Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments, MLA Update / Edition 4

Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments, MLA Update / Edition 4

by Lester Faigley, Jack Selzer

ISBN-10: 0205743374

ISBN-13: 9780205743377

Pub. Date: 06/09/2009

Publisher: Longman

This popular rhetoric/reader combines a brief, accessible introduction to argument with an anthology of provocative readings on contemporary issues.


This popular rhetoric/reader combines a brief, accessible introduction to argument with an anthology of provocative readings on contemporary issues.

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Table of Contents

Alternate Contents: Types of Arguments     xiv
Preface     xx
Introduction     1
Persuading with Good Reasons     1
What Do We Mean by Argument?     2
What Does Argument Mean for College Writers?     2
How Can You Argue Responsibly?     3
How Can You Argue Respectfully?     4
Reading and Discovering Arguments
Why Argue?     9
Why Do People Write Arguments?     9
Finding Good Reasons     10
Why Do Some Arguments Succeed?     12
What Are the Goals of Arguments?     16
What Are Rhetorical Appeals?     17
Rachel Carson, The Obligation to Endure     19
Reading Arguments     22
Read Critically     22
Read Actively     22
Finding Good Reasons     24
Recognize Fallacies     26
Respond as a Writer     28
Finding Arguments     30
Find Arguments in Everyday Conversations     30
Find a Topic that Interests You     33
Find a Claim by Exploring     37
Finding Good Reasons     39
Find a Claim by Reading     40
Find Good Reasons     44
Find Evidence to Support Good Reasons     50
Drafting and Revising Arguments     52
State and Evaluate Your Thesis     52
Think about Your Readers     54
Finding Good Reasons     55
Organize Your Argument     57
Write an Engaging Title and Introduction     58
Write a Strong Conclusion     59
Evaluate Your Draft     60
Respond to the Writing of Others     62
Edit and Proofread Carefully     64
Analyzing Arguments
Analyzing Written Arguments     69
What Is Rhetorical Analysis?     69
Build a Rhetorical Analysis     69
Analyze the Rhetorical Features     70
Analyze the Rhetorical Context     75
Write a Rhetorical Analysis     79
Barbara Jordan, Statement on the Articles of Impeachment     80
T. Jonathan Jackson (student), An Argument of Reason and Passion: Barbara Jordan's "Statement on the Articles of Impeachment"     84
Steps to Writing a Rhetorical Analysis     87
Analyzing Visual Arguments     90
What Is a Visual Argument?     90
Analyze Visual Persuasion     92
Analyze Visual Evidence     93
Build a Visual Analysis      100
Write a Visual Analysis     100
Angela Yamashita (student), Got Roddick?     101
Steps to Writing a Visual Analysis     104
Writing Arguments
Putting Good Reasons into Action     109
Use Different Approaches to Construct an Argument     110
Finding Good Reasons     111
Definition Arguments     113
Understand How Definition Arguments Work     113
Recognize Kinds of Definitions     114
Finding Good Reasons     117
Build a Definition Argument     118
Scott McCloud, Setting the Record Straight     121
Chris Nguyen (student), Speech Doesn't Have to Be Pretty to Be Protected     129
Steps to Writing a Definition Argument     134
Causal Arguments     137
Understand How Causal Arguments Work     137
Find Causes     138
Finding Good Reasons     140
Build a Causal Argument     142
Annie Murphy Paul, The Real Marriage Penalty     144
Emily Raine, Why Should I Be Nice to You? Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service     147
Steps to Writing a Causal Argument     153
Evaluation Arguments     156
Understand How Evaluation Arguments Work      156
Recognize Kinds of Evaluations     157
Finding Good Reasons     159
Build an Evaluation Argument     160
Michael Eric Dyson, Gangsta Rap and American Culture     162
Rashaun Giddens (student), Stop Loss or "Loss of Trust"     163
Steps to Writing an Evaluation Argument     174
Narrative Arguments     177
Understand How Narrative Arguments Work     178
Recognize Kinds of Narrative Arguments     179
Finding Good Reasons     180
Build a Narrative Argument     181
Leslie Marmon Silko, The Border Patrol State     182
Dagoberto Gilb, My Landlady's Yard     187
Steps to Writing a Narrative Argument     190
Rebuttal Arguments     192
Understand How Rebuttal Arguments Work     193
Finding Good Reasons     195
Recognize Kinds of Rebuttal Arguments     196
Build a Rebuttal Argument     199
Dan Stein, Crossing the Line     200
Gregory Rodriguez, Illegal Immigrants-They're Money     202
Steps to Writing a Rebuttal Argument     205
