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Governing California in the Twenty-First Century / Edition 3

Governing California in the Twenty-First Century / Edition 3

by J. Theodore Anagnoson, Gerald Bonetto, J. Vincent Buck, Richard E. DeLeon, Jolly Emrey

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ISBN-10: 0393912027

ISBN-13: 9780393912029

Pub. Date: 02/15/2011

Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

Get students thinking critically about California politics.Governing California in the Twenty-First Century, Sixth Edition, introduces students to the major institutions and processes of California state politics. Incorporating several of the successful features of We the People, the text emphasizes critical thinking and the relevance of state government to


Get students thinking critically about California politics.Governing California in the Twenty-First Century, Sixth Edition, introduces students to the major institutions and processes of California state politics. Incorporating several of the successful features of We the People, the text emphasizes critical thinking and the relevance of state government to students' everyday lives. Governing California can be used with any Norton American government textbook or on its own.

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Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
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Edition description:
Third Edition
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7.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ix

1 California Government: Promise and Practice 1

The California Dream? 2

Why Study California Politics? 2

What Determines the Content and Character of California's Politics? 4

Who Are Californians? 4

Who Are Californians? How Is the California Population Changing? 6

The Crisis of California Politics 8

The Ease of Passing initiatives 11

Term Limits 11

The Two-Thirds Requirement for Raising Taxes 12

Lack of Consensus on Fundamental Questions 13

Reform Ideas 14

Conclusion 15

A Guide to This Book 15

Study Guide 16

2 The Constitution and the Progressive Legacy 19

The Rules of the Game: California's Constitution 21

The 1849 Constitution 22

The 1879 Constitution 23

From 1900 to 1917: The Progressive Movement 26

From 1960 to the Present: Late Revisions 27

Who are Californians? Who Draws the Lines in California? 28

The Progressive Movement and Its Impact on California Politics 29

Local Politics 29

State Politics 30

Direct Democracy 32

Initiative 32

Referendum 36

Recall 37

Debating the Merit of Direct Democracy 38

California's Constitution: Where Are We Now? 40

Study Guide 41

3 Interest Groups and the Media in California 45

Character of Interest Groups 46

Diversity of Interest Groups 47

Proliferation of Interest Groups 49

Interest-Group Strategies 51

Lobbyists 51

Campaign Contributions to Candidates 53

Who Are Californians? Who Spends Money in California Politics? 54

Grassroots Mobilization 56

Regulating Interest Groups 57

Clean-Money Elections 59

Contribution Limits 59

Conflict-of-interest Laws 60

The Media 60

Television 60

Newspapers 61

The Internet 62

Media and Political Campaigns 63

Interest-Group Politics in California: Where Are We Now? 65

Study Guide 66

4 Parties and Elections in California 69

Political Parties 70

The Progressive Impact on Political Parties 70

The Democratic and Republican Parties in California 71

Third Parties in California 72

Party Affiliation of California Voters 72

Who are Californians? When Did California Become Democratic? 73

California's Local Political Cultures from Left to Right 77

Elections in California 81

The Battle over the Primary 81

Presidential Primaries: Maximizing California's Clout? 84

Initiative Campaigns: Direct Democracy or Tool of Special Interests? 85

The 2003 Gubernatorial Recall Election: A Perfect Political Storm 87

The 2008 Election: Demographic and Ideological Shifts 88

The 2010 General Election 89

The 2012 Primary Election 90

The 2012 General Election: More Demographic and Ideological Shifts 91

The 2014 Election 93

Campaigning in California 94

Money and Politics: California Style 95

Campaign Finance Reform in California 97

Voting in California 98

How You Can Register to Vote 98

Who Votes in California? 99

What Reforms Are Needed? 102

Study Guide 103

5 The California Legislature 107

Functions 109

Representation 109

