The Golden Spiral (Hourglass Door Trilogy Series #2)

The Golden Spiral (Hourglass Door Trilogy Series #2)

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by Lisa Mangum

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The bank is eroding. The barriers are thinning. And time is running out.

The hourglass door has closed behind Dante, sending him back in time to hunt down Zo, Tony, and V. Although giving him up was the hardest test she ever faced, Abby knows that Dante is the only one who can stop the others from destroying time itself. But almost immediately, things start to

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The bank is eroding. The barriers are thinning. And time is running out.

The hourglass door has closed behind Dante, sending him back in time to hunt down Zo, Tony, and V. Although giving him up was the hardest test she ever faced, Abby knows that Dante is the only one who can stop the others from destroying time itself. But almost immediately, things start to change, and Abby’s worst fears are realized when Zo begins targeting her past specifically.

With each new change that ripples into her present, Abby’s life continues to spiral out of control. Her relationships with Jason, Natalie, and even her family are threatened to the breaking point. Zo’s power is greater than Abby ever imagined. Will her love for Dante be enough to turn the tide?

Editorial Reviews

Deseret News

"In a time when copycats abound, Mangum has created a unique story with interesting characters and an intriguing plot. And because Hourglass centers on relationships, fantastical elements feel believable rather than, well, fantastical."—Deseret News
ForeWord Reviews

Young Adult Book of the Year Gold Award—ForeWord Reviews
Meridian Magazine - Holly Newton

“Give yourself time to read them because once you begin, you won’t be able to stop!”—Holly Newton, Meridian Magazine

"Mangum's book flowed smoothly and effortlessly and led me through a tale I'll not soon forget.", 5-star rating, Gold Star Award
Ally Condie

"The Hourglass Door has everything: a heroine who is genuine, strong, and lovable; an interesting and compelling love story; gorgeous language, fast pacing, and an intricate and exciting plot. For readers who have been waiting for the next book to sweep them off their feet-this is it."—Ally Condie, New York Times bestselling author

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Shadow Mountain Publishing
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Hourglass Door Trilogy Series, #2
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8.06(w) x 5.54(h) x 1.05(d)
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13 - 17 Years

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“He’s gone, Abby,” Jason said quietly, sliding his arm around my shoulder and leaning his head against mine. “And he’s not coming back.”

I closed my eyes, and for one small flash of time I wondered if Jason was right. It had been weeks, and if Dante had survived the passage through the door a second time, then he, like Zo, was now a master of time. He could go anywhere and any when he wanted. And if that was the case, then why hadn’t he come back to me, if only to let me know he was okay? Deep down I knew he would come if he could, but since he hadn’t, I feared that it was because he couldn’t. I worried that something had happened to him somewhere along the river of time. What if he had never made it past the door? What if he was trapped somewhere on the bank, or lost in time? What if he’d already confronted Zo . . . and lost? What if I never found out what happened to him? What if he was gone forever?

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Lisa Mangum has worked with books ever since elementary school, when she volunteered at the school library during recess. She worked in a bookstore while attending the University of Utah, graduating with honors with a degree in English. In addition to her writing career she works as a book publishing professional.

