Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop

by Mike McAlary

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
McAlary (Cop Shot) here affectingly tells the gutsy story of good cop Trimboli, who staked out bad cop Dowd for five years to bring him to justice. Dowd, often drunk or high on drugs, not only fronted for drug dealers but also confiscated and subsequently sold drugs, robbed or set up robberies of drug dealers and engaged in other malfeasance. But with the protective fraternity style pervasive in the department, Internal Affairs officer Trimboli was forced to fight a lone battle. Complicating his task was his discovery that high-ranking officers did not want to know about departmental corruption lest they jeapordize their own careers. The break in the case came when Dowd was arrested for drug trafficking on Long Island and the NYPD could no longer ignore his criminal behavior. Finally, after investigations by the NYPD and the DEA, Dowd was tried in 1993 for distributing drugs and sentenced to 14 years. Photos not seen by PW. (Dec.)
Library Journal
Corruption in the New York Police Department is cyclical. There was the famous scandal of 1950; then Frank Serpico revealed corruption during the 1970s. Now, in the 1990s, it is Joe Trimboli's turn. McAlary (Cop Shot, Jove, 1992), the journalist who broke the story in the New York Post, presents a fascinating account of how one honest police officer tried to expose rogue cop Michael Dowd. Trimboli, who worked in the Internal Affairs Department, attempted for five years to get Dowd arrested for his illegal activities. Instead, the NYPD ignored his reports, fearing that another scandal would harm the department's reputation. Ironically, it was the Suffolk County Police who eventually nailed Dowd, who was tried in a federal court for his crimes. When the story broke, the NYPD tried to make Trimboli the fall guy. A sad story of a problem that continues to plague the NYPD. For large true crime collections.-Michael Sawyer, Clinton P.L., Iowa

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