Gold: History and Genesis of Deposits / Edition 1

Gold: History and Genesis of Deposits / Edition 1

by Boyle

ISBN-10: 0442211627

ISBN-13: 9780442211622

Pub. Date: 05/31/1987

Publisher: Springer US

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Table of Contents

References and Selected Bibliography.- 1: General Geochemistry of Gold and Types of Auriferous Deposits.- General Geochemistry of Gold.- Auriferous Deposits.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 2: Gold During the Pre-Classical (Primitive) Period (5000 B.C.–600 B.C.).- Gold Deposits in Primitive Times 24.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 3: Gold During the Classical Period.- Gold Deposits and Theories of Their Origin.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 4: Gold During the Middle Ages.- Theories of the Origin of Gold Deposits in Medieval Times.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 5: Gold During the Renaissance.- Theories of Origin of Gold Deposits during the Renaissance.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 6: Gold During the Transition to Modern Scientific Views.- Theories of Origin of Gold and Other Mineral Deposits.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 7: Gold in the Modern Era.- Outline of Theories of Origin of Mineral Deposits in the Modern Era.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 8: Geochemistry of Gold.- Geochemistry of Gold.- 8-1 Bischof, K. Gustav: Gediegenes Gold.- 8-2 Clarke, Frank W.: Gold.- 8-3 Fersman, A. E.: Gold (Au-At. Wt. 79).- 8-4 Goldschmidt, V.M.: Gold.- 8-5 Rankama, K., and Th. G. Sahama: Silver, Gold.- 8-6 Petrovskaya, N. V.: An Outline of the Geochemistry of Gold.- Specialized Papers on the Geochemistry of Gold.- 8-7 Lenher, V.: The Transportation and Deposition of Gold in Nature.- 8-8 Smith, F.G.: The Alkali Sulphide Theory of Gold Deposition.- 8-9 Lakin, W. H., G. C. Curtain, A. E. Hubert, H. T. Shacklette, and K. G. Doxtader: Geochemistry of Gold in the Weathering Cycle.- 8-10 Freise, F W.: The Transportation of Gold by Organic Underground Solutions.- General Summary.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 9: The Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits—The Ore-Magma Theory.- The Ore-Magma Theory of the Origin of Auriferous Veins.- 9-1A Spurr, J. E.: The Origin of Ore Magmas or Solutions: Veindikes.- 9-1B Spurr, J. E.: The Origin of Fissure Veins.- 9-2 Farmin, R.: Host-Rock Inflation by Veins and Dikes at Grass Valley, California.- 9-3 Bichan, W.J.: Nature of che Ore-Forming Fluid.- References.- 10: The Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits—The Magmatic Hydrothermal Theory.- The Magmatic Hydrothermal Theory of the Origin of Auriferous Deposits.- 10-1 Emmons, W.H.: Gold and Igneous Rocks.- 10-2 Moore, E. S.: Genetic Relations of Gold Deposits and Igneous Rocks in the Canadian Shield.- 10-3 Malcolm, W.: Gold Fields of Nova Scotia.- 10-4 Knopf, A.: The Mother Lode System of California.- 10-5 White, D. E.: Active Geothermal Systems and Hydrothermal Ore Deposits.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 11: The Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits—The Granitization Theory.- Mineralization Related to Granitization.- Conclusion.- References.- 12: The Origin of Gold Deposits—The Exhalite Theory.- Application of the Theory to Gold Deposits.- Comment.- References.- Chapier 13: Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits—Secretion Theories.- Secretion Theories of the Origin of Epigenetic Gold Deposits.- Conclusion.- References and Selected Bibliography.- 14: Gold Deposits—Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate And Quartzite Type.- The Witwatersrand.- 14-1 Gregory, J. W.: The Origin of Gold in the Rand Banket.- 14-2 Horwood, C.B.: Concluding Remarks.- 14-3 Graton, L.C.: Hydrothermal Origin of the Rand Gold Deposits.- 14-4 Mellor, E.T.: The Conglomerates of the Witwatersrand.- 14-5 Leibennerg, W. R.: The Occurrence and Origin of Gold and Radioactive Minerals in the Witwatersrand System, the Dominion Reef, the Ventersdorp Contact Reef and the Black Reef.- 14-6 Pretorius, D. A.: The Depositional Environment of the Witwatersrand Goldfields: A Chronological Review of the Speculations and Observations.- 14-7 Hallbauer, D. K., and K.T. VAN WARMELO: Fossilized Plants in Thucholite from Precambrian Rocks of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.- Other Deposits.- References.- 15: Gold Deposits—Placers.- Eluvial Placers.- Alluvial Placers.- 15-1 Tyrrell, J. B.: The Law of the Pay-Streak in Placer Deposits.- 15-2 Lindgren, W.: Gold of the Tertiary Gravels.- 15-3 Mackay, B.R: Economic Geology: Placer Gold.- 15-4 Shilo, N. A., and Yu. V. Shumilov: Mechanisms of Behaviour of Gold during Placer Formation Processes in the North-East of the USSR.- 15-5 Zhelnin, S. G., and Yu. A. Travin: Comparative Features of Placer Geology in the Modern Structure of the North-Eastern U.S.S.R..- Special Problems of Placer Gold.- 15-6 Mertie, J. B., JR.: Placer Gold in Alaska.- 15-7 Cheney, E. S., and T. C. Patton: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- 15-8 Gunn, C. B.: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- 15-9 Tuck, R.: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- 15-10 Krook, L: Origin of the Bedrock Values of Placer Deposits.- References.- 16: Oxidation and Secondary Enrichment of Gold Deposits.- 16-1 Emmons, W. H.: Gold.- 16-2 Smirnov, S. S.: Gold.- 16-3 Zvyagintsev, O: Review: Behavior of Gold in the Zone of Oxidation of Auriferous Sulphide Deposits.- 16-4 Lesure, F. G.: Residual Enrichment and Supergene Transport of Gold. Calhoun Mine. Lumpkin County, Georgia.- References.- 17: Gold Deposits—Special Topics.- Associated Minerals and Elements in Auriferous Deposits.- Au/Ag Ratios and Fineness of Native Gold in Auriferous Deposits.- Wall Rock Alteration Effects in Auriferous Deposits.- Structural Environment of Deposition of Epigenetic Gold Deposits.- References.- 7-1 White, W. H.: The Mechanism and Environment of Gold Deposition in Veins.- 17-2 Ebbutt, F.: Relationships of Minor Structures to Gold Deposition in Canada.- 18: The Economics of Gold and Gold Mining.- History of the Economics of Gold to the End of the Middle Ages.- Economics of Gold during the Transition to Modern Times.- Economics of Gold and Gold Mining during the Modern Era.- Uses of Gold.- The Future of Gold.- Conclusions.- References and Selected Bibliography.- Author Citation Index.

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