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The Gospel Of The Beloved Companion
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The Gospel Of The Beloved Companion

4.9 11
by Jehanne De Quillan
Product Description

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion is the first English translation of a previously unpublished first-century gospel of the same name. Originally written in Alexandrian Greek, and brought from Egypt to the Languedoc during the early to middle part of the first century, this exceptional manuscript has been preserved within the author's spiritual


Product Description

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion is the first English translation of a previously unpublished first-century gospel of the same name. Originally written in Alexandrian Greek, and brought from Egypt to the Languedoc during the early to middle part of the first century, this exceptional manuscript has been preserved within the author's spiritual community since that period. In this extraordinary book, the Gospel of the Beloved Companion comes alive to bring us a luminously poetic yet starkly objective insight into, and perhaps a new perspective on, the teachings and philosophy of one of the greatest spiritual teachers the world has ever known.

Author Jehanne de Quillan presents this translation along with a detailed comparative study between the Gospel of the Beloved Companion and the canonical and gnostic Gospels in a clear and easy-to-read format, leading the reader step-by-step to a deep understanding of this remarkable text and, perhaps for the first time, a clear and unsullied view of the woman known to most as Mary Magdalene.

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Gospel of the Beloved Companion 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Occitania More than 1 year ago
In translating and publishing the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, Jehanne de Quillan has made a remarkable contribution that reaches far beyond just the field of medieval Occitan culture. Although she claims she is not a scholar, de Quillan, with technical accuracy, lays out a flawlessly logical and philosophically sound argument for accepting that this document is indeed the true Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and possibly even the original manuscript upon which other gospels, both canonical and gnostic, are based. In studying the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, one detects a singular and startlingly clear voice, speaking the truth of what the writer has experienced in the company of her teacher, and through that voice we see emerge a picture of both the man called Yeshua, and the philosophy that he taught, that is starkly different from the religion we today call Christianity.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Gospel of the Beloved Companion is truly a remarkable text. Here, in simple language, is a Gospel that lays out a clear and achievable path to Enlightenment, (what Yeshua called the Kingdom of God), and it does so in a logical and consistent manner. I was deeply moved when I read it the first time. As I read, I felt a sense of relief. Here at last were the words and teachings of Yeshua and Miryam; yet, unlike in other Gospels I've read, these teachings made sense. They spoke to my heart. I found that the words of the Gospel resonated within me even more strongly upon subsequent readings. In the chapters which follow the Gospel itself, author Jehanne de Quillan takes the reader step-by-step through a process of inquiry and discernment, exploring this Gospel in the historical framework of the time in which it was written and comparing it to the canonical and gnostic gospels. She makes her points with impeccable logic, yet invites her readers to come to their own conclusions. This is a book that touches the heart while, at the same time, making sense to the mind. I am grateful to author Jehanne de Quillan for translating and writing a commentary on this extraordinary Gospel. I hope that each person who reads it finds the experience as powerful and inspiring as I did.
LunaLuz More than 1 year ago
From the beginning of author Jehanne de Quillan's Introduction, the reader is swept away by the clarity and palpable truth found in this book. In this Gospel we find a powerful testimony to the differences between the canonical Gospels and the original message and teachings of Yeshua and the Beloved Companion. Startlingly, this Gospel contains no confusing or conflicting information, and is free of the patriarchal infusions that have been handed down by so many traditional religious institutions for the past 2,000 years. Instead, this book lets the reader see who Yeshua and Miryam were-enlightened/conscious teachers who embodied their teachings to show us the way. Consistent throughout this Gospel is the message that anyone who understands these teachings "will not taste death." The simple and empowering teachings, if applied by the reader, offer the path and means to achieve enlightenment, which Yeshua and Miryam truly believed was possible for everyone. In addition, the author's comparison between The Gospel of The Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene to the Canonical and Gnostic Gospels was for me, the ordinary reader very informative and illuminating. Although, Ms. de Quillan states she is not a scholar her commentary and insightful interpretations suggests she is. I found the book to be Excellent, timeless, and a Must Read.
KathyS1 More than 1 year ago
This Gospel carries the "good news" that Yeshua brought to the world of the first century, a message that is timeless and most relevant to us twenty centuries later. Told in the words of Miryam, the Beloved Companion, we are given an eyewitness account of this extraordinary man and spiritual teacher, and we come to know his most faithful follower who understood and fully embodied Yeshua's teachings. In Miryam's clear and concise language we gain a profound understanding of what Yeshua meant by the Kingdom of God which is available to all who have the "ears to hear". And what we are invited to hear is a message of love rather than hatred, compassion rather than judgment, wisdom rather than ignorance, and enlightenment rather than fear and guilt. How very different from the voice of the established Church, so often filled with messages of sin, repentance, judgment, fear and blind faith! The Kingdom of God is not found in some after-life or utopia, but rather it is already here, within each of us. And this Gospel reveals the steps that one can take to attain this Kingdom or state of full consciousness. I am deeply grateful to Jehanne de Quillan for her masterful translation and insightful commentary on this revolutionary text. And we can all be grateful to the tradition that, for so many centuries, has safely guarded this sacred text and has now brought it back into the world. I think that this is one of the important books of our time. I urge everyone to read it and discover for themselves the power and truth of this extraordinary Gospel.
