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by Buddy Holly
Geffen/Decca/Chronicles' 2005 release Gold is a retitled reissue of the 1993 double-disc set The Buddy Holly Collection, bearing different artwork but the same liner notes. Given the reluctance of MCA to release a CD version of the complete Buddy Holly recordings (due to either legal issues or a skepticism of its commercial worth), this set -- whether in


Geffen/Decca/Chronicles' 2005 release Gold is a retitled reissue of the 1993 double-disc set The Buddy Holly Collection, bearing different artwork but the same liner notes. Given the reluctance of MCA to release a CD version of the complete Buddy Holly recordings (due to either legal issues or a skepticism of its commercial worth), this set -- whether in its Gold incarnation or as The Buddy Holly Collection -- stands as the most comprehensive and greatest CD-era retrospective of the legendary rock & roller. Though it contains all the big hits, this is not the place to turn if you're only looking for "That'll Be the Day," "Not Fade Away," "Everyday," "Oh Boy!," "Peggy Sue," "Maybe Baby," "Rave On," "Well All Right," and "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" -- they're all here, but they don't start unrolling until track 15 on the first disc. No, this collection is for listeners who know the hits but need more; namely, they need proof that Holly was one of the greatest, most inventive artists in the first wave of rock & roll, which this collection certainly illustrates, through its selection of lesser-known sides that showcase both his wild-man rockabilly ways and his sensitive songwriting. If the set takes a little while to get going -- it kicks off with the dynamite "Down the Line," but then the collection, and Holly, take a little while to find a groove -- there are also no bum tracks here, and taken as a whole, Buddy's gifts as a songwriter and a rocker are staggering. Until the complete box is finally issued on CD, this will have to stand as the most comprehensive Holly collection on CD, and as such, it's absolutely necessary for anybody who loves American music of the 20th century.

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Disc 1

  1. Down the Line
  2. Soft Place in My Heart
  3. Holly Hop
  4. Blue Days (Aka Blue Days, Black Nights)
  5. Love Me
  6. Midnight Shift
  7. Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight
  8. Changing All Those Changes
  9. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
  10. Rock Around with Ollie Vee
  11. Girl on My Mind
  12. Ting-A-Ling
  13. Modern Don Juan
  14. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  15. That'll Be the Day
  16. I'm Lookin' for Someone to Love
  17. Worlds of Love
  18. Not Fade Away
  19. Everyday
  20. Tell Me How
  21. Ready Teddy
  22. Listen to Me
  23. Oh, Boy!
  24. It's Too Late
  25. Peggy Sue

Disc 2

  1. I'm Gonna Love You Too
  2. Look at Me
  3. Little Baby
  4. You've Got Love
  5. Maybe Baby
  6. Rock Me My Baby
  7. You're So Square (Baby, I Don't Care)
  8. Rave On
  9. Fool's Paradise
  10. Take Your Time
  11. Well...All Right
  12. Think It Over
  13. Early in the Morning
  14. Heartbeat
  15. It's So Easy
  16. Wishing
  17. Love's Made a Fool of You
  18. Reminiscing
  19. True Love Ways
  20. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
  21. Raining in My Heart
  22. Peggy Sue Got Married
  23. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
  24. Learning the Game
  25. What to Do

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Buddy Holly   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Tommy Allsup   Guitar
Sonny Curtis   Fiddle,Guitar
Grady Martin   Rhythm Guitar
Norman Petty   Organ,Piano,Celeste,Keyboards
Sam "The Man" Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Jerry Allison   Drums,Background Vocals
Owen Bradley   Piano
Panama Francis   Drums
Joe Mauldin   Bass
Boots Randolph   Tenor Saxophone
Niki Sullivan   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Farris Coursey   Drums
Lyn Baily   Bass
Don Guess   Bass
C.W. Kendall   Piano
Bob Lapham   Background Vocals
Stan Lark   Bass
Bob Linville   Background Vocals
Keith McCormack   Rhythm Guitar
Vi Petty   Piano,Keyboards
Bill Pickering   Background Vocals
John Pickering   Background Vocals
George Tomsco   Guitar
Larry Welborn   Bass
Bob "Crow" Clarke   Drums
Ramona Tollet   Background Vocals
George Atwood   Bass
Doug Roberts   Drums

Technical Credits

Paul Anka   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Bobby Darin   Composer
Buddy Holly   Composer
Roy Orbison   Composer
Chuck Willis   Composer
King Curtis   Composer
Sonny Curtis   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Woody Harris   Composer
Norman Petty   Composer,Producer
Shorty Long   Composer
Jerry Allison   Composer
Bumps Blackwell   Composer
Owen Bradley   Producer
Felice Bryant   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
Dick Jacobs   Director,Producer
Joe Mauldin   Composer
Andy McKaie   Reissue Producer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Niki Sullivan   Composer
Johnny Wilson   Composer
Don Guess   Composer
C.W. Kendall   Composer
Vartan   Art Direction
Jack Neal   Composer
Bobby Montgomery   Composer
Charles Hardin   Composer
John Marascalco   Composer
Earl Bud Lee   Composer
Sonny LeGlaire   Composer
Horace Linsley   Composer
Bill Tilghman   Composer
Jimmie Ainsworth   Composer
Sonny West   Composer
Ella Holley   Composer
Sue Parrish   Composer
Susan Heather   Composer
Ben Hall   Composer

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BP32 More than 1 year ago
Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Buddy Holly not only wears the crown as a rock and roll pioneer, but his influence remains immeasurable. His tragic and untimely death, which was caused by a plane crash that also claimed the lives of The Big Bopper and Richie Valens, occurred fifty years ago, yet his style and approach has continued to resonate strongly throughout dozens of recordings over the decades. A two record set, "Buddy Holly Gold," features a nice mix of hit singles and lesser known tracks. Buddy's earliest cuts like "Down The Line," "Midnight Shift," "Blue Days" and the chirpy instrumental grooves of "Holly Hop" capture the fledging star performing a varied stew of musical genres, ranging from pop to rhythm and blues to country and western, with substance and taste. By 1957, rock and roll was dominating the airwaves, and that was when Buddy and his group, The Crickets, scored their first nationwide chart topper with "That'll Be The Day," a song so catchy that it there was no way it could be ignored. Fresh and invigorating, the tune introduced the world to Buddy's boyish, hiccupping vocals, accompanied by his ringing guitar riffs, which as noted, inspired generations of kids to emulate such a sound. Had there been no Buddy Holly, there would be no Beatles, Rolling Stones, Byrds, Todd Rundgren, Raspberries, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Ramones and the list goes on and on. And of course, there's The Hollies, who went as far as nicking their name from their idol. A self-contained band, The Crickets had chops to spare, which proved to be a perfect fit for Buddy's finely crafted songs. Sparkling arrangements, joined by streams of snappy hooks and tight and enthused playing characterize the music, that half a century later, still smacks of innovation and adventure. From the mid-tempo balladry of "Words of Love" to the shuffling beat of "Not Fade Away" to the hard rocking rushes of "Oh Boy!," "Rave On" and "Think It Over," here's a record flooded with energy and excitement. Now add ""I'm Gonna Love You Too," "Fool's Paradise," It's So Easy," "Peggy Sue," "Tell Me How," "Heartbeat" and "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" to the show, and you've got a certified masterpiece right at your fingertips. As evidenced by this well conceived collection, Buddy Holly exercised his creativity and originality to full effects, leaving behind him some of the greatest pop rock nuggets ever put to tape.