Proposal Arguments     210
Understand How Proposal Arguments Work     211
Recognize Components of Proposal Arguments     212
Finding Good Reasons     213
Build a Proposal Argument     214
Thomas Homer-Dixon and S. Julio Friedmann, Coal in a Nice Shade of Green     216
Kim Lee (student), Let's Make It a Real Melting Pot with Presidential Hopes for All     219
Steps to Writing a Proposal Argument     223
Designing and Presenting Arguments
Designing Arguments     229
Think About Your Readers     229
Know When to Use Images and Graphics     230
Compose and Edit Images     231
Create Tables, Charts, and Graphs     234
Design Pages for Print     236
Design Pages for the Web     238
Presenting Arguments     238
Plan in Advance     238
Design Effective Visuals     240
Focus on Your Delivery     242
Researching Arguments
Planning Research     247
Analyze the Research Task     247
Find a Subject     247
Ask a Research Question     249
Gather Information About the Subject     249
Draft a Working Thesis     252
Finding Sources     254
Search with Keywords     255
Find Books     256
Find Journal Articles     256
Find Web Sources     259
Evaluating and Recording Sources     263
Evaluate Print Sources     263
Find Information to Cite Print Sources     264
Evaluate Database Sources     266
Find Information to Cite a Database Source     266
Evaluate Web Sources     267
Find Information to Cite a Web Source     269
Writing the Research Paper     270
Review Your Goals and Thesis     270
Determine Your Contribution     270
Determine Your Main Points     271
Avoid Plagiarism     271
Quote Sources Without Plagiarizing     273
Summarize and Paraphrase Sources Without Plagiarizing     274
Incorporate Quotations     276
Incorporate Visuals     278
Documenting Sources in MLA Style     280
Elements of MLA Documentation     280
MLA In-Text Citations     284
MLA Works-Cited List: Books     287
MLA Works-Cited List: Periodicals     291
MLA Works-Cited List: Library Database Sources     293
MLA Works-Cited List: Online Sources     293
MLA Works-Cited List: Other Sources     295
Sample MLA Paper: Brian Witkowski (student), Need a Cure for Tribe Fever? How About a Dip in the Lake?     297
Documenting Sources in APA Style     304
Elements of APA Documentation     304
APA In-Text Citations     307
APA References List: Books     309
APA References List: Periodicals     310
APA References List: Library Database Sources     311
APA References List: Online Sources     311
APA References List: Other Sources     312
Contemporary Arguments     313
Negotiating the Environment     315
American Environmentalism     315
Contemporary Arguments     316
Edward O. Wilson, The Conservation Ethic     318
Sidebar: Aldo Leopold, From The Land Ethic     320
N. Scott Momaday, The Way to Rainy Mountain     323
Robert Bullard, How Race Affected the Federal Government's Response to Katrina     328
Wendell Berry, Manifesto: Mad Farmer Liberation Front     331
Issue in Focus: Climate Change     333
Al Gore, What Is Global Warming?     335
Al Gore, Ten Things to Do to Help Stop Global Warming     338
Christopher C. Horner, Top Ten "Global-Warming" Myths     339
Glenn McCoy, And Looking at Our Extended Forecast ... (cartoon)     340
Philip Jenkins, Burning at the Stake     343
Alex Williams, Buying into the Green Movement     345
Chicago Tribune, Fast Clothes vs. Green Clothes (editorial)     349
Elisabeth Rosenthal, Environmentally Unfriendly Trend: Fast Fashion     350
Sidebar: How "Green" Is Your T-Shirt?     351
From Reading to Writing     352
Confronting Sexual Difference     353
Sexual Difference in American Culture     353
Contemporary Arguments     354
Carmen Vazquez, Appearances     356
Peter J. Gomes, Homophobic? Read Your Bible     362
Ryan T. Anderson, Struggling Alone     365
Issue in Focus: Same-sex Marriage     368
Proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution     370
Matt Davies, We're Here to Defend ... (cartoon)     370
House of Representatives, The Defense of Marriage Act     371
Anna Quindlen, Evan's Two Moms     373
Sonya Geis, A New Tactic in Fighting Marriage Initiatives     374
From Reading to Writing     376
William F. Jasper, Subversion Through Perversion     377
Marc Haeringer, Coming Out in the Line of Fire     380
Emily Martin and Katie Schwartzmann, Bad for Both Boys and Girls     383
Andrew Sullivan, The End of Gay Culture     384
Alexa Hackbarth, Vanity, Thy Name Is Metrosexual     396
Globalization: Importing and Exporting America     400
America's Place in the World     400
Contemporary Arguments     401
Henry Payne, The Bad News Is ... (cartoon)     401
