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Gorillas (AnimalWays Series)

Gorillas (AnimalWays Series)

by Paul Fleisher

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature
This is a must-have addition to your library resources about endangered species, for upper elementary, middle or high schools. Focusing on the three varieties of gorillas (mountain, western lowland and eastern lowland), the author presents a look at the biology of the gorilla, its habitat and its genetic connection to humans. It also delves into gorilla intelligence, featuring KoKo and other gorillas in captivity who have learned to communicate to humans via sign language, as well as discoveries reported by various scientists such as Akeley, Schaller and Fossey. It debunks the first myths of gorillas that pictured them as murderous, marauding beasts, due to both folklore and presumptions made by early explorers to the African Continent in the 1800s. That reputation was exacerbated by the Hollywood films of the early 1900s. Photographs of the gorillas in their natural habitat convey the urgency for world-wide conservation efforts. Included are a comprehensive index, glossary, bibliography, other sources such as books, organizations sponsoring gorilla preservation, gorilla web sites, movies and videos (educational and entertainment), and places to see gorillas. Part of the "Animal Ways" series. 2001, Benchmark Books, . Ages 9 up. Reviewer: Mary Sue Preissner

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