Gothic Spirits, Vol. 15

Gothic Spirits, Vol. 15


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Goldencore Records

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Disc 1

  1. Crow, The Owl and the Dove
  2. Storm the Sorrow
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Falling
  5. Over the Edge
  6. Saint Slayer
  7. Evensong
  8. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
  9. Elysian Night
  10. Turn the World Around
  11. End of Time
  12. Melancholia
  13. Dark Red Desire
  14. Part of Everything
  15. Five to the Wrist
  16. Save Me
  17. Mein Blur (Pix-Mischung)

Disc 2

  1. Dead-End Stream
  2. Herz Aus Gold
  3. Das Schwarze Meer
  4. Valentine
  5. Here I Am
  6. The Lightbringer
  7. Enclose Me
  8. World Is Calling
  9. Being Human
  10. Before the Sunshine
  11. Haddon Hall
  12. What She Wants
  13. Darker Days
  14. Lullaby For the Masses
  15. Sceneries of Hope
  16. In My Arms
  17. Schliess Die Augen
  18. Among the Fallen Leaves

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Frank Bornemann   Producer
Don Gilmore   Composer
Dan Phillips   Composer
Kasper Söderlund   Composer
Anders Jacobsson   Composer
Joshua Steffen   Composer
Marco Coti Zelati   Composer
Andrea Ferro   Composer
Cristina Scabbia   Composer
Cristiano Migliore   Composer
Ville Laihiala   Composer
Tuomas Holopainen   Composer
Marco Biazzi   Composer
Lutz Demmler   Composer
Marco Hietala   Composer
Hiili Hiilesmaa   Producer
Noel Pix   Composer
Joost Van Den Broek   Composer
Tue Madsen   Producer
Masha   Composer,Producer
Marcela Bovio   Composer
Whispers in the Shadow   Composer
Lahannya   Composer
Ashley Dayour   Composer
Dark the Suns   Producer
Marco Heubaum   Composer
Fabio Trentini   Producer
Krystal System   Composer
Adrian Gonzales   Composer
Ingo Hampf   Composer
Mikkel Maltha   Composer
Alexander Wesselsky   Composer
Christian Bystron   Composer
Mario Plank   Composer
Cristiano Mozzati   Composer
Johan Van Stratum   Composer
Lasse Dellbrugge   Composer
Simon Michael Schmitt   Composer,Producer
Aria Keramati Noori   Composer
Manda Ophuis   Composer
Mikko Ojala   Composer
Inka Tuomaala   Composer
Eliisa Tuomanen   Composer
Lars Schlüter   Composer
Alexander Wohnhaas   Composer
Johan Ericson   Composer
Michael Sele   Composer
Fabian Zimmermann   Composer,Producer
Marcus Steinberger   Composer
Anastasia Schmidt   Composer
Michael Boden   Composer
Stefan Schönbrunn   Composer
Markus Dietz   Composer
Ralph Barthelmess   Composer
Aaron Roterfeld   Composer
Alejandro Sanz Arbea   Composer
Sonny Onderwater   Composer
Hendrik Jan De Jon   Composer
Gorka Elso Larrañaga   Composer
Frank Van Der Star   Composer
Zuberoa Aznárez Mauleón   Composer
Xabier Jereño Lacalle   Composer
Massimo Sarti   Composer
Marion Küchenmesiter   Composer
Kai Otte   Composer
Janis Bakine   Composer
Fernando Honorato   Composer
Enrico Hahn   Composer
Darryl Kruger   Composer
Coda Bertetto   Composer
Berthold Miller   Composer
Alexandra Leu   Composer
Alexander Schwenk   Composer
Adrián Vallejo Salvatiera   Composer
Liquid Grey   Composer
Sali Hasan   Composer
S.M. Hassemer   Composer
Peter Zimre   Composer

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