Who Are Californians? Who Votes in California? 111

Policy Making 112

Members and Districts 113

Elections 114

Fund-raising 114

Districting 115

Organization 116

Leadership 116

Committees 117

Staff 119

Legislative Process 119

Differences from U.S. Congress 122

Term Limits 122

Item Veto 122

Apportionment and District Size 123

Media Visibility 123

Court Appointments 123

Filibusters 124

Initiatives 124

Seniority 124

Challenges Facing the California Legislature 124

Money 125

Term Limits Lead to a Lack of Knowledge and Experience 125

Partisanship 127

Gridlock, Minority Rule, and Lack of Accountability 128

Initiatives 129

California Legislature: Where Are We Now? 130

Study Guide 131

6 The Governor and the Executive Branch 135

The Invisible Governor? 136

Formal Powers of the Governor 139

Appointments 139

Independent Executive Actions 140

Commander in Chief 141

Organizing and Managing the Executive Branch 141

Budget 142

Veto and Line-Item Veto 142

Legislative Powers 143

Legislative Recommendations 143

Judicial Powers 144

Public Roles of the Governor 144

Jerry Brown as Governor 145

Who Are Californians? who Are California's Governors? 147

Structure of the Executive Branch 148

Personal Staff 148

The Cabinet and Agency Heads 150

The Plural Elected Executive 150

Agencies and the Bureaucracy 153

California Executive Branch: Where Are We Now? 154

Study Guide 155

7 The California Judiciary 159

Structure of the California Judicial System 160

The Lower Courts 160

The Supreme Court 161

Jurisdiction 162

Access to the Court 162

Federalism and the California Courts: The Case of Medical Marijuana 163

Judicial Selection 165

Who Are Caufornjans? Who Are California's Judges? 167

Judicial Elections 168

Removing Judges from the Bench 171

Contemporary Issues in the Judiciary 171

Change in the Court 171

Legislative Redistricting 171

Judicial Review and the Statewide Initiative 172

Caseload 173

California Courts: Where Are We Now? 174

Study Guide 176

8 The State Budget and Budgetary Limitations 179

How Is the Budget Formed? 181

Executive Proposal 181

Legislative Adoption 181

Gubernatorial Action 183

Implementation 183

Other Groups Involved in the Budget Process 183

What Is in the Budget? 184

Revenues 184

Who Are Californians? Who Pays Taxes? 186

Why Do Revenues Vary So Much? 190

How Well Does the Tax System Function? 191

Is California Overtaxed? 191

Expenditures 193

Budgetary Limitations 195

Recent California Budgets and the Budget Process 196

The California Budgetary Process: Where Are We Now? 198

Study Guide 198

9 Local Government 203

The Legal Framework: Dillon's Rule, Home Rule, and Local Powers of Governance 205

County Governments 207

Legal Framework 208

Who Are Calsfornians? Who Lives in California's Counties? 209

County Government Organization 210

County Government Functions and Responsibilities 210

Local Agency Formation Commissions 213

City Governments 214

Legal Framework 214

Incorporation and Dissolution 214

City Government Functions and Responsibilities 215

City Government Revenues and Expenditures 216

Forms of City Government and the Legacy of Progressive Structural Reforms 216

Special Districts 222

School and Community College Districts 223

Nonschool Special Districts 223

Legal Framework 224

How Special Districts Are Created 224

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Special Districts 224

Regional Governments 225

Regulatory Regional Governments 225

Advisory Regional Governments 226

California's Community Redevelopment Agencies 228

Local Government: Where Are We Now? 231

From the Great Recession to Uneven Economic Recovery and Prosperity 232

From the Death to the Rebirth of Urban Redevelopment 234

From the Occupy Movement to a Growing Network of Progressive Cities 235

From Inter-City Competition to Regional Cooperation and Sustainable Communities 238

Study Guide 239

10 Public Policy in California 243

Water Policy 245

Who are Californians? Who Gets Water in California? 247

Health Insurance 249

Employer-Sponsored Insurance 249

Individual Health Insurance Marketplace 249

Medi-Cal 250

Medicare 250

Tricare 251

The Uninsured 251

California's Infrastructure 251

Highways 252

Levees 253

The Future of California's Infrastructure 253

Indian Gaming in California 254

Conclusion 256

Study Guide 257

Answer Key 261

Notes 262

Photo Credits 272

Index 273

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