Going Public: New Strategies Of Presidential Leadership, 4th Edition / Edition 4

Going Public: New Strategies Of Presidential Leadership, 4th Edition / Edition 4

by Samuel Kernell

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ISBN-10: 1568028997

ISBN-13: 9781568028996

Pub. Date: 10/18/2006

Publisher: SAGE Publications

About the Author:
Samuel Kernell is professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego


About the Author:
Samuel Kernell is professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego

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Table of Contents

Preface     x
Introduction: Going Public in Theory and Practice     1
Presidential Theory     2
Presidential Practice     4
Ronald Reagan Enlists Public Opinion as a Lever     5
President Clinton Snares Himself by Bargaining     7
How Washington Has Changed     10
Institutionalized Pluralism: The Bargaining Community     11
Protocoalitions     15
The President's Place in Institutionalized Pluralism     16
Bargaining Techniques     17
Public Opinion and Institutionalized Pluralism     19
Public Opinion and Bargaining Presidents     21
Two Early Cases of Going Public     27
Individualized Pluralism: The Modern Washington Community     29
From Institutionalized to Individualized Pluralism     33
Institutional Arrangements in Congress     34
Going Public and Individualized Pluralism     38
The Calculus of Those Who Deal with the President     39
The President's Calculus     40
How the Politicians Entering Washington Have Changed: Outsiders and Divided Government     48
Presidential Selection Reforms: Outsiders in the White House     49
How the Reforms Changed PresidentialNominations     50
Outsiders as Presidents     56
The Politics of Divided Government     58
Going Public as an Electoral Strategy     60
Truman Spurns Cooperation and Succeeds     61
Veto Rhetoric     62
President Bush Cooperates and Fails     65
Bill Clinton Becomes Trumanesque     67
Conclusion     71
The President and the Press     74
The Bargaining President and the Press     76
Emergence of the Washington Press as an Institution     78
Early Professionalization     78
Early Presidential-Press Relations     82
Early Competition and Collective Interests     86
The FDR System: Hard News, Openly Conveyed     87
Transition from the FDR System     90
Press Relations under Truman and Eisenhower     92
The Kennedy System: Press Relations in an Era of Direct Communication     94
The Kennedy Press Conference     94
The Local Press and the Private Interview     98
The Kennedy System as a Model for Presidents Who Go Public     99
The Modern Trajectory of Presidential-Press Relations     103
The Growth of Going Public     110
Trends in Going Public     114
Public Addresses     115
Public Appearances     123
Political Travel     125
The Incremental Growth of Going Public     128
Incremental Growth as a Function of Technology     130
Incremental Growth as a Function of Politics     133
Political Forces Opposing Growth in Going Public     134
What Technology Giveth, Technology Taketh Away     138
Conclusion     141
President Reagan and His First Three Budgets: A Classic Case of Going Public in Action     148
Reagan as an Outsider     149
Reagan's Three Budgets     151
Budget Politics in 1981     152
Budget Politics in 1982     160
Budget Politics in 1983     166
Going Public and Leadership: The Lessons of Reagan's Budgets     173
Dependence of Policy on Popularity     174
Governing as Campaigning     175
Opinion Leadership and Foreign Affairs     183
Rally Events and Presidential Approval     186
Rally Events and Leadership in Washington     188
Rally Events, Approval, and Opinion Leadership     191
The Truman Doctrine Speech: A Case Study     195
The Speech      195
Public Familiarity with the Speech     199
Effects of the Speech on Public Opinion     200
Anticommunism as a Basis of Truman's Opinion Leadership     206
Conclusion     211
Present and Future Prospects for Going Public     215
Resurgent Political Parties     215
Declining Effectiveness of National Addresses     216
Two Heroic Failures     218
Clinton's Health Care Reform     219
Bush's Social Security Reform     221
The Potential for Pathology     227
Mistaking Bad News for Bias     228
Pandering     229
Conclusion     234
Index     237

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