Gothic Spirits, Vol. 10

Gothic Spirits, Vol. 10


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Zyx Records


Disc 1

  1. Unleashed
  2. Hide and Seek  -  Theatre of Tragedy
  3. The Path To Decay  -  Sirenia
  4. My Destiny  -  Leaves' Eyes
  5. Stigmata  -  Omega Lithium
  6. Das Kalte Herz  -  Saltatio Mortis
  7. In the Valley of Ashes  -  Trail of Tears
  8. Devil's Path
  9. Schau In Mein Herz  -  Megaherz
  10. Blood Stains Blondes  -  Deathstars
  11. Dead People Walk  -  Bury Me Deep
  12. This is the Day  -  Mono Inc.
  13. Now of Never  -  Stream of Passion
  14. Dark Utopia  -  Factory of Dreams
  15. The Chosen Ones  -  Lunatica
  16. Whoever Brings the Night  -  Nightwish

Disc 2

  1. Lips of Blood  -  69 Eyes
  2. From the Heaven of My Heart  -  Amorphis
  3. I Remain  -  Paradise Lost
  4. Not Enough  -  Lacuna Coil
  5. April Rain  -  Delain
  6. My Fatal Kiss  -  Krypteria
  7. The Dead End  -  Dark the Suns
  8. It's Today  -  Dope Stars, Inc.
  9. Whatever They Preach  -  Rawkfist
  10. A Prayer For Your Heart  -  Lacrimosa
  11. Forever  -  In This Moment
  12. Tanz Mit Mir  -  Schöngeist
  13. Closer To Death
  14. Killing Essay  -  Scream Silence
  15. No Romeo  -  Pussybeats
  16. Tears of Autumn Rain  -  Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

C. Janssen   Composer
Mathias Roderer   Composer
Marco Coti Zelati   Composer
Lacrimosa   Composer
Raymond Rohonyi   Composer
Andrea Ferro   Composer
Cristina Scabbia   Composer
Cristiano Migliore   Composer
Morten Veland   Composer
Tuomas Holopainen   Composer
Emppu Vuorinen   Composer
Marco Biazzi   Composer
Frank Claussen   Composer
Kevin Churko   Composer
Hein Frode Hansen   Composer
Joost Van Den Broek   Composer
Thorsten Bauer   Composer
Alexander Krull   Composer
Whiplasher Bernadotte   Composer
Hugo Flores   Composer
Ronny Thorsen   Composer
In This Moment   Composer
Altti Veteläinen   Composer
Petri Sankala   Composer
Frank Stumvoll   Composer
Ji-In Cho   Composer
Maria Brink   Composer
Jochem Jacobs   Composer
Martijn Westerholt   Composer
Andrea Datwyler   Composer
Janne Tolsa   Composer
Bury Me Deep   Composer
Charlotte Wessels   Composer
Bjorn Erik Ness   Composer
Jeffrey Revet   Composer
Eric Hazebroek   Composer
Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull   Composer
Victor Love   Composer
Stephen Schultz   Composer
Christian Bystron   Composer
Nightmare Industries   Composer
Cristiano Mozzati   Composer
Kallio   Composer
JYRKI69   Composer
Johan Van Stratum   Composer
Davy Mickers   Composer
Timo Gleichmann   Composer
Greg Mackintosh   Composer
Alex Seibert   Composer
Robert Klausch   Composer
Risto Ruuth   Composer
Ralf Thiel   Composer
Ragnhild Sigland   Composer
Orentz Aspen   Composer
Mikko Ojala   Composer
Michael Kuschnerus   Composer
Martin Engler   Composer
Malice Rime   Composer
Jörg Roth   Composer
Jarmo Puolakanaho   Composer
Jarmo Kylmänen   Composer
Inka Tuomaala   Composer
Frank Heim   Composer
Felix Böning   Composer
Dave Strehler   Composer
Christoph Siemons   Composer
Cathrine Paulsen   Composer
Zoltan Harpax   Composer
Vegard K. Thorsen   Composer

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