Gold: Greatest Hits [Deluxe Sound & Vision] [2004]

Gold: Greatest Hits [Deluxe Sound & Vision] [2004]

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by Carpenters

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Usually the name Gold: Greatest Hits means "avoid this album." Many times small labels will buy the rights to some obscure songs by a big-name artist and then release it under that very title. But despite the name, this collection keeps the crap in the middle of the album, buried between the good stuff. In fact, this is a


Usually the name Gold: Greatest Hits means "avoid this album." Many times small labels will buy the rights to some obscure songs by a big-name artist and then release it under that very title. But despite the name, this collection keeps the crap in the middle of the album, buried between the good stuff. In fact, this is a really good retrospective of this band. The dark and lonely ballads that Karen Carpenter sing take center stage, pushing brother Richard's pop contributions to the background. The album starts strong enough, featuring several of their biggest hits, including "Superstar," "Rainy Days and Mondays," "Goodbye to Love," and "It's Going to Take Some Time." And the album ends with more big hits, such as "Top of the World," "(They Long to Be) Close to You," and "We've Only Just Begun"; even their Klaatu cover, "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft," makes it. But the middle is a danger zone of filler, featuring forgettable tracks like "Please Mr. Postman" and its ilk. But this collection has the requisite amount of good Carpenters songs to make it worthwhile, and anyone who does not have these songs on album should give this a listen. [Deluxe Sound & Vision also released a 2004 edition.]

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Disc 1

  1. Superstar
  2. Rainy Days and Mondays
  3. Top of the World
  4. Maybe It's You
  5. Let Me Be the One
  6. Reason to Believe
  7. Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
  8. Leave Yesterday Behind
  9. You Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore
  10. Bless the Beasts and Children
  11. It's Going to Take Some Time
  12. The Rainbow Connection
  13. Only Yesterday
  14. Sweet, Sweet Smile
  15. There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)
  16. California Dreamin'
  17. Solitaire
  18. We've Only Just Begun
  19. This Masquerade
  20. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Disc 2

  1. Yesterday Once More
  2. Please Mr. Postman
  3. Hurting Each Other
  4. I Need to Be in Love
  5. Merry Christmas Darling
  6. (They Long to Be) Close to You
  7. All You Get from Love Is a Love Song
  8. Sing
  9. Make Believe It's Your First Time
  10. Ticket to Ride
  11. Goodbye to Love
  12. I Just Fall in Love Again
  13. I Believe You
  14. Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again
  15. For All We Know
  16. Touch Me When We're Dancing
  17. I Won't Last a Day Without You
  18. Mr. Guder
  19. A Song for You
  20. Karen's Theme

Disc 3

  1. We've Only Just Begun
  2. Those Good Old Dreams
  3. Superstar
  4. Rainy Days and Mondays
  5. All You Get from Love Is a Love Song
  6. Top of the World
  7. Ticket to Ride
  8. Only Yesterday
  9. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
  10. Beechwood 4-5789
  11. Touch Me When We're Dancing
  12. Hurting Each Other
  13. Please Mr. Postman
  14. There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World)
  15. (They Long to Be) Close to You

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Carpenters   Primary Artist
Buddy Emmons   Pedal Steel Guitar
Buddy Childers   Flugelhorn
Tom Scott   Tenor Saxophone
Tim Weisberg   Flute
Richard Carpenter   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Jim Gordon   Drums
Hal Blaine   Drums
Bobby Bruce   Fiddle
Karen Carpenter   Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Carolyn Dennis   Background Vocals
Earl Dumler   English Horn,Oboe
Chuck Findley   Trumpet
Tom Hensley   Tack Piano
James Kanter   Clarinet
Jay Dee Maness   Pedal Steel Guitar
Harvey Mason   Drums
Timothy May   Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Mandolin
Bob Messenger   Flute,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soloist
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica
Jack Nimitz   Baritone Saxophone
Ray Parker   Guitar
Tony Peluso   Guitar,Electric Guitar
David Shostac   Flute
Sheridon Stokes   Flute,Recorder
Doug Strawn   Clarinet
Ron Tutt   Drums
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Carlena Williams   Background Vocals
Peter Limonick   Percussion
Larrie Londin   Drums
Julia Tillman   Background Vocals
Joe Osborn   Bass
Gregg Smith Singers   Background Vocals
Ed Green   Drums

