Good Soldier Schweik: Chicago Opera Theater

Good Soldier Schweik: Chicago Opera Theater

by Robert Kura
[A] sassy quasi-masterpiece...especially welcome because it is so long overdue.


[A] sassy quasi-masterpiece...especially welcome because it is so long overdue.

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Disc 1

  1. Oveture
  2. Dámi a Páni! (Prologue)
  3. Scene One: So They Killed Ferdinand!
  4. Scene Two: We're Having a Very Fine Summer
  5. Scene Three:
  6. Scene Three: Good Evening, Gentlemen, I Hope You're All Well
  7. Scene Four: Good Evening, Ev'rybody, It's Been a Lovely Day
  8. Scene Four: We're All in a Hell of a Mess
  9. Scene Four: It's Great Fun
  10. Scene Five: The Ego and the LD....
  11. Scene Six: I Never Felt So Good Before...
  12. Scene Six:
  13. Scene Six: Achtung!
  14. Scene Six: Who Will Go to the War When It Comes?
  15. Scene Six: Have They Ever Examined the State of Your Mind
  16. Scene Seven: Mrs. Muller! ...
  17. Scene Seven: Oh, The Gen'rals...
  18. Scene Seven: To Belgrade!

Disc 2

  1. March Prelude
  2. Scene One: O-O-Oh!
  3. Scene One: Just Look at Me...
  4. Scene One: Achtung!
  5. Scene One: Aha, Rheumatism! ...
  6. Scene One: Baroness Von Botzenheim...
  7. Scene Two: I Always Thought the Army...
  8. Scene Two: Okay, Let's Pray
  9. Scene Two: Why Bless My Soul...
  10. Scene Three: Well, Schweik, How'd Things Go Today?
  11. Scene Three: Fox! Fox! Come Here Boy...
  12. Scene Three:
  13. Scene Four: So You Let One of Our Trunks Get Stolen...
  14. Scene Four: What Happened?...
  15. Scene Five: Dear Madame...
  16. Scene Five: ...Come In!
  17. Scene Six: Schwik!
  18. Scene Six: Fill Up and Drink Up and Fill Up Again...
  19. Scene Six:
  20. Scene Six: Sixteen Soprony, Madame Kakonyi
  21. Scene Seven: Well, Scheik...
  22. Scene Seven: Wait for the Ragged Soldiers...
  23. Scene Seven: Now We Go to the Right
  24. Scene Seven: I'll Take a Quiet Road...
  25. Schweik, Schweik, Where Did He Go? (Epilogue)

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