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The Golden Spiral (Hourglass Door Trilogy Series #2) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing book! I would recomend this 4 everyone! This book has a lot of romance in it but not too much. Every teen should read it! :-)<3
trishalovesbook4life More than 1 year ago
I would say this book is for everyone but most for teens. omg i so love this story because you can relate to the love and all the things they go through. yes i would read all the books that she writes!!! i cant wait to get to the next one!!!!!!!!
Tawni More than 1 year ago
The Golden Spiral picks right up from where the first book left off, which was ideal for the storyline. Full of unique twists, adventure and love, The Golden Spiral is unlike anything I've ever read. It is the perfect follow up to Lisa Mangum's The Hourglass Door. This is the type of read that can keep a reader on the edge of their seats wanting more! With Dante gone, Abby is left with an important task that may be the only thing that can get him back. She's forced to live her life without knowing what's coming, or disappearing, and take risks in hopes that someone will believe her. Unlikely friendships arise, but Abby needs all the help she can get. The Golden Spiral is full of friendship, happiness, sadness and longing. I enjoyed the different emotional angle that is played on the reader. Because of this, I felt that the story opened up for the better. At first, I was weary about reading it, due to the fact that Dante is gone. It is tough for readers, I would suspect, to remain invested in the story if such a large part of it is missing. Not to fear though, Mangum knows how to snatch the reader up! Abby is truly a fascinating character. I loved seeing how she's grown within this installment. She's adventurous, but isn't afraid to show that she is fearful and knows when to kick it up a notch. I love her voice and can relate to her on many levels. She's an awesome and refreshing heroine. Overall, this was a fantastic read with just the right amount of adventure and romance. I am looking forward to the final installment of the Hourglass Door trilogy.
jacobblackfan More than 1 year ago
its great
AliceGrace More than 1 year ago
What do you say after you've read one of the most amazing books ever written? I'm not quite sure what the right words are supposed to be but I'll start with: I absolutely loved this book! This was a great continuation of The Hourglass Door Trilogy. Lisa Mangum is a wonderfully talented author! I'm speechless at the moment. The Golden Spiral was wonderfully plotted and executed. Mangum stayed true to her characters while bringing us an entertaining read. As I read the book, I could feel that time was essential. Things needed to happen quickly but they didn't - that's good thing. The author didn't drag it out but she really brought out the.... All right, this is the only way I can explain it. Think of a really slow week. You feel like it's never going to end and you really need to do something but can't until the end of the week. Stay with me now. I'm not saying this book was boring, it definitely wasn't. Now think of how you're so conscious of time and feel like it can't pass quickly enough even though a lot is happening. Sometimes it all comes to a point that it feels like so many things are happening that you can't believe that you're only a day or two into the week. I hope I explained this accurately because that's what this book is like. So much is happening but it doesn't feel like it. The whole feeling of the book is slow but not in a bad way. It was the perfect setting for the whole plot. You learn enough about Leo and Dante's past just to keep you satisfied. There are still so many questions I have though. I mean, who's Sofia? They still haven't told us who that is. I'm dying for Abby to ask Dante again. The Golden Spiral didn't unfold the way I expected it too at all. Wonderful book and amazing sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a book that pulls the reader in and is very up and down k mean really good then a bad part will happen and back and forth. Dante and abby are perfect and zo is still up to his old tricks its so sad tony and v died. It was all zo's faughlt someone should cut his face up and teach him a lesson. Leo is amazing he is very helpful. Abby has it the worst with zo. He tries to change everything. He earases her family and makes her parents divorced. He is so cruel.if you havvent read the first one rish to the library ans get it. Abby-talented Zo-enemy Dante-boyfriend Natilie-best friend Valirie- lady that goes crazy V-like a shadow Leo- owner of the dungeun Mom-syco Dad-fun Sister-anouwing Great book Awesome Brillient Brainy Yonder Did A Nutty Thing Exciting Zing Off Vanrable Very Awesome Like I Really Inteand Extra Not A Total Idiot Likes I-jason Eee Jerk And Super Offencive NOT!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alison_Witt More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the first book in the series by Lisa Mangum, The Hourglass Door. It had a clever and imaginative concept, a quick-moving plotline with plenty of action, and a great love story. Her second book, The Golden Spiral was a disappointing sequel to the original. The story was complicated and hard to follow, and the author further cluttered the story with way too much unnecessary detail that did not pertain to the plot. I often felt that the author must have believed she was being paid by the word, considering all of the long passages that really did nothing to help develop the story or the characters. She spent far too much time chronicling things such as how the main character, Abby learns to develop pictures in a darkroom, and not enough time with developing the characters. The characters in the book felt very flat and two-dimensional. The antagonist, Zo was very evil, with no redeeming quality, while the protagonists were kind of boring and predictable. The dialogue did not do much to make the characters interesting either, and often the conversations between them felt very unnatural. Despite the shortcomings of the book, I will say that I liked the ending. *SPOILER ALERT* I thought that the concept of time being in a loop was very interesting. As Abby learns that she has already been in this situation before, she realizes that she can break the time loop and change her destiny, if she so chooses. The themes of free agency and making difficult choices made for an intriguing conclusion to the story. Abby is faced with the choice of simply doing nothing and getting her old life back (without the love of her life, Dante), or risking everything for a chance to have it all. Though a part of her wants to take the easier path and allow her life to go back to a time when it was far less complicated, her heart will lead her to a less certain, but potentially more fulfilling future. Ultimately, I was disappointed with The Golden Spiral. The good ending could not really make up for the overly complicated plot filled with page after page of unnecessary detail and the poorly developed characters. Perhaps Lisa Mangum will be able to redeem herself and her story in the third and final book in this series, The Forgotten Locket. I am hopeful that she can recapture the magic of her first book, and give Abby and Dante the ending to their story that they deserve.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
In this sequel to THE HOURGLASS DOOR, Dante has gone back in time to hunt down Zo, Tony, and V before they destroy time. When Dante doesn't come back, Abby realizes something must have gone wrong. Now, things in her life are changing . . . literally. Zo is using the river to change her timeline. Friendships are destroyed, family members are erased, but Abby is left with the heartache of remembering how things used to be. Her past, present, and future are in danger of being destroyed if she can't find a way to stop Zo. Using Dante's blueprints, Abby builds a new hourglass door in the hopes she can save Dante and find a way to keep her life from spiraling out of control before it's too late. If she doesn't stop Zo, it won't just be her life he destroys. I loved Mangum's first book, THE HOURGLASS DOOR, and the fast pace and excitement of THE GOLDEN SPIRAL kept me twisting and turning as I wound my way through the book. I loved Abby, Dante, and the other characters even more as I got further insight into their lives. The ending left me hanging and I can't wait to read the final book in this trilogy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago