Gothic Spirits, Vol. 16

Gothic Spirits, Vol. 16


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Goldencore Records


Disc 1

  1. You're Gonna Listen  -  In This Moment
  2. Storytime  -  Nightwish
  3. Cry For Love  -  To/Die/For
  4. Am Ende Des Wegs  -  Mono Inc.
  5. Libertine  - Liv Kristine
  6. Guilty Demeanor  -  Epica
  7. Euphoria  -  Xandria
  8. Buried Alive  -  Elandor
  9. The Knife In My Back  -  Fleurs Du Mal
  10. End of Time  -  Brotherhood
  11. Schwarzer Sand  -  Letzte Instanz
  12. Diese Nacht  -  Heimataerde
  13. Addiction  -  Daughters of Bristol
  14. Puppet On a String  -  Other
  15. Dancing With Witches (Wintersun)  -  Mystigma
  16. Sorrow and Tears  -  Myrah
  17. Never Enough  -  Mirrored In Secrecy

Disc 2

  1. Worth Fighting For  -  Paradise Lost
  2. Alpha Noir  -  Moonspell
  3. Winterdawn  -  Tiamat
  4. A Mirror Shattered  -  Gates of Dawn
  5. Tonight  -  69 Eyes
  6. Crawl  -  Empire Drowns
  7. My Spirit  -  Lacuna Coil
  8. My Exception  -  Exilia
  9. Dreams Awake  -  Voices of Destiny
  10. Tiefer  -  In Strict Confidence
  11. 1000 Words  -  Ending the Vicious Cycle
  12. Afterlife  -  Nemesea
  13. Alpha Blazing a Tail  -  Diabulus In Musica
  14. Miss You  -  Godex
  15. After Dark (Die Now)  -  Lovelorn Dolls
  16. Abendstern  -  Megaherz
  17. Schattenspiel  -  Traumtaenzer

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Iggy Pop   Composer
Siggi Bemm   Composer
Don Gilmore   Composer
Waldemar Sorychta   Composer
Ricardo Amorim   Composer
Pedro Paixão   Composer
Johan Edlund   Composer
D.H. Lawrence   Composer
Corpus Christi   Composer
Jimmy Wahlsteen   Composer
Marco Coti Zelati   Composer
Andrea Ferro   Composer
Cristina Scabbia   Composer
Cristiano Migliore   Composer
Tuomas Holopainen   Composer
Marco Biazzi   Composer
Kevin Churko   Composer
Masha   Producer
Pasi Moilanen   Composer
Mark Jansen   Composer
Oliver Schmidt   Composer
Stefan Eriksson   Composer
Mystigma   Composer
Hermann Skibbe   Composer
Maria Brink   Composer
Chris Howorth   Composer
Gates of Dawn   Composer
Marco Heubaum   Composer
Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull   Composer
Edward Nicholas   Composer
Cristiano Mozzati   Composer
Ashlar Von Megalon   Composer
Patrick Jonsson   Composer
Lasse Dellbrugge   Composer
Rainer Stefan Loose   Composer
Simon Michael Schmitt   Composer
Greg Mackintosh   Composer
Dennis Ostermann-Endres   Composer
Manda Ophuis   Composer
Martin Engler   Producer
Alexander Wohnhaas   Composer
Joakim Övrenius   Composer
Mirrored In Secrecy   Composer
Traumtaenzer   Composer
Fleurs Du Mal   Composer
Max Belladonna   Producer
Michael Boden   Composer
Sonny Onderwater   Composer
Gorka Elso Larrañaga   Composer
Frank Van Der Star   Composer
Miguel Gaspar   Composer
Emanuele Affabile   Composer
Fernando Ribeiro   Composer
Hendrik Jan De Jong   Composer
Kane Churko   Composer
Roger Öjersson   Composer
Ladyhell   Composer
P. Essman   Composer
Toby A. Rider   Composer
Thorsten Wilms   Composer
Thomas Fräntzki   Composer
Sascha Stachorra   Composer
Roland Scharf   Composer
Pascal Neuhaus   Composer
Micke Lönngren   Composer
Joost Van De Broek   Composer
Joseph Ronin   Composer
Jyrki Linnankivi   Composer
Empire Drowns   Composer
Elandor   Composer
Christopher Gutjahr   Composer

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