The Golden Cord

The Golden Cord

by Paul Genesse

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AGERANGE: Ages 12 to 18.

Dragons and Griffins are not the only dangers facing Cliffton, a secret village in Ae'leron. The Dwarves enslave humans for their armies, forcing them into hiding. Drake Bloodstone, Cliffton's most vigilant guardian, would do anything to protect his people from Aevians and Dwarves. Ridiculed for choosing to guard instead of hunt, Drake realizes his destiny as a hunter when two Dwarves arrive in Cliffton. The Dwarves seek a guide who will lead them on a quest to find their lost kin. Drake feels it is his sacred destiny to escort the Dwarves and volunteers to be their guide. After a few days, Drake discovers the Dwarves are hiding their true purpose. They reveal that while they are in search of their lost kin, they are also Dragon Hunters and are tracking Draglune, the King of Dragons and the most Ancient Evil, who will bring a great war that will end the world. Drake knows he must do everything in his power to help stop Draglune and save his people. Book one of the Iron Dragon series is a rich and compelling fantasy full of adventure, danger, dragons, battles, revenge, magic, and more. Readers will root for Drake, a strong character who struggles both physically and mentally with the sacred duty handed to him. Drake is becoming a man while learning to follow his heart and trust his enemies in order to save everything he loves. The plot is well constructed, the characters are wonderful, and the middle-ages setting creates an ominous feel. The cliffhanger ending will leave readers eager for more of this great recommendation for fans of Lord of the Rings. Reviewer: Sarah Cofer
April 2008 (Vol. 31, No. 1)

Library Journal

The plateau world of Ae'leron lives in fear of the griffins and dragons that threaten them from the air and the dwarven Drobin Empire that rules the humans with an iron fist. When Drake Bloodstone, a young guardian of the hidden human enclave of Cliffton, is forced to lead a party of Drobin to the lair of the Dragon King, he knows that the fate of his loved ones hangs in the balance. This debut novel promises to unlock a realm of magic and warfare in a unique world of cloud-bound lands and a mysterious Underworld. A good choice for larger fantasy collections.

—Jackie Cassada
Kirkus Reviews - Kirkus Reviews
Mines, magic and monsters (oh my!) mark the author's debut, the first installment of the Iron Dragon Series. This epic fantasy is reminiscent of the role-playing games and the sword-and-sorcery novels of the 1980s . . . and not in a good way. Like those past works, the plot borrows heavily and inexpertly from Tolkien, and involves a quest studded with perils drawn straight from a dungeonmaster's handbook. In the world of Ae'leron, the Drobin, or dwarves, reign over the Nexans, or humans, and enmity and resentment lie between the ruler and the ruled. But two dwarves, Bellor Fardelver and Thor Hargrim, and a human, the resoundingly named Drake Bloodstone, must learn to put aside their differences as they journey to the lost dwarven mine of Quarzaak in search of the demonic dragon king, Draglune, who threatens both their races. Occasional glimmers of talent struggle to emerge-for example, Cliffton, a human town bordering a misty Void teeming with soul-stealing demons, shows some imagination-but those glimmers are choked off by the cliche-ridden story. Pass this one by.

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Iron Dragon Series, #1
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5.90(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)

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