Going Deep

Going Deep

by Lawrence Goldstone
Going Deep

Going Deep

by Lawrence Goldstone


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The controversial history of the attack submarine—and the story of its colorful creator, John Philip Holland—that reveals how this imaginative invention changed the face of modern warfare.

From Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to The Hunt for Red October, readers the world over have demonstrated an enduring fascination with travel under the sea. Yet the riveting story behind the invention of the submarine—an epic saga of genius, persistence, ruthlessness, and deceit—is almost completely unknown.

Like Henry Ford and the Wright brothers, John Philip Holland was completely self-taught, a brilliant man raised in humble circumstances, earning his living as a schoolteacher and choirmaster. But all the while he was obsessed with creating a machine that could successfully cruise beneath the waves. His struggle to unlock the mystery behind controlled undersea navigation would take three decades, during which he endured skepticism, disappointment, and betrayal. But his indestructible belief in himself and his ideas led him to finally succeed where so many others had failed.

Going Deep is a vivid chronicle of the fierce battles not only under the water, but also in the back rooms of Wall Street and the committee rooms of Congress. A rousing adventure—surrounded by an atmosphere of corruption and greed—at its heart this a story of bravery, passion, and the unbreakable determination to succeed against long odds.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781681774299
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication date: 06/06/2017
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.00(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Lawrence Goldstone is the author or co-author of more that a dozen books, and has written for the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, New Republic, Chicago Tribune, and Miami Herald. He and his wife, author Nancy Goldstone, live in Sagaponack, New York.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Death from Below 1

Chapter 1 Blurred Beginnings 7

Chapter 2 Made in America 20

Chapter 3 An American in Paris 27

Chapter 4 Stars and Bars 37

Chapter 5 Entr'acte; A Fictional Interlude 47

Chapter 6 For an Independent Ireland 53

Chapter 7 The Fenian Ram 66

Chapter 8 Competition from the Clergy 75

Chapter 9 Treading Water 90

Chapter 10 Chasing the Carrot 100

Chapter 11 Challengers 110

Chapter 12 Uneasy Neighbors 124

Chapter 13 Argonaut 134

Chapter 14 The Plunge 145

Chapter 15 Shedding Ballast 157

Chapter 16 King's Gambit Accepted 170

Chapter 17 A New Skipper 188

Chapter 18 Joining the Navy 198

Chapter 19 Bottom Fishing 213

Chapter 20 Displacement 221

Chapter 21 Counterstrike 231

Chapter 22 Proxy War 246

Chapter 23 Skewed Competition 265

Chapter 24 A Warship in Search of a War 276

Chapter 25 Holland without Holland 290

Chapter 26 Excessive Ballast 297

Chapter 27 The New Class 307

Chapter 28 Suicide Squeeze 323

Chapter 29 Going Deep 336

Selected Bibliography 351

Endnotes 357

Acknowledgments 369

Index 371

Illustration Credits 378

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