Gothic Romance, Vol. 2: the Best Goth Love Songs

Gothic Romance, Vol. 2: the Best Goth Love Songs


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Goldencore Records

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Disc 1

  1. If I Fail  -  Mono Inc.
  2. Purify  -  Lacuna Coil
  3. Irish Rain  -  Leaves' Eyes
  4. Angels Won't Lie  -  Negative
  5. Last Regret  -  Paradise Lost
  6. Ballad For a Lonely God  -  Flowing Tears
  7. Komm In Meinen Schlaf  -  Sunway To Sally
  8. A Prayer For Your Heart  -  Lacrimosa
  9. Frozen  -  Theatre of Tragedy
  10. The Angel's Handshake  -  Bury Me Deep
  11. Angelsong  - Michelle Darkness
  12. My Crying Veins  -  End of Green
  13. Blue Emptiness  - Liv Kristine
  14. In Sumerian Haze  -  Sirenia
  15. Memories  -  UnSun
  16. Eternal  -  69 Eyes

Disc 2

  1. While Your Lips Are Still Red  -  Nightwish
  2. Pain Becomes Me  -  Poisonblack
  3. Sad Theme For a Marriage  -  Lacrimas Profundere
  4. Traumlos  -  Letzte Instanz
  5. Deadlocked  -  Tristania
  6. For You I'll Bring the Devil Down  -  Krypteria
  7. Eversleeping  -  Xandria
  8. In the End  -  Stream of Passion
  9. See Me In Shadow  -  Delain
  10. My Eyes  -  Scream Silence
  11. Frag Mich Warum  -  Schöngeist
  12. Epitaph  -  Ciam
  13. Say Goodbye  -  Crematory
  14. Rain  -  Beloved Enemy
  15. Die With Me  -  Type O Negative
  16. 5. März  -  Megaherz

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

King Crimson   Composer
Nick Holmes   Composer
Gregor MacKintosh   Composer
Mathias Roderer   Composer
Lorentz Aspen   Composer
Marco Coti Zelati   Composer
Lacrimosa   Composer
Raymond Rohonyi   Composer
Cristina Scabbia   Composer
Cristiano Migliore   Composer
Morten Veland   Composer
Ville Laihiala   Composer
Tuomas Holopainen   Composer
End of Green   Composer
Marco Biazzi   Composer
Frank Claussen   Composer
Benjamin Buss   Composer
Hein Frode Hansen   Composer
Joost Van Den Broek   Composer
Thorsten Bauer   Composer
Alexander Krull   Composer
Marcela Bovio   Composer
Frank Stumvoll   Composer
Ji-In Cho   Composer
Jochem Jacobs   Composer
Eric Fish   Composer
Michelle Darkness   Composer
Martijn Westerholt   Composer
Bury Me Deep   Composer
Jonne Aaron   Composer
Peter Steele   Composer
Charlotte Wessels   Composer
Jeffrey Revet   Composer
Eric Hazebroek   Composer
Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull   Composer
Stephen Schultz   Composer
Christian Bystron   Composer
Timon Birkhofer   Composer
Markus Jüllich   Composer
Bodenski   Composer
Johan Van Stratum   Composer
Davy Mickers   Composer
Anders Hoyvik Hidle   Composer
Einar Moen   Composer
Rainer Stefan Loose   Composer
Christopher Schmid   Composer
Oliver Nikolas Schmid   Composer
Simon Michael Schmitt   Composer
Ragnhild Sigland   Composer
Michael Kuschnerus   Composer
Martin Engler   Composer
Christoph Siemons   Composer
Vegard K. Thorsen   Composer
Rico Schwibs   Composer
Aya Mauser   Composer
Andrews J. Bazie   Composer
Elisabeth Schaphaus   Composer
Peter Pathos-Müller   Composer
Lyriki69   Composer
H. Fieting   Composer

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