Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

by Lisa Trumbauer

Text and photographs present an introduction to the dog breed known as the golden retriever, including its growth from puppy to adult, and pet care information.  See more details below


Text and photographs present an introduction to the dog breed known as the golden retriever, including its growth from puppy to adult, and pet care information.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
The relaxed golden retriever on the cover belies the action inside this early reader. Focusing on the golden retriever's proficiency as a retriever of items from sticks to birds, the book's first chapter, "The Retriever," spotlights that basic skill. With clear, full-page, color photographs the golden retriever's active nature and need for human companionship is highlighted. Large type, short sentences, and clear graphics help even below-level readers breeze through various chapters, including "The Retriever," "From Puppy to Adult," and "Golden Retriever Care." A great deal of emphasis is placed on the breed's love of retrieving but could have been made more interesting by including the breed's excellence as an obedience show competitor, guide dog for the blind, and exceptionally friendly nature. Discussions of "jobs" dogs can perform can develop from the photographs. The golden retriever's size and need for exercise and grooming are all covered. Explanations of all depicted activities are listed in a small "Glossary." The "Read More" and "Internet Sites" chapters, as well as the "Index," headed with large colorful bones, offer opportunities for further study and research about this fun-loving breed and may require assistance. The "Internet Sites" listing offers an invitation to visit by typing in a special code for age-appropriate sites related to this particular book. This title is part of the "Pebble Dogs" set of breed-specific books. Parents, librarians and teachers may want to collect them all since each is well written, engaging, and captures the essence of the particular breed while supporting national science standards related to life science. 2006, CapstonePress, Ages 4 to 6.
—Debra Lampert-Rudman
Children's Literature - Dorina Lazo Gilmore
This book will make animal lovers want to own a golden retriever. The simple text is complemented by candid color photographs which create appeal for readers. The book is part of a series called "Perritos/ Dogs," which meets life science standards. Each section includes appropriate bites of information: two sentences in English translated into Spanish. Readers will learn interesting facts about the golden retriever breed. For example, "Golden retrievers do not like to be alone. They need people to love them and play with them." The text could use more variety in diction to make the information more interesting rather than using the word "retrieve" over and over. However, this is a solid book for classroom use. A glossary and an index at the back of the book give subject-specific words and can help readers interpret the text. Another helpful section explains how to use the Internet for further research. These books would be especially useful to teachers who want to instigate independent learning about specific breeds of dogs. Students could read these books and use information for short, written reports in a science class about animals. Reviewer: Dorina Lazo Gilmore

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Capstone Press
Publication date:
Caballos de fuerza / Horsepower Series
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
6.20(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
4 - 7 Years

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Lisa Trumbauer is the New York Times best-selling author of A Practical Guide to Dragons. In addition, she has written about 300 other books for children, including mystery novels, picture books, and nonfiction books on just about every topic under the sun (including the sun!).

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