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Gorbachev's Economic Dilemma: An Insider's View

Gorbachev's Economic Dilemma: An Insider's View

by Olimpiad S. Ioffe

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The nub of this book is contained in one sentence of the conclusion: ``The socialist economy does not work but it must be retained.'' ``Must'' because if it were to be significantly or fundamentally altered, Soviet power itself would not long survive. Ioffe's study concentrates on this dilemma: why the economy has failed (``The real-life situation is developing from bad to worse'') and why the new Gorbachev leadership cannot bring about the real reforms needed without demolishing its own power base. This analysis is more pessimistic than two recent Western monographs on the same subject, Marshall I. Goldman's Gorbachev's Challenge ( LJ 6/15/87) and Anders Aslund's Gorbachev's Struggle for Economic Reform ( LJ 8/89), but Ioffe's special knowledge of the USSR (he was a high-ranking Soviet lawyer prior to his defection to the United States) gives this bleak study credence and makes it all the more compelling. See also Geoffrey A. Hosking's The Awakening of the Soviet Union , reviewed in this issue, above.--Ed .-- R.H. Johnston, McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario
Published by Merrill/Magnus Publishing Corporation, One Merrill Circle, St. Paul MN 55108. New views on the Soviet problems in reforming their economy and on the dilemma of reforming the state without destroying it. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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