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Gothic Romance 5

Gothic Romance 5


Product Details

Release Date:
Zyx Records


Album Credits

Technical Credits

Sami Lopakka   Composer
Josh Silver   Producer
Miika Tenkula   Composer
Logan Mader   Composer
Lacuna Coil   Composer
Kasper Söderlund   Composer
Morten Veland   Composer
Ville Laihiala   Composer
Tuomas Holopainen   Composer
Kevin Churko   Composer
Luca Chiaravalli   Composer
Noel Pix   Composer
Joost Van Den Broek   Composer
Tue Madsen   Producer
Thorsten Bauer   Composer
Alexander Krull   Composer
Oliver Schmidt   Composer
Michael Simon   Composer
Liv Kristine   Composer
Marcela Bovio   Composer
In This Moment   Composer
Hermann Skibbe   Composer
Maria Brink   Composer
Lucas Banker   Composer
Martijn Westerholt   Composer
Fabio Trentini   Producer
Peter Steele   Composer,Producer
Mikkel Maltha   Composer
Charlotte Wessels   Composer
Kristofer Dommin   Composer
Alexander Wesselsky   Composer
Ashlar Von Megalon   Composer
Johan Van Stratum   Composer
Michael Huber   Composer
Lasse Dellbrugge   Composer
Johnny Zero   Composer
Jens Clemens   Composer
Rainer Stefan Loose   Composer
Simon Michael Schmitt   Composer,Producer
Maxi Nil   Composer
Manda Ophuis   Composer
Martin Engler   Composer
Max S.   Composer
Rico Schwibs   Composer
Alexander Wohnhaas   Composer
Ole Vistnes   Composer
Mariangela Demurtas   Composer
Tarald Lie   Composer
Michael Sele   Composer
Oliver Merkle   Composer
Olga Telnow   Composer
Martin Harb   Composer
Thomas Gilcher   Composer
Max Belladonna   Producer
Anastasia Schmidt   Composer
Michael Boden   Composer
Stefan Schönbrunn   Composer
Markus Dietz   Composer
Ralph Barthelmess   Composer
Sonny Onderwater   Composer
Frank Van Der Star   Composer
Enrico Hahn   Composer
Berthold Miller   Composer
Alexander Schwenk   Composer
Sali Hasan   Composer
S.M. Hassemer   Composer
Peter Zimre   Composer
Emile Rameau   Composer
Clemens Engert   Composer
Tom "Junkie XL" Holkenberg   Composer,Producer
Hendrik Jan De Jong   Composer
Espenaes Krull   Composer

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