God's Plan For Annie Why She Had To Die

God's Plan For Annie Why She Had To Die

by Robert Harrison

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A poignant journey that led her to Christ - an engaging story that will touch and inspire readers.

"It is my belief that when Annie was born, God had a plan for her. I was placed in her life to assist in fulfilling his plan." From this line, author Robert Harrison ushers readers into the path of his



A poignant journey that led her to Christ - an engaging story that will touch and inspire readers.

"It is my belief that when Annie was born, God had a plan for her. I was placed in her life to assist in fulfilling his plan." From this line, author Robert Harrison ushers readers into the path of his wife's tragic and painful journey through multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer of the bone marrow. In God's Plan for Annie Why She Had to Die, through this book, the author allows readers to feel their emotions, experience their tears, endure their pain, and to learn more about this lethal disease.

Multiple myeloma is cancer of the bone marrow. There are non known causes for the disease. Essentially the bone marrow fills with malignant plasma cells, that crowd's out healthy cells. As all the healthy cells are being destroyed, the patient becomes very anemic. Their immunity to infection is compromised and the loss of their blood clotting mechanism platelets, increase the risk of bleeding. Life expectancy is 2 to 5 years, with 35% living as long as 5 to 7 years. However, it will be back and always fatal.

Mr Harrison wrote this book out of love for his beautiful wife Annie. Married 39 years, Annie was an atheist. When diagnosed, prognosis was 4 weeks. This book will take the reader on a 30 month journey, and speaks to the night she was dying while in the hospital. An angel visited her bedside, and from that day on, through many miracles, and God's grace, Annie started climbing the mountain spiritually. God took favor with Annie, and she was given the time and tools to climb that mountain. The last 6 months of her life, the author takes the reader on a step by step walk through Annie's passing, to include some of their most delicate and intimate conversations. Truly an amazing story! The last clearly audible word Annie spoke was "Jesus."

Very heartwarming and inspirational. God's Plan For Annie Why She Had To Die is a true story, emotionally charged, filled with love, tears and pain. The author wrote this book while in grief, which not only adds realism to the story, but allows him to capture the moment. This uniquely written, detailed book, will allow readers to walk through the journey with Annie. As the many traumatic events unfold, the reader will have a good visual of the setting, and feel as if they were there.

The story is not meant to dishearten readers, but, give them hope and inspiration that in every battle they face, God is there fighting with them.

As of Feb 22nd, 2012, Annie's story was in the hands of the Chief Missions Officer for the national leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma association of White Plains, New York. I suspect the director of the international myeloma federation has a copy of the book too. The copies were sent to those agencies by request.


From a reader in Arizona: 18 Oct 2011: "I loved the book, couldn't put it down!"

From a reader in California: 20 Oct 2011: "This story wore me out, so much pain, a profound journey."

From a reader in Kansas: 6 Nov 2011: "I relaxed in my chair all day, read the whole book. I cried, I laughed, and still crying." "A beautiful story."

From a reader in Arizona: 10 Nov 2011: "Well my friend, your book is wonderful. I read the whole book, this morning and shed many, many tears. You are a gifted writer and wrote your story with so much heart. Annie was fortunate to have you to love and take such good care of her at the end of her life. We should all be so lucky."

From a reader in Kansas: 22 Nov 2011: "I received your book this morning. I just finished it. I had to put it down a few times and get a grip on myself. I hope to meet you someday. Thank you so much for sharing her story and her faith. I will share her story with my friends in our Bible study.

From a reader in Kansas: 14 Dec 2011: Comment from a lady I met in the bank this morning; "Your book was amazing! I loved it so much I gave it to my mother to read. She loved it too. Now my grandmother is reading it."

From a reader in Kansas: 14 Feb 2012: The phone rang at 4 pm this afternoon, and I answered it. The caller said, "Bob, this is Dennis Moore Sr. (I was shocked—he is/Dr. Moore Sr., hematology/oncology—He was Annie's oncologist) He's had the book for four months! He said he had just finished the book and was caught off guard. He asked me how I'd written the book. Most detailed book/personal story on blood cancer he'd ever read, let alone multiple myeloma. He said it was a wonderful tribute to Annie, and although being a new book probably hadn't been read that much, but those who read it, would have been profoundly touched. He felt it was going to help many people. Dr. Moor Sr. said a lot of wonderful things about the book. Being the most senior oncologist in Wichita, Ks, and being Annie's oncologist, his comments on the book made me cry. Dr. Moore Sr. is up there in stature in the world of blood cancer, his comments are important. I believe this is a must read book. In the world of blood cancer, this book has much wisdom. I entered the world of blood cancer with my Annie, afraid and blinded by lack of knowledge. This book will answer questions for you through Annie's story that you might never have thought of. Some may be life altering. What is it like getting a 4 week prognosis? You'll find out in this book. Cancer is an insane disease and will swallow up the whole family if allowed to. This book will show you how to control the cancer and not let it control you. That's very important! Knowledge when dealing with cancer is a must!!

Author has created an on-line memorial for his beautiful wife "Annie." To see "Annie," as she was before her fatal prognosis, as she was all through her 30 month journey, and to her end times,log onto www.forevermissed.com. Annie will be wearing a long black dress, and in the center of the home page. Also, all the pictures come with small excerpts, and some tell a story within God's plan for Annie, the book. There are 41 pictures on the site, to include many tributes, and stories. You're welcome to leave a tribute if you like.

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Meet the Author

I've always been interested in stories about miracles, God's love, humanity, compassion, and how to have a meaningful long-term marriage. I thought I had it pretty well figured out. Then over a thirty-month period, my life changed so profoundly-it was breathtaking. I witnessed a beautiful woman that didn't know Christ transform into a Christian. Her out-of-control cancer set the stage for the many miracles God blessed her with. God gave her the time she needed to find salvation.

My daughter Melissa and I can bear witness to the night the doctors gave us no expectations of her survival through the night. God sent an "angel" to Annie's bedside; apparently, she needed some work. Over time, God gave her all the tools she needed to accept Jesus Christ as her savior. Through her tears and pain, she became a beautiful Christian.

Over the last six months of Annie's life, a part of her transformed into a child-both spiritually and physically. God said, "Ye shall come to me as a child, and so it was."

"I will love her forever!"



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