JSalstrom More than 1 year ago
Finally, I have found a Gospel that makes sense. The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene is easy to understand, consistent and complete within itself. It reveals a picture of what the two most important teachers in western history wanted the world to know, that the Kingdom is within. I now have a much better understanding of Yeshua's and Miryam's true teachings and their historic role. The chapters discussing the Gospel of the Beloved Companion in comparison to the Canonical and Gnostic Gospels were most helpful in gaining a clearer understanding of the timeline for this work. This text shows how the early roots of Christianity became divided with the Divine Feminine becoming suppressed. I am so fortunate to be living at a time when this important message has been translated into English and is back into the world. To have an unaltered copy of a first century document that has been protected through the ages is a true blessing. Thank you to all who made it possible.
AnnaBerez More than 1 year ago
With The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene, we are at last given a clear and fully human picture of Mary Magdalene. Finally, all of the sensational stories and theories about her are put to rest as we see a clear and logical picture of the revolutionary, enlightened woman who fully embodied her teaching and was truly Feminine. And, seeing her clearly for the first time in modern history, one understands why the patriarchal Church has been hell bent on destroying her; and why it will never succeed. The Gospel of the Beloved Companion also shows the reader Yeshua and Miryam's original message of Enlightenment (Consciousness), and proves that what we now call Christianity bears no resemblance to the teachings upon which it is supposed to be based. When reading this book, the dark cloud of fear, guilt, and impossible mythology that has dictated our history for the last 2,000 years is finally blown away and pure light takes its place. The text offers real and eternal life to each reader, without judgment or expectation. This book offers the opportunity and the tools for each of us to finally set ourselves free!
DebLN More than 1 year ago
The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene gives a picture of Yeshua, his teachings and his humanity. Finally, this book speaks simply and clearly to me, the reader. This gospel is free of judgment, fear and guilt, and speaks only of the truth and the light. This Gospel shows that I the ordinary person have ability to achieve consciousness and the path to do so. What a gift we have been given, a glimpse into the life of the man called Yeshua and the women called Miryam, the Migdala.
JoannaJK More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful telling of the lives of Jeshua and Miryam! I was struck by the powerful simplicity of the message and the equally simple, straightforward description of the Path to consciousness. The voice of Miryam rings strong and true as she tells of her mentor's life, his teachings, and of the tenor of the times in which they lived. None of the church's myths, no Pauline doctrine, just the admonition to strive every day to move a bit closer to the attainment of the fruit of the Tree of Life, true consciousness. The Divine Feminine speaks through Jeshua and through Miryam with the voice of authority, and the possibility of a new way of looking at spirituality , and of perceiving and living in the word, is opened up. What hope, at last a Gospel of "Good News" -- that consciousness is attainable without any rules or rituals other than those outlined by Jeshua and retold by Miryam. What a gift the author has given for those with ears to hear. This is a book I will read and reread, a book I am sure has many more levels of Truth those those that I have so far discovered.
Anne02 More than 1 year ago
I got this book over a month ago and I have been reading and rereading it especially the Gospel part which is Chapter 2. I love this book. It takes all the Gnostics I have read and helps me make sense of them(Thomas, Phillip and Mary). Whether this book is an ancient Gospel(which I believe it is) or not is so very irrelevant. This Book makes sense of the Gnostic gospels as well as the Canonical gospels. This is what Yeshua was teaching about. Not heaven and hell not listen to your priest and do what he says. But understand your self and let go of your ego (master of the world). In so doing you can come to Enlightenment. This book helped make Yeshua a real person for me. He was Enlightened and was trying to teach his Disciples how to be so. The only one who understood was Mary Magdalene. Please take a look at this book. It is such a wonder and such a gift that Jehanne de Quillan has translated it so all of us can read it.
ReneeLG More than 1 year ago
I feel as if I have been a "seeker" all my life. As a child I was subjected to the dogma of organized religion and never once felt that those "teachings" were the truth. I knew in my heart there was a "Higher Power," but could not and would not believe that Powerful Source passed judgment on us because of our humanity. As a result, there always seemed to be a void in my spiritual journey that was unfulfilled until now. The Gospel of the Beloved Companion - The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene, has opened a door to understanding "my path" to enlightenment and as such has filled that void. Simply stated, for me, it just "makes sense." In reading the Gospel, everything came together in blinding clarity and culminated in "the Truth that is I Am." Now, my "search" is over, although the work has just begun.
June18 More than 1 year ago
For the past two thousand years Christians have sought after and worshipped a God out there, a God who rewards and punishes, a God who is so demanding that one wonders if the Kingdom is even attainable.In The Gospel of the Beloved Companion: The Complete Gospel of Mary Magdalene Miryam,the Migdala,introduces us to the teachings of Yeshua yet unknown to most orthodox Christians.She speaks directly of Yeshua, the Son of Humanity who calls humankind not to repentance but to consciousness. Yeshua speaks not of a remote male God but of an intimate femine Spirit who dwells within each of us. Having been a seeker of truth most of my life I find here in this ancient manuscript the pathway to the inner life of the soul/spirit: "Be still and know that I AM".