Technical Credits

Juice Newton   Composer
Tim Hardin   Composer
Neil Sedaka   Composer
Marvin Gaye   Composer
Carole King   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Leon Russell   Composer
Bonnie Bramlett   Composer
Barry De Vorzon   Composer
Burt Bacharach   Composer
Steve Eaton   Composer
James Griffin   Composer
Albert Hammond   Composer
John Phillips   Composer
Michelle Phillips   Composer
Larry Weiss   Composer
Richard Carpenter   Composer,Liner Notes,Audio Production
Danny Wilde   Composer
Eddie Rambeau   Composer
Phil Cody   Composer
Bob Morrison   Composer
Don Addrisi   Composer
Kenny Ascher   Composer
Ken Bell   Composer
John Bettis   Composer
Dick Bogert   Engineer
Perry Botkin   Composer
Karen Carpenter   Producer,Audio Production
J. Fred Coots   Composer
Jack Daugherty   Producer,Audio Production
Hal David   Composer
Robert DeLaGarza   Engineer,Remixing
Steve Dorff   Composer
George Gordy   Composer
John Hendrickson   Engineer
Brian Holland   Composer
Dave Iveland   Engineer
Fred Karlin   Composer
Harry Lloyd   Composer
Richard Marx   Composer
Charles Paakkari   Engineer
David Pomeranz   Composer
Joe Raposo   Composer
Paul Riser   Arranger
Gloria Sklerov   Composer
Armin Steiner   Engineer
Geoff Stephens   Composer
William "Mickey" Stevenson   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Peter Udell   Composer
Hank Williams   Composer
Paul Williams   Composer
Johnny Wilson   Composer
Otha Young   Composer
Roger Young   Engineer,Remixing
Larry Herbstritt   Composer
Dick Addrisi   Composer
Georgia Dobbins   Composer
Terry Draper   Composer
J.L. Wallace   Composer
Kenny Bell   Composer
William Garrett   Composer
Leslie Reed   Composer
Terry Skinner   Composer
Gary Geld   Composer
Robert Bateman   Composer
Toni Stern   Composer
John Woloschuk   Composer
Roger Nichols   Composer
Frank Pooler   Composer
Joe Osborn   Engineer
R. Wilson   Composer
Freddie Gorman   Composer
Justin Cody   Composer
W. Henderson   Composer
Bud Rehak   Composer
Roger S. Nichols   Composer
Paul H. Williams   Composer

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Gold: Greatest Hits 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
harperbruce More than 1 year ago
I grew up in the age of the Beatles, but they were my sister's group. For me, the first singers I never failed to listen to as often as possible were Karen and Richard Carpenter. Their lush music, topped by Karen's soulful alto voice and Richard's compositions (with John Bettis) and multidubbed arrangements, were the anodyne to the turbulence of the late Sixties and early Seventies. Their hits did regular appearances on AM radio stations (yes, Virginia, there _was_ music on AM radio!) for years, until Karen's marriage, diagnosis with anorexia, and tragic death from a heart attack.

The complete catalogue of their material can be found only on vinyl today; the masters have never been brought out for complete reissue by A&M Records. But, if you want a goodly taste of what the Carpenters offered, this retrospective CD set gives you a fine taste. You'll find pieces on here from the rarely heard, little known "Ticket to Ride" and "Mr. Guder," to the classics such as "Superstar," "Rainy Days and Mondays" and "Goodbye to Love," down to the little appreciated gems such as "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft." A few oddities I've never heard before are also on here, such as a _wild_ version of "California Dreamin.'" (I can only suspect that this was either a studio tape that was never used, or perhaps from Karen's solo album that sank like a stone after its posthumous release.)

This collection does not include everything, obviously. Where is the lovely, fun-filled rendition of "Goofus," or Karen's version of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"? Many lovely B-side and album-only gems are missing here, and can only be found if you go into the collectors' vinyl market -- unless A&M and Richard realize they're sitting on a gold mine with my generation! This set, though, isn't too bad, and will certainly give you the essentials.