Gothic Spiritis EBM, Vol. 4

Gothic Spiritis EBM, Vol. 4


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Goldencore Records


Disc 1

  1. Catharsis  -  SITD
  2. Industrie-Mädchen  -  Krupps
  3. Out Of My Mind  -  Grendel
  4. Wheel Of Faith  -  Autodafeh
  5. Morpheus  -  In Strict Confidence
  6. Kraft  -  Amnistia
  7. C.S.  -  Diffuzion
  8. An Den Todesengel  -  Schwarzblut
  9. Crash And Burn  -  Detroit Diesel
  10. Alienate  -  Human Decay
  11. Inglorious Bang  -  Minusheart
  12. The Passenger  -  Metroland
  13. Worlds Collide  -  Binary Park
  14. Hell Within  -  Ad Inferna
  15. Lord Knows I Tried  -  Implant
  16. Diese Nacht  -  Heimataerde

Disc 2

  1. Shouts Of Joy  -  And One
  2. The Noise Inside My Head  -  Assemblage
  3. Amnesia  -  KMFDM
  4. Stand And Cower  -  Hardwire
  5. Übermensch  - Kant Kino
  6. Slave/Slave  - Pete Crane
  7. This Machine  -  Faderhead
  8. Tragic Doll  -  Mordacious
  9. Beat Plastique  -  [De:ad:cibel]
  10. The Devil  -  X In June
  11. Strom Und Drang  - Skyla Vertex
  12. Wherever You Are  -  Fragilechild
  13. I'm Broken  -  Cynical Existence
  14. Useless Pain  -  Blitzmaschine
  15. Tonight  -  Skold
  16. Still Life  -  Aesthetische
  17. Self-Revelation  -  PsioniC

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Sascha Konietzko   Composer,Producer
Torben Schmidt   Composer
Tim Skold   Composer,Producer
Claus Larsen   Composer
Mike Marsh   Composer
Lucia Cifarelli   Composer
Alfred Gregl   Composer
Tom Shear   Composer
Len Lemeire   Composer
Human Decay   Composer
Thomas Schwebel   Composer
Uwe Jahnke   Composer
Faderhead   Composer
Diffuzion   Composer
Schwarzblut   Composer
Kant Kino   Composer
Carsten Jacek   Composer
Ashlar Von Megalon   Composer
Tom Lesczenski   Composer
Huw Jones   Composer
Mika Rossi   Composer
Jonah Foree   Composer
Mordacious Mortem   Composer
[De:ad:cibel]   Composer
Dennis Ostermann-Endres   Composer
Fredrik Croona   Composer
Jesper Nilsson   Composer
Dimitry Ivanov   Composer
Tino Claus   Composer
Matthias Bunde   Composer
Dennis Klinke   Composer
Josseline Tucker   Composer
Greta Grey   Composer
Christian Coulombe   Composer
Gregor Beyerle   Composer
Aesthetische   Composer
Mex Manhardt   Composer
Diver Divine   Composer
Passenger A   Composer
Passenger S   Composer
Stefan Schoetz   Composer
Andres Olsson   Composer
Markus Bär   Composer
Paul Nimrichter   Composer
Jay Naghavi   Composer
Vva Arkames   Composer
Voa Oxyd   Composer
Ryan Hutman   Composer
Christian Austin   Composer

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