bags or Sunday boxes or for joint Bible study with my grandchildren."
Bruce Ware
"If one of the most important goals that Christian parents can have is to strengthen their children's understanding of just who God is, then God's Names by Sally Michael is one of the most important books they should own and use. What a gift this book is to those who long for children to grow a big view of God, wrapped up in rich biblical teaching. May multitudes of children benefit from this practical, winsome and truth-filled book."
Tim Challies
"What's in a name? For most of us, not very much. We choose a name for a child because we like the sound of it, because it reminds us of someone we love, or because it is part of our family heritage. But for God, a name is not merely a word he assigns to himself; rather it is a description of who he is. Gods names tell us of his character, of his work, of his very essence. As we seek to introduce our children to this God, we do well to introduce him by name. Sally Michael has done us a great service in writing God's Names that we may tell our children not only that God is, but also who he is."

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Meet the Author

Sally Michael is the cofounder and publishing consultant of Children Desiring God,
and she developed their widely used Sunday school curriculum for young people. She is also an author and a speaker, and she served as minister for children at Bethlehem Baptist Church in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, for sixteen years.

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God's Names 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anne-B More than 1 year ago
Sally Michael is the cofounder of Children Desiring God, the children's branch of John Piper's Desiring God ministry. A few years ago, I previewed their Sunday school materials and liked them, but couldn't afford the cost of them to use them in my home. This book reminds me a lot of the lesson I previewed from that curriculum. The devotionals are straightforward and simple, but not watered down. The best way that I can describe how this devotional is different than the others that I reviewed last year is that it's primary purpose is not to entertain. There is a prominent theory among youth ministries that I've been involved in over the years that you need to entertain kids before they'll listen to you. You have to make it fun. While it is nice to enjoy church and lessons about God, that isn't why we go. We go because we love the Lord. And the same could be said of what we want for our children. I believe that we can engage our children's hearts and minds without entertaining them. Entertainment is self focused, worship is God focused. So, when we are choosing devotionals, are we choosing ones that will help children put their eyes on God or on their hearts and laughing bellies? Forgive me if my words sound too blunt. I think we can make what we say interesting to kids without it becoming entertainment. This book does a great job of engaging with children's hearts and minds without entertaining them. The title of the book is God's Names. There is an introduction for parents, a first devotional lesson about names, 24 devotional lessons for 24 of God's names, and then a final concluding devotional lesson. The hope of the authors is that reading this devotional as a family will help children to "see that God is who He says He is, and act in response to the truth."(p.12) I've seen books written for adults about the names of God, but haven't actually read one. I began to see as we read this book that the names of God are truly important because in this age of cynicism, our children need to know that they can trust that God is who He says He is! Cynicism has permeated our culture deeply--the belief that we can see through things and that people aren't really who they say they are. Our children will likely be questioned or attacked by cynics over and over in their journeys through life. Even one popular pastor encourages his young congregation to question everything. I just connected a moment ago, that that is one of the strategies of cynics--to question everything and not accept the answers people give as true. Our children need to know what is true. They need to know the Truth of God's Word and the truth of who God is and how He loves us. This book will likely start many good discussions between you and your children. One friend asked me recently what prompts me to like one book over another when it comes to Bible stories and devotionals. First, I consider content and what the book says about God. If I have any concerns, I go straight to the Bible and compare what the Bible says to what the book or Bible story says. I've actually found many differences. Second, I consider formatting. Is this a book that is easy or hard for parents and/or children to read? I've covered this first question. As for the second question, I like the formatting of this book. The font is large and easy to read. The headings are clear. The illustrations don't take away from the text, but add to it, though there is only one primary illustration f