Mae M. Ngai, No Human Being Is Illegal     406
Michelle Malkin, Beware of Illegal Aliens Seeking Hazmat Licenses     411
Sidebar: Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus     408
Sidebar: Thomas Bailey Aldrich, The Unguarded Gates     410
Helen Epstein, Immigration Maze     413
Wiley Miller, What's the Worst That Can Happen ...? (cartoon)     414
Todd Gitlin, Under the Sign of Mickey Mouse & Co.     415
Urvashi Butalia, Living the Dream     419
Sidebar: National Readership Survey 2006: Women's Attitudes in India     421
Laura Carlsen, Wal-Mart vs. Pyramids     422
Darla K. Deardorff, In Search of Intercultural Competence     421
Science and Ethics     427
The Ethics of Science and Technology     427
Contemporary Arguments     428
Bill Joy, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us     429
Francis Fukuyama, A Tale of Two Dystopias     438
Ralph C. Merkle, Nanotechnology: Designs for the Future     446
Ursula Franklin, Beautiful, Functional, and Frugal     452
Bill Gates, A Robot in Every Home     453
Christine Soares, Attitude Screen     460
Issue in Focus: Stem Cell Research     462
Ron Reagan, Speech at the Democratic National Convention, July 21, 2004     464
Pat Oliphant, The Ronald Reagan Eulogy Will Be Delivered ... (cartoon)     466
Steven Milloy, Ron Reagan Wrong on Stem Cells     466
Richard M. Doerflinger, Don't Clone Ron Reagan's Agenda     468
From Reading to Writing     470
Privacy     472
New Challenges to Personal Privacy     472
Contemporary Arguments     474
David Brin, Three Cheers for the Surveillance Society!     475
Ted Koppel, Take My Privacy, Please!     484
John McPherson, It's Part of the Government's New Emphasis ... (cartoon)     488
Randall Larsen, Traveler's Card Might Just Pave the Way for a National ID Card     488
Jennifer Burk, Counselors Walk a Fine Line Weighing the Rights of Student and College     490
Jeffrey Zaslow, The End of Youthful Indiscretions: Internet Makes Them Permanent Blots     492
Issue in Focus: Biometrics: Measuring the Body for Identity     494
Steven C. Bennett, Privacy Implications of Biometrics     496
Paul Saffo, A Trail of DNA and Data     502
FBI, Using Technology to Catch Criminals     506
Russ Ryan, Emerging Biometric Technologies     507
Sidebar: Voice Verification for Transactions     510
J. G. Domke, Will Cash and Credit Cards Become Extinct in the Not-So-Distant Future?     511
From Reading to Writing     513
Regulating Substances, Regulating Bodies     515
Private Bodies, Public Controls     515
Contemporary Arguments     517
Joseph A. Califano Jr., The Right Drug to Target: Cutting Marijuana Use     518
Eric Schlosser, Make Peace with Pot     520
Issue in Focus: Regulating Tobacco     523
Philip Morris, Camel Lights Ad     523
American Legacy Foundation, Antismoking Ad     524
Gary Trudeau, Doonesbury: The Sin Lobby Gins Up ... (cartoon)     525
Douglas Bettcher and Chitra Subramaniam, The Necessity of Global Tobacco Regulations     526
Walter E. Williams, Nazi Tactics     528
From Reading to Writing     530
Malcolm Gladwell, Drugstore Athlete     531
Bill Amend, What's This? (cartoon)      532
Michael Berube, Citizenship and Disability     540
Barry Blitt, New Yorker Cover     547
Terrence Rafferty, Kate Winslet, Please Save Us!     548
Susan Llewelyn Leach, Those Extra Pounds-Are They Government's Business?     554
Mim Udovitch, A Secret Society of the Starving     556
Consumer Freedom, Obesity Ads     565
Pippa Wysong, Modified     566
Eric Lewis, The Subtext of All Tattoos (cartoon)     568
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Like Father, Like Son Ad     570
Susan Kinzie, A Rare Kind of Rush: A Sorority Based on Islamic Principles     571
New Media     574
Personal Space in Cyberspace     574
Contemporary Arguments     575
Andrew Keen, Is Google's Data Grinder Dangerous?     576
Sidebar: John Perry Barlow, A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace     578
John Seigenthaler, A False Wikipedia "Biography"     579
Walt Handelsman, Information Superhighway (cartoon)     583
Michael Gerson, Where the Avatars Roam     583
Jessica Bennett and Malcolm Beith, Alternate Universe     585
Marcelle S. Fischler, Putting on Lip Gloss, and a Show, for YouTube Viewers     591
Sidebar: Joe Duffy and Andrew Keen, Can Anyone Be a Designer?     592
danah boyd, Facebook's "Privacy Trainwreck": Exposure, Invasion, and Social Convergence     595
Stephen Williams, Getting Off the Couch     604
A Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism     607
Glossary     615
Credits     619
Index     622

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