Good Eggs: A Memoir

Good Eggs: A Memoir

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by Phoebe Potts

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In the tradition of the acclaimed graphic memoirs Fun Home and Persepolis, Phoebe Potts’s Good Eggs is a funny, insightful, and deeply moving book about learning to appreciate what we have...even when we can’t seem to get what we want. In Good Eggs, Phoebe’s quest to conceive a baby forces her to come to terms with


In the tradition of the acclaimed graphic memoirs Fun Home and Persepolis, Phoebe Potts’s Good Eggs is a funny, insightful, and deeply moving book about learning to appreciate what we have...even when we can’t seem to get what we want. In Good Eggs, Phoebe’s quest to conceive a baby forces her to come to terms with her lapsed Judaism, her aspirations as an artist, her neurotic family, and her depression—happily, all with the support of her true loving husband. Potts’s clever, charming, and wonderfully detailed graphic novel evokes the intimacy of Alison Bechdel and the humor of New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
First-time graphic novel creator Potts offers readers a sprawling and lovable memoir about her and her husband’s attempts to become parents. Documenting travails with insurance companies, doctors, family members, and her own body, she shows us the down and dirty details with warmth and humor. While the quest for parenthood structures the book, Potts makes plenty of detours into her past with tales of organizing uncooperative union workers in Texas; learning Spanish and trying her darndest to mix with workers in Mexico; experiencing paralyzing depression back at her parents’ home in Martha’s Vineyard. Potts also writes about her discovery and exploration of her faith. At one point, considering becoming a rabbi, she visits several rabbis; the encounters are funny and poignant and help her along the path of figuring out what truly matters to her. The loopy minutiae of her drawings, in which bodily functions are helpfully anthropomorphized, household pets project personalities as strong as those of the humans around them, and characters crowd the pages in a friendly cacophony of stories, is equally absorbing. Good Eggs joins other graphic novel memoirs about women’s lives, like Persepolis and Carol Tyler’s You’ll Never Know; a wonderfully told and deeply human story. (Oct.)
Boston Globe
“Potts tackles [this] sensitive subject with honesty and humor in Good Eggs.”
Marie Claire
“Potts’ cute, cartoon-like drawings tell the story of her quest to conceive a baby. You’ll giggle, you’ll cry, you’ll fall in love with the kooky-but-endearing characters.”
Anita Diamant
“Very funny, very sad, very wise.
Roz Chast
Good Eggs is mostly funny and sometimes sad, but always honest, intelligent, and completely involving.”
Paul Karasik
“Phoebe Potts has created a book that is soulful without being sappy, funny without being phony, and smart without being smart-ass.”
Hilary Price
“So honest, so funny, so smart. Good Eggs is full of great lines, both written and drawn.”
Alice D. Domar
Good Eggs provides a more-than-welcome respite for individuals and couples struggling with infertility. Phoebe Potts has accomplished what I have been waiting for, for a long time—an honest, bittersweet, and wonderfully humorous look at the emotional impact of the infertility process.”
Mary Jordan
“Funny! Laugh out loud! Like so many women, Phoebe Potts is having a hard time getting pregnant. But her take on it is so original, clever, and insightful that it will bring a knowing smile to anyone who’s been there—and even those who haven’t.”
Good Eggs is at times hilarious, at times poignant, and always successful at conveying the many layers of coping with infertility, from how to handle friends’ pregnancies and what to share with families to how to manage depression and maintain a healthy marriage.”
“Potts’ memoir recounts her efforts to become pregnant but encompases much beyond exploring her desire for motherhood. . . . Potts delievers a highly developed revelation of the layers, beyond coping with being a parent or not, that make up her identity.
Northshore Magazine
“Serious, observant, heartfelt, and hilarious. . . . Good Eggs will have special appeal for couples undergoing fertility treatments, but in 288 pages of black-and-white comic strip images, Potts takes on far more.”
Vineyard Gazette
“Simply put Good Eggs is a good read. . . . [Potts] is an engaging storyteller.”
Gloucester Times
“[An] often hilarious, sometimes tender story. . . . [with] lively drawings and spot-on humor . . . The drawings add layers of wit and insight to Potts’ life and its tangents.”
Library Journal
Potts and her husband, Jeff, want to have children, but the path to parenthood proves difficult and at times heartbreaking. Like other talented women comickers who came before her (see Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis and Alison Bechdel's Fun Home for just comparisons), Potts tells her story with equal parts humor and sadness. And while the book's chief narrative revolves around the couple's efforts to have a child, Potts peppers her account with tales of her time organizing unions in Texas, her once-crippling depression, her attempt at becoming a rabbi, and her somewhat complicated and often-hilarious relationship with her mother.Verdict Rarely flinching and always frank, first-time graphic memoirist Potts successfully brings us into her world of fertility treatments, mental illness, workers' unions, and Jewish Christmas without missing a beat. Highly recommended for readers (men and women) who have journeyed down a tough road, or want to read about someone who has. [Rebecca Vnuk highlighted Good Eggs as a "Dusty Book" last year in LJ's Shelf Renewal blog.—Ed.]—Beth Nerbonne, Rochester P.L., NH

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Phoebe Potts grew up in Brooklyn and then on Martha's Vineyard. A graduate of Smith College, she received her MFA from the Maine College of Art in Portland. She lives with her husband, the artist Jeffrey Marshall, in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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