Gothic Spirits, Vol. 14

Gothic Spirits, Vol. 14


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Goldencore Records


Disc 1

  1. Like Rain
  2. Symphony of Pain
  3. Collide
  4. Mir Allein
  5. Schwur
  6. Serenade of Flames
  7. Time of Change
  8. My Heart Untamed
  9. Mondscheinkind
  10. House of the Setting Sun
  11. The Lunar Threnody
  12. Gone
  13. Liar
  14. Anywhere
  15. Permanent Crisis
  16. Geistertanz
  17. Attentat
  18. Sündenfall

Disc 2

  1. Spirits' Masquerade
  2. Spellbound
  3. Live To Fight Another Day
  4. On Flaming Wings
  5. You I Need
  6. Swimmers Can Drown
  7. Traum Einer Nacht
  8. Heiler
  9. Scary:Fairy
  10. Silent Scream
  11. Soul Symmetry
  12. Damaged Dreamer
  13. World is Calling
  14. The Regret
  15. Part of It
  16. Ich Sehe Die Sterne Bei Tag
  17. Wild Life
  18. Light

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Thomas Heimann-Trosien   Producer
Santeri Kallio   Composer
Luis Royo   Cover Art
Joost Van Den Broek   Composer
Fredrik Jordanius   Composer
Jan Yrlund   Composer
Thomas Lindner   Composer
Oliver Palotai   Composer
Marcela Bovio   Composer
Katanga   Composer
Remo Park   Composer
Daniel Droste   Composer
Chris Siemons   Composer
Frank Stumvoll   Composer
S.C. Kuschnerus   Composer
Dominik Sebastian   Composer
Fabio Trentini   Producer
Ingo Hampf   Composer
Rawkfist   Composer
Matthias Richter   Composer
Friedrich von Matthisson   Composer
Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull   Composer
Daniel Fischer   Composer
Carmen Elis Espenaes   Composer
Birgit Ollbrunner   Composer
Georg Neuhauser   Composer
Mario Hirzinger   Composer
Thomas Buchberger   Composer
Johan Van Stratum   Composer
Björn Alexander Brem   Composer
Martin Duckstein   Composer
Jörg Alea Roth   Composer
Timo Gleichmann   Composer
Simon Michael Schmitt   Composer,Producer
Jim Cookas   Composer
Brittany Bindrim   Composer
Andy Julia   Composer
Ralf Thiel   Composer
Martin Engler   Composer,Producer
Malice Rime   Composer
Frank Heim   Composer
Zoltan Harpax   Composer
Zamiel von Mandylion   Composer
Timur Karakus   Composer
Anna Kränzlein   Composer
Birgit Muggenthaler-Schmack   Composer
Christopher Merzinsky   Composer
Martin Moser   Composer
Antti Lautala   Composer
Pekka Kainulainen   Composer
Stefan Brunner   Composer
Alexander Kautz   Composer
Lucija Hercog   Composer
Linda Laukamp   Composer
Jan Mischon   Composer
Ian Pringle   Composer
Hervé Carles   Composer
Gabriel von Madylion   Composer
Franck Ligabue   Composer
Emey Moulay   Composer
Edward Grassby   Composer
Dave Jason   Composer
Daniel Srebrenaric   Composer
Dani Telebar   Composer
Crt Birsa   Composer
Anastasia Schmidt   Composer
Alexander Kaschte   Composer
Ziga Birsa   Composer
Timon Seidl   Composer
Robert G. Walker   Composer
Peter Pathos   Composer
Oliver Thierjung   Composer
Natasa Hodnik Korinsek   Composer
Michael Boden   Composer
Martin Bezjak   Composer
Markus Keimel   Composer

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